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* The World known as Galreadia :

is an actual World, a Planet, which is within the Elemental Universe (or Nature Universe), and is very similar in landscape to Ireland and England. As such the Beings of Galreadia liked to pop over to our universe using natural and self achieved portals mostly in the area of Ireland, England and Scandinavia, as well as some areas of the Baltic and the US and Canada.
The Elemental universe is a kind of control center for all things of Nature, thus there will be no mass buildings like they are to be found in our universe.
All is kept in a natural way and process, as such, the face of nature will not be altered without it being in harmony with the elemental universe and its purpose.
The Stories of Dragons within Earths history, as well as of “little Fairies”, Elves and other similar mystical creatures and People, are derived directly from the Truth, as they all exist together in Galreadia, and have time and again found their way into our universe. They use no technology to venture into our universe, but only natural Portals, which some creatures can actually find and use, or with knowledge of the laws of their nature, with consent from the hierarchy. In this way, many such beings have visited us throughout history, some had even lived here in large groups for a long period of time, even many Generations, as well as the creatures we know as Dragons. Also Thunderbirds and other examples of creatures not indigenous to our Earth plain. The bony remnants of Dragons had been found by a number of paleontologists, and either dismissed as a freak of nature, a mistake of putting the wrong bones together, or destroyed by them for not wanting to believe that they had in fact found the remains of an actual real Dragon, and that would not fit into their closed minded world view. Or these remains had also been confiscated by government agents for much the same reason.
It is a fact that some of these Dragons had also the ability to communicate verbally just like we do, with the intelligence to speak and learn languages. There had also been a Race originating from Galreadia who lived here for many generations long ago, who are very associated to Nature, very benevolent and wise, pointy eared people who live for over 500 or 1000 years.

The Nature-Kingdom is a Universe similar to ours in overall structure, but with far stricter laws-of-nature / laws of universal physics, which enable a greater possibility of preternatural functionality. Meaning, that things are possible there, that simply are not possible here, due to our universe having different guidelines for naturally developing processes.
Take for instance the creatures known as “rods”, these creatures appear in our world and are gone in the same instance, only long enough to be filmed or photographed.
These creatures however have a biological-physical structure that simply would never function in our universe, but they fly, because they only emerge into our universe temporarily, and for a very short period of time, whereas the most time they could spend in water, as water has an entirely own universal-dimensional structure, enabling it to be used as a Portal into different dimensions/universes.
This also explains why it is possible, that there are or have been mirrors in our universe that could be used as a Portal, as our Laws of physics do not enable this, but eventually if such a mirror was brought over from a different dimension. Why such things still function when brought over to our universe I have no idea.

The nature-kingdom gives the possibility for life-forms to accomplish potentialities that the same life-form in our universe would never accomplish. If however that Life-form would venture into our universe, it would still manage the unusual behavior, depending what kind of life-form and behavior it is.
Example: Talking animals, that walk upright, wear clothing, read books, philosophy. Not unusual in the nature-kingdom, but under the given circumstances impossible for any similar animal to achieve in our universe.
In our universe an animal species must achieve a particular biological and consciousness evolutionary process to achieve the same manner of behavior.
Dragons are also the result of a different Universal-Environmental control-system, as their biological and consciousness structure is different than any similar reptile in our world. Everything is a bit different in some way in the Nature-Universe. It is also easier to manifest immediate results in the Nature-Kingdom by means which are not as simple here.
The same or similar outcome would necessitate a much greater effort and complexity in our universe.
Then again the “conditions of use” would necessitate a profounder prudence of action, as any action would far easier bring more direct consequence.
That is why the Nature-Kingdom is under far greater scrutiny of supervision by the myriads of respective Divine Overseers. As such they are also the overseers of the Nature in our universe.