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What to Believe
Some Tips

In this explanation I will bring some clarity in the uncertainty that is momentarily present concerning the Ascension Process, the importance of keeping an objective (open minded ) view of everything, instead of debunking or criticizing everything away, but to prudently utilize discernment with any and all information seeking activity.

To start with, here are some important quotes:,

“There is no such thing as coincidence” 

“it's important to understand that your Soul has a body, and “not” that your body has a Soul”

“ False beliefs are poison for the mind”
“Lies first have to be fabricated,
but the truth already exists!”
“One word of Honesty is worth more than a thousand lies ! “

If someone were to insist on not believing anything, we could tell them:
”why don’t you try something more productive than believing, like realizing?”
And if they then ask:
“ok, and how do I do this Realizing stuff?”
We could then answer:
“well, firstly by putting the ego aside, and becoming and staying objective to all and anything,
because possibilities are almost limitless”.

What are Beliefs anyway?

“it’s my finding by observation, that Beliefs are decisions made entirely on a basis of uneducatedly unfounded faith. Faith is good, but not if it's given imprudently, without any consideration of true understanding.

A better form of belief would be “hope”, hope is a plea for help, a desire to move forward,
people who have no hope are easier to control, Never give up hope!

Moving backwards is often founded on a lack of hope, attempting to find that which one yearns for in the past, that will not help, that is stagnation “.

I personally do not believe anything at all,
if I do not know something, then I can for the most either make an educated or uneducated guess, an observation or an assumption,
or attempt to research the subject, or leave it be.

What point would it make to “believe” in something if we don’t understand it?
Understanding is far more important than belief.

I don’t want people to believe, I want them to understand !

What I explain, I will have knowledge about, what I do not know, I will not explain,
not even my personal opinion is relevant,
an opinion is also founded on belief.

At the most, I will express a logical theory based on my observations, or experience,
but one thing I learned, is that too much logic can be bad for ones health.
We need to learn to Feel more, in unison with a sense of logic, those who feel first, know what I mean.
My “over-sense” of logic blocked me from moving forward, but it did allow me to understand quite a few aspects that needed a good logical mind,
but logic alone doesn’t give us that “gut-feeling”, the Intuition,
we need to trust our inner voice, our inner most feeling.

Trust and faith,
to have faith is to trust,
trust is not the same as belief, as trust is based on the understanding that we can truly rely on someone or something, such as our faith / trust in God. For that we also use our innermost voice, our intestinal perceptivity and our Heart feeling.

There are especially now, myriads of information sources in the internet, as well as in books, and from institutions and groups and individuals such as Gurus and others, and all these sources offer a quantity of information regarding any aspect of:
“The Ascension”, “Evolution”, “Spirituality”, “Spiritual-Awareness”, “The Great Shift”,
“Enlightenment”, “Raising of Consciousness”, “Conspiracies”, “Reptilians”, “Greys”, “Disclosure”, “Free-Energy”, “Ufo, ET’s and their technology”, “Universal technology”, “Messages from highly evolved Beings and Entities”, “The Pleiadians”, “Arcturians” etc, 
“Galactic Federation”, “Multidimensionality”, the list just goes on and on ...

And a great deal of people will have their work trying to figure out what of all the information available is actually the Truth, and or useful, what it all means.

And the situation is in no way made easier by the equal quantity of disinformation available.
That really puts a strain on anyone, both psychologically and physically, after all, it's all about going forward, on a path that will lead us to a better future.

But going back to the old paradigms is in no way the answer.
Just pretending it will all go away and everything will go back to normal wont help, it will be a normal world, quite normal for a world going into “evolution”,
for nothing will ever be as it once was or may have given the illusion of being.

Although the lives you had lived had always been your soul experiences, which were necessary, as those experiences were part of our “life blueprints”.
But the illusion I’m actually referring to, is the Falsehood and Deceit from those who have during humanities history managed to keep the greatest part of the population
under a blanket of “false pretence”, an illusion within the illusion therefore.
Even though they were also only doing what they were born to do, as they too were following their “life blueprints”, making a fool of the people as they were meant to do.

