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* The Moon which is currently in orbit around our Earth :

is not the original Moon of Earth.
There had been up to about 2 perhaps 5 million years ago 2 satellite orbital bodies (moons) around the Earth, which had been either demolished or thrown out of their orbit by one of the catastrophes that have stricken our Earth during it's existence.
The current Moon in orbit around our Earth has been discovered to possess 2 different soil layers with 2 very different solar emission reaction findings, indicating the moon has been subject to 2 different solar bodies, with very different levels and variations of solar emission.
The soil layer beneath demonstrates it has been subject to a different solar body than our sun. An assumption from the analysis may show that the other solar body (sun) is a Star in the Sirius star system.
The area of the moon which is never visible from our view, has been explained to have gigantic metallic anchoring constructions embedded into the surface, similar to what would be used when attaching gigantic chains to a ship or rig.
Another interesting thing about the moon is it's tendency to echo and vibrate like a hollow object, lacking the solidity one would expect from a “rock formation” of it's size, and expected density.
What's more, the moon currently in orbit around our Earth has no magma center nor an iron core. Due to the lack of sufficient density however, our current moon is equipped with an artificial magnetic generator, which creates a gravitational field.
Many of the older photos from the moon explorations that had been publicized show a plethora of crude smudgings and paint-over efforts over smaller and larger regions that have no significance whatsoever as to the reason why this smudging work had been implemented, especially considering that the smudging work had been done in such a crude and rash way.
The moon currently in orbit possesses myriads of examples of past occupation by highly developed societies, including characteristics of mining and other structural alterations in large and small scale which had been far more recent, even as recent as from our time.

The moon currently in orbit around our Earth is not from here, has not been “smashed off” from a piece of Earth during it's molten development. There are, or at least have been unimaginable treasures of proof of evidence of highly advanced non-terrestrial technology and cultural legacies on and within the moon we have around Earth.

The mainstream does and has not told us Any truth about the Moon, or about Mars, or any other aspect of our Star-system for that matter.

Mars for instance is also littered with examples of a long since past civilization. From what we have ascertained so far, Mars had very presumably been “junked up” in a planetary catastrophe. As can be seen by the way things are laid out all over the place. With chunks of rocks with geometrically precise edges and sides, which clearly demonstrate having been part of a larger structure of geometrically precise form, as such simply do not occur in nature in such size or coherence.
Some of these “junk-piles” of stone blocks are scattered in a similar way as have been found on Earth in regions for instance in India, where ancient buildings once had stood, and the remains of these buildings had been found scattered in a circular fashion sometimes km from the area where the building stood, embedded in the ground as if they had been “thrown” over the distance. Only that some of these building parts weigh several tons.
This phenomenon was also observed after the intensive atomic tests that were conducted in the US.

It is presumed that also on Mars there had been extensive activity conducted by members of “our planet”, who up to this day have not found the “incentive” to tell us about what they have been “up to” all this time.