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* There are a number of different types of Universal Structures:

for instance the Super-Universe consisting of 12 universes together to make one structure, the Angel universe, the negative universe, the Light universe, the shadow continuum, the Elemental universe (which is the control center for all nature within the Super universe), the Elysian fields (realm of souls / afterworld), Bubble universes (which are very small universes between the Super universe).
There is also the possibility of a universe which consists of a 4th Dimensional Geometrical structure, as opposed to our universe with a 3rd Dimensional Geometry (L x B x H). Not to be mistaken for 3D/4D (dimension) level of evolution.
The other types of universal structures within the main Super universe I am uncertain of at this time, but these structures are all linked to one another in various ways, to create one Super-structure.
In each Super universe there are 10 main levels of Soul Evolution from 3D to 12D.
Each of the main 12 universes are a separate Physical structures connected to each other universe of equal type (hence the Super-structure). Every one of them was created separately to the other by different Archangels, and at different times. Also each were not created in one go, but gradually enhanced within eons of time (while in consideration that for creator Gods there is no time). Our Universe (Dern) is the oldest of the 12 within this Super universe.
The Universe is much, much older than anyone would ever expect, and is far greater in size than anyone could imagine. Even far greater than the Earth scientists presume it to be. But this part of the universe in which we are now, is one of the younger portions of the Dern universe. The hypothesis of the “big bang theory” is generally correct, but it concurs only in relation to our part of the universe, as these socalled “big bangs” occur now and again all over the full spectrum of the actual universe, which exceeds our “little” part of the universe eminently. An example of this Ratio can be found below.
The “big bang” was therefore more of a “local event”, the likes of which would have made the collision of two galaxies seem like a spot of bother in comparison.

 In addition, the physical borders of any universe one would encounter, are due to the boundary of creation energy and consciousness capacity of all creator Gods together, similar to the boundaries within a Holographic Projection. The 11th and 12th universe within this Super universe are both the youngest of the 12.

The general geometric structure of these 12 universes together is a Tetrahedron
(a 4 point pyramid) which makes the Super-Universe.
Pyramid structures are a very common geometric form within the entire universe.


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