When contemplating for instance all the conspiracy theories, of which there is much truth to be found, as there are global conspiracies, made up of a great number of individual agendas from not just one, but a number of groups who seek to control the masses. And this is not just a phenomenon of today, as this has been going on for at least some 3500 years, the brunt of which had been implemented since shortly before the French revolution. But as I have realized through experience, trying to see through that is like cutting ones way through the thickest jungle with a penknife and without a compass, with so much lies and misconceptions going around. It's just not important, you’ll only stagnate trying to see through all that insanity, you can try if you like, but in my own experience I realized it only managed to mess up my energies, too much negativity. 
Although such information as well as acknowledging the truth of it, is often used to get people out of the stagnant daily trot, it’s not so important, as it only tends to make people angry, and it has in any case gotten considerably out of hand. People tend to “lose” themselves in it.

But without giving this too much energy, I’ll explain it “short and sweet”,
why they do it, and for what reason.

The situation we have today as it had been implemented since the past 300 years especially after the great Révolution française from 1789–1799, which was even then misused to manipulate the masses, a further misappropriation of an originally positive undertaking, was instigated by a group of 13 Families, who had over generations understood to manipulate the people into doing what they want the people to do, with a great deal of help from those who recognized their advantage in it, but weren’t as rich or as well educated.

In general, a finely woven web of misinformation, false beliefs, the tactical misleading of behavioural structures of an entire society.
Tactical, because it was not by course of accident that structured societies behaviour and belief system.
But a maliciously planned and sedately orchestrated potage of glutinous deception, manipulation and rigid control of humanity.

But now came the time where the Spiritual-hierarchy said “Ok children, it's time to pack away the games and Evolve / Ascend”. But of course the “bully” children refused and went on stubborn, they don’t want to stop playing their game of power over others.
Still, it never really stops the parents from rounding up the kids when it's time to “move on”,
It just takes a wee bit longer!

Those “bully stubborn kids”, they have gotten lost in the rolls they have been playing, they initiate one conspiracy after the next, to cause as much confusion as possible to the masses, in order to instigate their “little and bigger” self-gratifying agendas, but eventually got lost in their own madness.
They “try” to change the laws of physics and Gods Will, which is a complete waste of time, just to put it mildly. Gods Will is Divine Will, The Universe and Love.
Those who still do not realize that, have still Very much to learn.

But “they” were supposed to help the masses “unshackle” themselves from the “old paradigm”, the “old ways”, making the people “wake up.
If the people don’t react to the enticement of the negatives agendas to get them to wake-up, it's because the people simply don’t know why they should wake up, why they should prepare for an Ascension, an Evolution, because they just don’t miss it yet.
They're far too cosy with their momentary 3D lives (3rd Density), and even if their not, their too afraid to make the change, that Conscious Decision. That’s why the negatives have the job for which they were asked, to make the peoples cosy lives a misery, to force the people to look for something “better“, that would have opened the people to new and better possibilities”.

At least that was the original idea.

They have the Soul-Contract to do what they do, and their Souls are hoping the Masses would at last awaken, so they no longer need to carry out their devious agendas, then they too would have the time to work on themselves, in order to Ascend.
Even if many of them are so lost in the rolls they are playing, because their Incarnated physical Personas are entirely ego driven.
So in the same instance, they entice the people to take responsibility instead of leaving everything to them (the powers that be) to take care of, which they don’t. But then hindering the people to make the change to a better world, a Paradox. Like I said, it has gotten considerably out of hand.

In any case, we shouldn’t really feel compelled nor obliged to explain the Truth to people who don’t want to know the Truth anyway. But those who do, will agree that we should stay objective with any and all aspects of what is going on around us, not merely the Spiritual Truths, or any Enlightening information concerning the Ascension, but also those “other things” which are unavoidably constituent aspects of what is the Truth concerning our world, whether we like it or not. Dismissing the negative agendas and conspiracies won't terminate their being existent.
But acknowledging what's really going on, and knowing that our efforts, both individually and collectively in finding a solution to those problems, with the use of the “higher perspectives”, will be substantially more effective than if we confronted the situation with anger, frustration or simply just to discount it.

“When we give our power and responsibility to those who have no desire for it, they misuse it to their own gain, until such time as we learn to take it back.”

