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The Truth About Agendas

Fear of Living
(Feeding the Monster)

I have realized that any Information explaining with good detail and intention how the world domination agendas have or had been initialized, and who initially was and is behind the agenda scenarios, is in reality not doing the great favour it was meant to be doing, since it only serves to give the agenda keepers that, which they want and need, to get the people where they want them, and keep them there.

But those behind the Agendas are only doing what they were born to do, they are “control freaks”, they want to control everything,
until such time as they no longer need to play out their rolls.
Many of them are caught in their rolls.
They have agreed to play the dark role, to force the people to wake-up, by initiating situations that make the people search for a new and better way of Life, for a better way of thinking and behaving, they are not just some enemies that need to be eliminated, underneath the guises of monsters bent on controlling the world, many of them are Loving Souls who want to be freed from the rolls they had agreed to play.
They are playing an important role to make the people realize
that the way we have been going is wrong, and it’s time to go a different Path, a Path to a Higher and more Spiritual way of Thinking and Feeling, the Path to the Evolution of Humanity,
the Ascension.

But the people still live in fear instead of awakening, and realizing, that their negative emotions and thought will just reap more of the same.

The People are simply in fear, and they don’t even know why.
The people are afraid of Love,
afraid of commitment, in relationships and else,
afraid of responsibility,
afraid of change, even if that change is positive,
afraid of their own shadow and their own reflection,
as well the reflection of themselves they may see in other people.

It's not so much the problem of deciding whether or not to choose Light or Darkness, it's more so the problem of whether or not to leave the old ways behind, even if they are dysfunctional, even if they hurt, those are the ways most are so accustomed to, it's the way they know. And it is the fear of the Unknown, the path to the Light, to a better world and life which is a path they only know very little or nothing about, and that is what hinders so many to make that conscious decision to change the path.
It is a decision of listening to their Hearts instead of their minds.

 It’s the fear of just about everything that allows the people to
“give their power away”, in that they initially had from the start, themselves been responsible for the creation of the “Monster”, the creature that had come into existence by the fear of the people. As the Money system for instance had pulled the grasp on the populations throat eminently tighter. Naturally it’s not only the money system that is part of the fear concept that Feeds the Monster, nor is the creation of the Monster that holds the people captive only decisive since beginning of the 20th Century, but mainly the money system most established since the beginning of the 1900s allows for the population to eat, drink, make merry, have a home etc, in the modern way of the “new era” (which was new back in the “old days”).
So the people are stricken with the greatest fear of losing their foundation for their modern life on this Earth, their money,
“make the money your master and it will eat you whole”.
And all the little Monsters (the powers that be, the dark-elite, etc..) knew all too well how to manipulate this aspect in order to manipulate the people, so was born out of many small monsters, the Big Monster!
Take for instance the state of consumer insanity, exceeding in scope annually for many decades. People camping outside of consumer warehouses for days to be the first to obtain the latest fad in consumer electronic boloney.
So what most of the people are still doing today, is feeding the monster ever so Fat !
And then after a few decades of being pushed around, and following ones ego instead of ones Heart, abiding to the self imposed laws of social status, some, and ever more people began to realize that not all is gold that glitters.
And ever more people began to see the monster that the people themselves had been feeding with their unrelenting fear of “losing their status in the society”, or not being able to go on holiday on some tropical Island or whatever the case may be, everyone has some aspect of the modern society they would never want to give up, even if it means “selling their Soul”.
But there are those who discover and disclose the “real” Truth, who had seen the monster that feeds on the fear of the people, had begun opening the minds of ever more people to the machinations of those determined to rule the world, and since there are many such Agendas, it’s difficult to keep track which agenda is making the run. Especially when they keep treading on each others feet and meddling in each others plans of world take over, they hate each other to the death, and would all too willingly destroy each other, and the world population is in the middle of it all, attempting merely to survive and have some fun in the process.
And that’s why most people couldn’t care a “fetid dingo’s kidneys” what’s really going on in the world, they’re just interested in their own little life scenarios, without any consideration of the consequence of being ignorant!

But most of those who are only trying to “live their lives in some kind of peace” are nevertheless unsatisfied about the whole shemozzle situation that has been escalating into what we have on Earth today.
They have eventually realize, they cannot live a life of peace and ease because the “powers that be” just wont let them. 
So they get angry, angry at everyone and everything, and when they find out about the conspiracies of the powers that be, and how the people of the world have been “ taken for a ride “ at their own expenses, then they really get angry, frustrated, and the fear of being “checked-out” and spied on by any institute who has the technology, power and resources to do so.

But Retribution is not the answer to the anger, frustration, forsakenness and uncertainty.
Those are the things that will come back to us when we seek to dump it unto those who we recognize as the “baddies”, as those responsible.

We are way past the point of shooting first and asking questions later, the wildwest strategy is totally outdated and only keeps the people in a doom loop of failed strategy, as we need to think with our Hearts and minds simultaneously in order to accomplish a lasting truly beneficial outcome. Any decisions based on negative thought forms and emotions will reap more of the same and ricochet back to it's origin. What we send out will come back, it's one of the universal laws of physics.

“When the thought of “doing someone else in” becomes painful, that’s when we know we are getting better.”

As such it is necessary to concentrate on subjects and concepts more in unison with a new and more “life inviting and affirming“ thinking.
Giving Life A Chance !

