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* The Thing about DNA:

DNA, now there's something that we’ve heard so much about, but only very little has ever really been explained about it. Which is not very surprising, considering how unbelievably complex it is. But to emphasize on it's complexity, I’ll give a little comparison. The DNA which is generally explained as being a “blueprint” for the natural construction of an organic Lifeform, is known in general to be a tiny microscopic slushy spiraling assemblage of a certain number of molecular compounds, which are naturally elementally ordered in such a way as to enable the initiation of a multiplicity of activity on a cellular organic basis, amongst other things are construction, growth, form, shape, proliferation, determination of where what goes how much when etc…
In all, it doesn’t give the immediate impression of being all that complicated to those who don’t recognize the true nature of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid, whatever that means), even if I personally don’t have the foggiest notion of anything to do with biochemistry, I do however know and understand the following:

As we have seen DNA to be a spiraling microscopic construction of profound question prompting, from a purely physically visual point of perspective, and we know that science, biochemistry and medicine are doing their utmost to discover more about it, the socalled “food Industrial complex” as well as the “Pharma-medical Industrial complex” have been handicrafting away with DNA as if they actually knew what they were doing.

DNA is one of the most Complex creations within the entire universe. A composition of purely unbelievable symphonic ingenious God ingenuity !
What we have as yet not seen about DNA, is it's actual real construction format, the basis of which is the miniature paradigm of the universal-matrix itself, in a sense at least.
As we now know the universe to be a Matrix of unquestionably phenomenal ingeniousness created within the collective Consciousness of the Divine Creator and all Creator Gods in association, we therefore also know the construction of the matrix which enables any and all things to be and function, to be an almost unfathomable aggregation of Geometrical-Mathematical Formulas, which act as initiators for the formulation of actions, condition/state, outcome, allocation, chronology, etc… Just as with the DNA.

This is what the Universe is in reality, and we are taking part in experiencing the possibilities of what this phenomenal Conscious-Matrix has to offer, by that we are consciously connected to a certain, for this specific purpose designed and created Interface within the Matrix, as we are just as all others Pure Light Energy Beings, and what we perceive to be Physical, is our partaking in that experience, and all who we are and what is around us, is part of that experience for as long as we are connected. It is the only way possible to experience Physicality.
In order for this Physical experience to function as it doe’s, the mathematical calculations and formulas which can be partly compared to the “machine-code” computer language, had been simplified in their management by that they were combined into geometrical forms, some of which are so profound that they go beyond our potential to perceive them.
If the Truly “entire” Human DNA coding and potential, including all what has as yet not been discovered, were, purely demonstratively, to be written out in computer machine-code on a standard computer monitor, the code sequence in it's entirety would span from here to the Andromeda Galaxy. This is of course only a very vague analogy, the actual sequence would possibly be much longer.

This is in fact all much too complicated to attempt to explain in simple terms, and my knowledge of more advanced terminologies is insufficient. Nevertheless I will bring this explanation to an understandable conclusion. 

When the process of enhancing our DNA, or fixing any genetic inconsistencies within our personas is necessary or even scheduled, we don’t go to a “doctor” or a biochemist, we go to someone who knows more about this, we go to a professional spiritual Healer. Why does a Spiritual Healer know more about Genetics than a “doctor” you might ask ?
Well, it's not so much the Healer who knows, but more so with whom the Healers work to fix our genetic inconsistencies.
The Healers work as a conduit for the Divine Spiritual Light Realm, who unquestionably know more about genetics than anyone else !
The fact is, that there are genetic imprints, implants, echo’s, inconsistencies, etc, which have often their origin from generations of influence, both on a physical as also a spiritual-social level. There are situations which cannot be perceived with a microscope, nor by biochemical analysis, they go beyond traditional technologies to understand the nature of their coming to be. But also basic genetic upgrades and positive alterations are often part of the work the Divine Spiritual Hierarchies do when working with our DNA.

Now, The Divine Spiritual Hierarchies / Light-realms are in general the Archangels, the Ascended Ladies and Masters, who have spent Eons Learning and Upgrading themselves through unbelievable learning processes, there are a staggeringly vast variety of different Ascended Ladies and Masters, who together with the Archangels and also a great variety of different Angels of the Light-realms, have achieved with great commitment over such a long time the knowledge to fathom the vast intricacies of the complexity of the human DNA, as well as DNA and Genetics in general.

The Spiritual Light-Realms work exclusively with Geometrical-Mathematical Factors, which are far too complex to use in a way that may eventually be at least to a minute percentage fathomable to an Earth incarnated Mathematical genius, so it’s blatantly obvious that their consciousness is universes farther than ours.
In fact, they themselves can be perceived as mathematical-Geometries, that is also how they show themselves in their true persona, to our comfort they demonstrate themselves in a human or animal persona in our consciousness.

Naturally there are also some highly intelligent non-terrestrial people who have fathomed a great deal of the intricacies of DNA and genetics, to a certain level, as they too are also still scraping the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

This all is just to give you a very subtle insight into the true complexity of DNA, as to explain it more profoundly would be exceeding my knowledge of it.

Now with all this still in mind, think for a moment about the many genetically-modified-organisms (GMO’s) that had been designed to meet politically economic standards since decades.
As well as all those many interesting experiments, including those they never bothered to tell us about.

At the beginning of this explanation I announced a comparison, and here it is:- 
Picture the following:
An attempt is made to repair a Swiss precision Wristwatch by handing over a Club-hammer to a chimpanzee to have a go at it.

No really, that’s about as accurate a comparison as possible,
and this “stuff” (just to put it politely and lack of a better word), the fruits of these genetic experiments, of which much of it is actually sold in supermarkets and elsewhere as Food.

A very well non-published fact (until now) had been that certain alterations of DNA in things that are eaten, have the tendency to influence the DNA of the recipient.
This is attributable to the profoundly delicate nature of DNA coding. DNA in itself is resilient, as it can overcome falling to a planet riding on a Meteor or a Comet, but when the coding is deliberately altered, it can have a consequential chain reaction effect on other DNA. Naturally occurring alterations in DNA usually do not occur without the influence and consent of the Divine-Spiritual-Hierarchy, even if it seems so, as such things are never left to coincidence.

Do you see here the situation ?
Can you fathom how DNA is not something that should be “screwed” with ? Especially not by people who do not even have our best interests in mind !
DNA is Not a plaything, and throughout the past thousands of years, our DNA has been the reference of interest of many non-terrestrial races, who know more than a thousand fold more about genetics than any Earth incarnated person.

Our Earthly DNA is an aggregation of the greatest sum of different Galactic and even outer-galactic origins. Nowhere else is there more genetic heritage in one DNA than in ours, and each person has usually a slightly different mixture.

We are genetically as well as spiritually in all sincerity Living Galactic Heritage.

So you may ask, why is the Divine-Spiritual-Hierarchy allowing this “meddling around” with DNA ?

It has served it's purpose to a certain point of Soul Learning, and beyond that point the global publication of these facts, and in term, the Global Awakening to these facts, is part of the process of Global Positive Change. To be aware and acknowledge what is going on, how to change to the Better what is inconsistent with our Highest Good.

May 2013