The Masses follow a strict Social-Doctrine, a mindset which the people have over many generations imposed upon themselves, of false beliefs and dogmas, invigorated through an abundance of negative influences such as other doctrines. Which all kept the masses from making their own decisions and think for themselves.

Those who are in the controlling positions, of the socalled “elitists society”, do what they do in the name of profit, power over the people, and simply for the fun of it. That’s just the way they are and think. They create situations which are beneficial to their motives, but not for the rest of humanity, nor the environment.
And they don’t like it when people realize that, and especially when the people want to do something about it.
So they try what they can to undermine any efforts to overcome their grip on society, through their fully controlled “media machine”, the economic and financial system, the military and police, the educational system (or rather non-education system), the pharmaceutical and socalled health industry complex, as well as the food industry and the domestic water supply.
All under control of those puppeteering the governing institutes from the very beginning.
Not forgetting all the facts and truths about our world and the universe they tactfully kept from public knowledge for so long. And this is all just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg.
Their motives are as clear as day, and anyone not recognizing their negative intent and agendas, are either too far under their influence, or simply ignore it out of plain fear, which is “lying to oneself”, and that won't help much either.
But please, don’t take my word for it. Truth may be something that can be suppressed, but it cannot be removed or broken, nor destroyed, truth is forbearing, ever-present like the time of day. You can hide the watch, but not the time of day. An analogy / metaphor that demonstrates that truth will always surface, in one way or other.

There are people in decisive positions, political and other, waiting to “spill the beans”, many have already done so for years, but people need to listen. It's important not to denote anything we hear as nonsense just because the “mainstream” says it is, we can do our own research, if we’re not too lazy.
We acknowledge the disclosure of the truth of what's going on, of what has bee done to society, what the controlling entities have been up to all this time, in contradiction to the good of society. But we don’t give their motives too much energy, we just understand why they do it, and that’s enough, then we can go on to something better.
We send them Love, and let them go on their way, we are going a different way.
You can give it proper thought, but Don’t give it any power.
Use your energy to work on your Conscious Evolution, giving your power to things that resonate with you, that help you to raise your consciousness more, and to Evolve.
And if it resonates with you, you can help others, the society, Nature, Mother Earth, in what ever positive way may resonate with you, to be part of the positive change, globally.
Important is information such as it is found in true spirituality and enlightenment, which will help one to see and realize the fundamental reason behind all these conspiracies, and the madness that seems to grow proportionally each day.
And how to understand the “bigger picture” without getting caught in the tangling web of conspiracy information.
Remembering that a “conspiracy” is not self-evidently a product of an over imaginative and paranoid mindset, but the act of conspiring against someone or a group, for self-gain, an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons, a plot.
Those who conspire are not in intention of acting in the good of all, but only for themselves.
Those who conspire in secret “against” a tyrannical, fascistic, undemocratic society are in intention for the good of all and not just themselves.
Including those who openly question and challenge the controlling entities for their lack or complete absence of equitable and truthfully social governance.
The demotion of the term “Conspiracy-Theory” is a further attempt to hinder the forthbringing of Truth to public knowledge of the negative agendas of those in power over the people. 

Now more than ever at this time, there prevails a virtual Ocean of Disinformation,
often presented by means of enticing newly-awakened spiritually minded truth seekers through information of limitlessly “over-spiritualized” malarkey!!
A method of taking actual real useful information from actual true Lightworkers, and changing parts of the actual information to suit their own deceiving purpose.
By this method, making it often difficult for people to discern from the real information.
Sometimes it can be unmasked by recognizing the superfluous use of spiritual terms, a plethora of over-spiritualized jargon.

Nevertheless, there are a number of well meaning people and groups who offer spiritual enlightened insight, and also tend to “over-do” their enthusiasm, but nonetheless their energies are evidently more positive than from any charlatan. There are things that negatively orientated people just do not understand.
Positive and spiritual people who are Light polarized will have little understanding about the “big picture”, they know and see only the positive things, and refuse to integrate any real understanding of those aspects that concern the masses.
The “big picture” is to realize and comprehend the true goings-on of our world, and that is only possible when we understand both Light and dark. We do not need to think or feel negative things, but only to understand it.

