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The Integration Process


In order to gain some "clarity" in relation to the ongoings on Earth, and the reason why the Ascension process is so complicated, with people constantly asking
” Why of all things did I have to incarnate here ??!!

I will therefore explain a bit more about the "Polarity Integration Game".

When the question arises: “why are we experiencing this ?”, and then accompanied with the question: “why do we experience Anything?”, the answer can still be given to both questions simultaneously. For both this scenario-field Earth, and the whole Universe, the true reason for this whole holographic-reality principle (which is a fact and not just a concept), is what we learn from the decisions we make in this interactive universal Game. As those decisions have not only on ourselves an effect, but to anyone and everyone in any way effected by the outcome. We are all taking part in this universal experience individually and collectively, always, and without exceptions, what and how we decide provides a result, an outcome, a situation, according to which we will learn from that experience. If we have chosen wisely, or blankly from the influence of the ego, will determine how far we get on a Soul basis with that decision. Decisions made with compassionate consideration are of far more stable foundation as those made with ego, and will allow us to move forward on our Soul-path, all else would keep one “treading in the spot”.

The Integration Process or “Integration Game” as it’s also known, is the process of combining the attributes of Negative and Positive thinking, behaving and feeling, in order to gain Emotional and Spiritual Understanding of Negative and Positive.
It’s to understand that without the Integration of the understanding of both aspects, it is not or extremely less possible to Ascend to a higher Realm of existence /dimension.
The reason being, since the entire process of Soul-Growth depends on the Understanding achieved throughout ones Life-Experiences during the Eons of ones soul existence, it’s important to understand that absolutely “All” of what you experience during your Lifetimes in any universe, in any world at any time, is initially Experience that will help your Soul to Grow, to enable you to fathom ever more what is going on in the complexity of the universal “Game” of Learning !!
Now, Some may or may not already know this, but for those who don’t, we, at least most of us, do not originate from this Earth.
Our physical personas are Earthly, but our Soul persons are not.

Most of us came here to this Earth as Incarnated people, from all different places, dimensions and evolutionary stages in the universal living room.
Our Souls, who we are in reality, came here as groups, or even entire civilizations of worlds,
to either regain some misplaced or even lost knowledge, or to learn something we had not fully fathomed.
The places from whence we came, did not accommodate the scenarios needed for those lessons, so we chose to get incarnated here on this Earth for that.
This Earth is only one of over 330 such Schooling worlds, making the Earth comparable to a “Babylonian Cosmic School”. But there will be a time where the Earth will no longer hold out for that, it will be a world as all others.

Anyway, a great number of Earth’s inhabitants are here to Learn what is needed to Ascend to the 5th level density universe.
Some of those people originated from 5D and now want to go home, but many came from 4D, as it is also a universe, but it was only meant as a steppingstone to get to 5D.
At least that’s the usual procedure, except when a civilization gets stuck.

As most civilizations have a unity consciousness, which does not imply they are without individual identity (some may concur to that), it only means they will think and act as a planetary family, and as such their conscious decisions will have a collective effect on them.
The general knowledge will then also be a collective attribute, as well as their general Mind-set, and it's that mindset which may have a deficit of what would otherwise be necessary for a collective evolution to a higher state of being.
In order to gain that missing knowledge, whole civilizations will accept to be sent to “hard-school”. Our Earth is momentarily still such a schooling place, and for an enormous number of different civilizations from all over the place.
Some would refer to Earth as “planet-pain”, but that’s not all we learn here, we also learn Love, and all that has to do with that. But with so many different people here from so many worlds, all with different reasons to be here, it's a little like a mammoth planetary college or university, and it's necessary to accommodate all wanted learning scenarios, which basically include the negative ones. 

There comes inevitably however a point in these Life Experiences where it can become frustrating to manifest the most unpleasant experiences into ones learning, to the point of searching for a way to Block those most painful life experiences from your memories, in order to escape the pain!
And believe it or not, its exactly those Painful Experiences that allow for the Most Soul Growth during the Sojourn within the 3-Dimensional realm that you are existing in at this moment.
The 3D realm or universe as this Existential-Field is known in which we all at this moment reside, is also known as the level of Harsh-Learning experience, or Dense Matter universe.
Some things can only be correctly understood when directly experienced, and some things can only be experienced down here in 3D.
The higher frequency universes, which are all above 3D, accommodate no more the harsh experiences which are possible here, since the higher we evolve, the less dense our physical, mental and emotional being becomes.

Negativity is far more possible in 3D, and it is this aspect, which is the needed contrast to implement certain scenarios for learning purposes. 
This explains much of what is more than obvious about the situations in which humanity has been confronted with since the beginning of our time, because we have been here for a long time, linearly time-wise speaking.
Often enough it has been wondered throughout history, why it is so difficult to live a quiet peaceful comfy life, since many have spent most of their time either killing each other for just about nothing, or at least searched for a chance of doing as much harm to oneanother as could be humanly possible, or attempting with all might to stay out of harms way.
Well, as many may have suspected during humanities history, there has always been an element of manipulation from the highest order to “stir the pot” so to speak, in order for the Earth people to get their Soul-growth going at full pace.
Now as this has “Pissed-off” quite a many people, it has however forced humanity into experiencing the full spectrum of possibilities regarding the Lessons to be learnt in order to understand All Aspects of what is necessary to achieve Soul-growth.