The negative outbursts are fully understandable, and in any usual sense of reaction, most would willingly take part in doing what they can to bring these people to justice, and there we have a part of the crux of the matter.
As this is the delicate part where people must decide to go from blank Reaction, to Creator based thinking.
It is the Transformation, where we go out of pure anger and fear reactionism, into an intelligent compassion.
We can go forward and bring to justice those who did evil, but in such a way, that we do not play into their agendas.

It must be taken into consideration that the constant fear and anger and hate has done nothing but feed that Monster of which all are afraid of.
Do you see the “vicious circle” that has been formed ?
The people are afraid of what they are afraid of being afraid of,
make sense ?, no ?
doesn’t matter.

In so the point had emerged where the population grew ever more “paranoid”.
Fearing even life itself, fearing to live without “antidepressants” or any other mind controlling drug that offers relief from anxieties and depressions that had initially been befallen on to the population by the same monsters that the population initially gave their power away to, and also produce the very drugs to bring relief from that. Again its a “doom loop”, that the people cannot find their way out of, because they neglected to look in the right direction.
You cannot build a way out by welding, gluing, nailing something together that you believe might help you, like in some kitsch movie or TV show. Yes, it helps some times, just like in the movies, but not this time.
Nothing physical will help you to free yourself from the control-matrix.

But there are many who show the way out of this doomed situation, but it’s up to everyone to pay attention to the correct signals, and stop looking into the false blurred dim light that control’s you, like a moth to a flame !

Although it’s good for the people to awaken to these facts, it initially wont help the people out of the situation if they merely keep hold of their hate against those who are really responsible,
and fear what evil they will come up with next. 

“The conspiracy paranoia is getting out of hand !”

We should also not forget those who spread fear and dismay in the name of righteousness, believing they contribute infallibly to the “awakening scenario”, by acting as fear mongers, without realizing they are playing the game which the negative elitists had implemented. They realized not that their “good intentions” had gotten out of hand, by attempting with too much lan to bring as much “truth” to the open, a strategy that had often backfired into scare tactics, Paranoia !

Many still see in every corner there’s a Reptile, every person seen on TV is a reptile, they see all politicians are reptiles, etc..
Who cares even if they are reptiles, what difference does it make, if the people you give your power away to and whom you fear,
are humans or reptiles !

The point is, it doesn’t matter who or “what” initially wants to take over the world and ruin your vacation, the only decisive thing is the method in which they attempt to fulfill their agendas.
Quite simply, by using your own fear and anger to dupe you into “painting yourself into a corner”.

Either way they will feed on your fear, your hate and anger,
by giving them the power to control you.
Do not allow those “powers that be” to manipulate you into doing exactly what they expect you to do, when you fear and hate them. You cannot beat them at their own game, with their own weapons and rules, they understand “their” own game far too well.

But you can play “your” own game, by the rules of the Universal Divine Wisdom, of Truth, Freedom, Inner-Light.
When you reconnect with the universe, find your inner self, of which is permanently connected with the divine universal consciousness, without you having realized it.
You must merely remember your connection with the universal consciousness, the people of this world are Divine Souls in amnesia, you are actually Gods in amnesia, and as such you are capable to create or co-create the world that you want, do not forget that !

Those who you fear to control and subjugate you are only able to do so if you “as a people” allow them to do so.
Collectively you as a people must “think” together as children of the divine creator, as children of the universe, as children of this Earth, as a United Earth Family. 

Always Remember,
What You Feel and Think
is what You Will Manifest !
Collectively it works Best !

We can nolonger leave the concerns of our society and our world in the hands of people we do not even know, or don’t know if they are to be trusted. And even if so, we cannot dump our problems onto the back of any president, washing our hands of it in artlessness, and expect the presented showpiece figure of the state/country to fix all our problems for us. Even if there were no “backstage Puppeteers“ controlling the politics and the economy solely for their own gain.
Problems and issues that concern us must be collectively considered by us, and rectified by us, and Not given to someone else to sort out.
Leave everything to someone else take care of, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you get the carpet pulled from under your feet ! 

Yes, knowing the Truth about the Agendas and Conspiracies is but only one part of the way out, but not the whole story. There is more to the way to your freedom, to the way of your life you wish for yourselves and your children, and that way is, above all, to understand the “ *higher perspectives”.

To see the “Bigger Picture”, one should acknowledge, that there is much more to the whole story, and many more aspects, which are immeasurably greater in importance than any “Conspiracy-Theory” could ever offer.
Aspects which go far beyond any Earthly limited possibilities, even far greater than any “outer planetary” consideration.

So we ultimately understand that it takes more to be Human and Evolved than merely to improve the sum of our molecular selves.

However, human kind does have an almost built-in attribute in attempting to become more than its some of molecules and forcefully ingrained manner of behaviour, at least to a large extent this has been the case throughout history, proven by the simple fact that despite all indications to the opposite, humanity has come a long way.

If you have difficulty in understanding what is meant with “re-connecting” with the universal consciousness, or remembering your connection with the universe, and initially all that is part of it,
and that fear and hate are both your worst enemies,
then search for it wherever you can, to find more information about those aspects that allow you to “stop giving your power away”,
and to remember that you as a Soul are of the universe, individually and collectively.

This is your Journey of a Lifetime,
For You and All of Humanity. 

Love Compassion and Understanding
is what will allow us to Evolve, to Ascend.

Welcome to your Evolution


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