Normally, simple “logic” may enable one to see through the un-profound attempts of spiritual disinformation, as most of such malarkey is easily debunked by the simple fact that the creators of such deceptive drivel are for the most 
entirely without imaginative power, and without any understanding of what they attempt to copy and change, as the real information involves an understanding of aspects they cannot fathom, so they present a weak negatively modified copy of actual true information from a credible source.

Disinformation regarding globally relevant political, financial and social as well as environmental and health issues, is similarly widespread, but true spiritual enlightenment information is what will give one the understanding to realize how much the “scare tactics” are used to manipulate the people.
And by using the spiritual enlightened knowledge, we are able to recognize how to “free” ourselves from the madness.
Those in power attempt to prevent this information from being used, they use the media to denote such information as humbug, putting a “tag” on it.
Because they are well aware how important true spiritual knowledge is, as it helps people to gain true insight, so they “mess around with it”, create false websites and books, false prophets, all proclaiming “who knows what”, just to confuse the masses.

And we cannot expect any decent information from the mainstream media sources, totally under control since the very beginning of it's creation, sensationalism, ratings, disinformation, but no truth, the mainstream media offers “fairytales”, isn’t that lovely?!

There are so many aspects to consider, and lets just say it might be a bit too complex for the mainstream to cope with, they’ve tried to give their view of things, but they just don’t understand.

That’s why we are here, the Lightworkers, Teachers of the Light and Wayshowers,
we have been awakened to pave the way for the upcoming “big wave” of awakening,
to be quasi the “Light Tower” or “beacon of Light” for those now waking out of the Slumber. 

While searching for the right information, caution is always imperative, and it’s not plainly the gift of Logic that will enable you to see through the Ocean of deceit, due to the sheer quantity of information, but at best it’s advisable to use your “feelings” also, as this experience had shown very practicable.
Your own feelings will not deceive you, especially when combined with logic.
It's just the real “common sense”, not the type we’ve been taught or rather Indoctrinated by the mainstream schooling system, which tactfully leaves out any objectivity towards the Truth of our World and the Universe. True common sense is achieved by a substantial amount of Objectivity, and Integrity.

Actually it's more of an “intuition” that will direct you, rely on that and it will show you the way.

Important to understand also,
it’s actually sometimes unessential if some information conforms with the truth or not,
for instance with subjects concerning ET’s and UFO’s,
such information is particularly subject to inconsistencies,
and should therefore be confronted very cautiously.
Just remember that there are an immense sum of aspects that have been kept secret for so long, information up until now inaccessible to the masses.

But it’s not important if any information or video of any Ufo’s or ET’s complies with the truth, or is merely a hoax, 
but just to give the subject any validation, will make one see further than before.
Only your own understanding of the fundamental structure of “multidimensional thinking” and thus, “spiritual insight and awareness”, will be important for your “Soul Evolution”, of which the realization of the existence of things outside of the norm, such as “people from other worlds”, is an important part of that “multidimensional thinking”.
And since there are also many such information sources regarding “Multidimensionality”, or “Global Awareness” or “Raising Consciousness”, of which quite a few also are subject to falsification, so it is again a matter of using your “intuition”.

People will have to learn to identify Truth when they hear and see it, learn to discern the Truth from the lies.

No one can or should tell you what is initially the best information source for you personally, that, it is best and designated for everyone to make that decision for themselves.
If you are not sure about any information being true or not,
it’s advisable to combine and compare the information with other sources.
Yes, even the information in this book,
what I write is not above scrutiny,
“I do not want you to believe, I want you to Understand!”

Compare all information, discern it,
once you have done this often enough, you will get the hang of it, and eventually you will realize more easier, what information is for you “trustworthy” or not, as your own consciousness will gradually have risen during the endeavour to find useful information, in order to raise your consciousness! 

As you see, even the disinformation efforts of the “dark-agendas” are playing people of awakened consciousness into searching even harder for the Real Truth.

And thus the saying, “the dark will initially in one way or another always serve the Light” !

