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The Moon of Today

Greetings to all,
Here I will introduce you to “the Moon of Today”
The Images below were taken by a hobby astronomer who is acquainted with “John Lear”
the Son of the famous founder of Lear Jet Inc. William Powell Lear,
The Image depicts clearly on the Left a Luminescent Area about the size of 60-70 Football-Fields,
he had given John Lear the Images to show them to others,
more info below,

These Images do not represent Photoshop talent,
these Images are regardless of belief Authentic,

It’s plain to see how this Area cannot be overseen by a hobby astronomer,
very visible are the Support Column like structures in geometric order,
The Image below right is slightly contrast enhanced for clarification,
the other photos have not been changed or enhanced.

Since this Image has been presented to the public, many all over the world have expressed
a substantial concern to the subject, and questioned “why this matter
has been kept from the knowledge of the public”,
naturally being debunked bigtime.

It had also been stated that many Nations are now extremely interested in Mining the Moon for “Helium3”,
An Element that is almost completely unavailable on Earth.
It had always been theorized that the Moon was initially derived as a part of earth,
but this is not so,
It had also been discovered after abundant research, that the moons surface has two entirely
different sediment Layers, substantiating the moon had been subjected to 2 different “main solar bodies”.
The Moon currently in orbit around our Earth is not a massive celestial object
but an artificially constructed example of praiseworthy engineering quality,
but naturally not of Earth engineers.

The Moon currently in orbit around Earth is not the original Moon of Earth,
the current Moon has been in this orbit for 5 million years,
befor that, the earth had 2 moons in its orbit, where they went is anyones guess at this time,
but It is known the earth had been stricken with catastrophes that pushed it out of its previous
orbits Twice before, this is also the reason the earth has such an irregular orbital and rotational motion,
not forgetting the irregular changing deformation which gives the impession the earth was made of jello.

The Moon of today had been transported into its orbit around our Earth by a feat
of extraordinary technological know-how,
nothing really so “out of the ordinary” for people who had evolved themselves
so long ago, long before the people of Earth had even existed.

There are people of Benevolent nature “out there”,
and also some who are not so nice.
But the sum of Benevolent People outnumbers substantially the sum of negatives.
And some of those “not so nice people” also occupy our Moon and Earth.

The Moon has been occupied by members of the US, Russia, Nazi-Germany and Aliens, this was after a Treaty between the earth and the Aliens was accomplished, the exact time since when the Earth forces have been occupying the moon I dont know, the German Forces had been on the Moon during the 1940’s, but the Alien Races have had controll of the moon since its positioning in earths orbit, and after its obvious damage presumably by a war very long ago, 
mostly the US have taken advantage of what is available on the moon despite the Alien presence,
not the Minerals or elements such as Helium3, but mainly because of the Ancient Technologies
left behind by the original occupants long ago, and thats what the whole mining opperation business is on the moon, the elements are merely secondary, the moon also offers an amazing
strategic advantage.
But not only the moon has been the object of desire for the controlling entities of Earth,
the Planet Mars has since the 1960s been an ample supplier of amazing Technological
Treasures for those who play secret Government.
Much of what they had found on Mars, was however as far as is known not sent to earth,
but to at least one of the Bases they had established on one of the Planets
very far outside of the Earth Solar perimeter, or left on Mars for its evaluation there.
Often this procedure was accomplished using the Stargate technology they had
constructed during the “montauk project”,
the planet Mars was also chosen as one of the evacuation bases for the earth elite.

The socalled elite of earth have had the occupation of the moon, mars and other planets at least since the 1960’s, and this has been going on entirely without any knowledge of the general public,
and believe me, they had and will never have any desire to confess this to you !

This all gets ever more complicated and irritating,
especially the fact that the governments have kept All of this information
 “inaccessible” to the public for all this time,

If the people of earth really knew All of what has been going on, alone “On” and “around” this planet Earth and the solar system in general since its beginning,
they would presumably fall flat on their breech !! 

I think pictures speak a thousand words, decide for yourself what you wish to make of this,

I dont want you to believe anything,

Oct 2007 (updated Aug 2011)


Here below is the Link to some Info about our Moon of Tody you might also find Interesting



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