Also to regard, is that “spiritual Services” must not necessarily be for free.
Many credible information sources will have much useful information at no cost, but if a website has products or services for sale, it doesn’t mean it’s a scam, since the people running the website and offering their Services will also have costs to cover, if they don’t need the money, then they wont sell anything.
Often this procedure of “paying” for any such services is also regarded as an “energy exchange”, and in any case there are things we always pay money for, as for instance, to “buy” a book containing information we seek.
Consider for instance any usual form of consultation or counselling session, where one would normally “shell out” a considerable sum of money for any type of services.
Any such services in spiritual regard, will not be excluded from payment of those services, unless specifically specified, but maybe they expect an “energy-compensation”,
money is however, momentarily the easiest form of equation for exchanging services.

Nevertheless, whether it be written in books, in the internet or elsewhere, if any information doesn’t comply to your personal views or understanding, then compare it to other sources before condemning it as humbug, I speak plainly out of personal experience. 

You will not necessarily need a “Guru” or an “Institute” to find spiritual enlightenment, but if you want or need help from any person or group, to achieve your consciousness upgrading / enlightenment, then it’s imperative to be very cautious in your choice.
For instance, if such a person or institute or group demands
a “questionable” or even “outrageous” sum of money for their deeds, then it’s best to over think the idea and research some more, not just because of the money.

It’s very important to avoid giving your power away,
never allow yourself to be conditioned to becoming dependent on any person or institute.
Make your own choices, and do not let others dance around you with magical or spiritual deception, even if they might seem well meaning.

Remember your Intuition.

Simply realize the direction anyone may be going,
and “allow” them to their own opinions and beliefs,
and simply respect their “right” to go their own way.

If you realize someone may be going in the wrong direction,
discernment is also to be regarded when attempting to “re-direct” that person. Forcing ones beliefs upon others is a well known and common dilemma, often known as “caretaking”, which is another way of giving ones power away.

The Divine Spiritual Consciousness and Energy, is existent within the universe for Free, If you seek others to aid you in “re-connecting” with this Universal-consciousness,
then you should be sure of their correct motive and intent.

Now forget about the confusion, relax, don’t jump it,
give it a thought, compare what you read or hear with other stuff, don’t believe “it's not possible”, almost anything is possible, there are so many things we have not been taught in school, things we had not dared to ask about, for fear of ridicule, don’t be afraid to ask, don’t be afraid to talk about things you may have laughed about before, forget about what others think, You think!
Make your own decisions, your own conclusions.
Don’t get too dependent on one and the same information source.
Take what information you find and compare it, see what resonates with you. We don’t need to know all about everything, but we need to know about ourselves, and how we can understand that, so many aspects about “ourselves”.

Many awakened people have also explained how alone they feel, as after their awakening, their families and friends began to distance themselves, also co-workers, who did not understand the changes in those who had awakened and started acting “funny”, and talking about “strange” subjects that no “normal” person would ever risk talking about.
As difficult as it may be, it's important to find “like minded” people who resonate in the same frequency, there are a great many awakened people, and they are all in certain stages of their path to enlightenment and the Ascension, and for each level of enlightened consciousness there will be those you will resonate with.
The decisive thing is that when such people get together, and the more the better, you can as a group help raise the energies around you much easier than alone, and you then help each other as well. The greater the sum of awakened people collectively working, to raise the positive energies / frequencies around them, the greater that field of energy will be. 

That which you will seek, to gain the understanding needed to achieve your Soul-Evolution, is already within you,
and to find it, discernment, integrity, self truth and Love will guide you!


Should you distrust any of the information and explanations in this book, then please by all means,
don’t take my word for it !

Please see that you find what ever you may need to suite you personally, and use my explanations only as a guideline.

I give what I have learned, which I have integrated in this book to help people understand, that which is useful, and gives insight, instead of “mystifying” people with some Malarkey that tells a tall tale.
There will be things in this book that some may find confusing, but that’s not my intention, some things are just difficult to explain in a simple way, using metaphors when ever possible, but I try to leave out all the nasty bits. And I don’t like to give too many numerical values, dates, times and general numerical values found in so many explanations everywhere, can possibly be subject to inaccuracy, difficult to say if it's correct or not, and its often very “controversial”. 

14 Dec 2007 (revised and updated 7th Aug 2011, June 2012)

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