Unfortunately this also means being kicked in the butt quite often, as that does tend to manifest a certain irritation for most persons concerned!
As I can with all sincerity admit to having had my fair share of negative experiences, it is therefore easy for me to understand the extent of being more than “fed-up” with this aspect
of life-experiences. I can however also admit to having learned more out of these verlodderdeite aspects than if my life were one single event of positive joy.
It all depends what lessons one wanted to learn as a Soul.
For it is the Soul which carries the gained knowledge and understanding of each experience.
Many Souls here on this Earth have anything from 10-22 billion years of experience within their Soul-Matrix, depending from which plain of existence or dimensional realm a Soul originates from.
But let’s be honest, such a Wonderful Super life is far better to handle than a life of poverty, anguish and pain, only it doesn’t get you the Soul-growth you actually need.
Since attaining an understanding of what life is all about, and how it embosses the soul with knowledge of a multitude of possibilities, for understanding just about everything, is better than if you were spared the pain and discomfort.
But we must realize that throughout our many many incarnations, we have experienced not only the negative aspects of life, but the Positive Aspects have also been part of our learning,
as it wasn’t all just pain and suffering. And now at the end of the game here on this 3D Earth,
we no longer need those unpleasant experiences.

Even if many or most may have no contact with their past lives, it is nevertheless part of our soul history, and regardless of whether or not we can remember any of those past lives, we have to this point in our soul history, experienced most of the possibilities obtainable within this realm of existence, and it’s the combination of all those experiences which allow our soul to understand the complexity of Existence itself!

Although it may be difficult for some to envision, but throughout our many almost countless lives /incarnations, we have manifested most of the possible characteristics of a human life, 
starting with the most simple differences of “Man or Woman”, “Good or Bad”.
Within those groups there are almost countless sub-possibilities.
When you regard all of the possibilities, it perhaps gives the impression of being a Movie, and perhaps it even is. Since it all happened in the past, it is all part of your history, it’s over and there’s no reason to hang on to it, like it would creep up and tear you back into the past, back into those experiences that once were, and are long since gone.
However, not entirely. Since all those lives make up the learning experiences your soul needs to grow, they are all imbedded within your Soul-Matrix, only at this point, most will still have difficulty remembering those past lives. A good thing too. Imagine if you could remember all of your lives, as if it were just yesterday, not just a hundred, but thousands of years ago. Imagine how difficult it would be to experience a different Aspect of life in its full, to allow you as a Soul, to discover every little bit of life experience which is only possible, if you have no direct memory of your past life experiences. In otherwords, you would know how to avoid any possible mistake, you would remember most details of all the disconcerting experiences you may have had in your past lives, such as anything that may bring your soul the Answers to Questions your soul would have, in order to better understand exactly that complexity of existence for which your soul was created to learn in the first place.
And to think or believe you would learn better if you remembered most of your past lives, going back to the first life way back many hundreds of thousands or millions of years back into all of those lives with a plethora of Information at your disposal, yes the idea sounds interesting, makes you believe you would have been better off knowing all of your past, to avoid those nasty experiences. 
In actual fact, that’s normally the course of action your soul would take, if it weren’t residing on a planet of learning like the Earth in the 3rd Dimension. This is a hard game we’re playing here on Earth, this game of Integration.
Yet since the Game requires the full integration of all possible experiences that could help your soul understand what is necessary in order to Evolve into a Higher Realm of Existence, it is crucial that these experiences whether negative or positive, are to be combined to create the structure of Understanding needed in order to Ascend into the next higher realm / dimension of Soul Experience. Or simply to go Home with a fulfilled assignment and Life. 

That’s a pretty Tough Job isn’t it?

Both for people of Spiritual understanding or those who haven't the foggiest notion of what spirituality is. But even the spiritually gifted will have some difficulty in the Integration Game, since it’s usually the spiritual minded who dread the Negative aspects of there being the most. Or those who ignore any given form of spirituality in any way and even making fun of the concept of spiritual thinking, simply because they have no idea what it is.
These difficulties in understanding, which hinder an Ascension into a higher realm of existence, is a form of “Polarization”, sometimes it’s only the incarnated persona, but sometimes it’s the Soul-Being.
This demonstrates how dangerous it becomes when a soul hinders its own Evolution due to not accepting all aspects of life experiences.
Such is the problem with many Races throughout the universe that have evolved to levels of higher dimensions than this 3D world, but initially as is often the case, have in time long after their last evolution, become spiritualized to such an extent, that they are no longer capable of understanding the aspects of negativity which had allowed them to evolve the last time!
Thus becoming polarized to the Light!
Similar problems also confront the beings of Negative thinking polarization, only that their problem is obviously the opposite. Or people who become neither positive nor negative polarized, but emotionless, not knowing or remembering the aspects of spirituality or “Love” that had allowed them to evolve before. There just seems to be a deficiency of necessary understanding, the same with Races that have evolved to a point where they have lost the ability to function as Individuals, this is also a massive hindrance of soul Evolution.
This kind of thing goes on all over the universe, it’s always been a problem, since there are always New Souls conducting their own soul-growth, and in no way are they to be hindered in their own mistakes, since this would be Depriving those souls of their own soul experiences.

Its very understandable to wish to help those souls to avoid making the mistakes that we have made with our own experiences, as we know how painful those experiences can be. And as we have the ability to feel “Compassion”, we will often have the wish to “save” younger souls from making the same or similar mistakes, which is often the reaction of “Light Polarized” races, or races of the lower evolutionary level of 3D, who have no knowledge of the fundamentals of ”Multidimensional Compassion”.
To start with, what is meant by “Multi-Dimensional” Compassion? 
This is merely the identification of the fact that everything above the 3D realm is initially Multi-dimensional, since the general state of understanding within a higher realm is the understanding of a universe of a “Multidimensional existence”, and thus a Multidimensional way of thinking!
Quite simply, because above the 3D realm, there is a complex understanding of the “more than one Dimension universe”, the entire thinking process revolves around the knowledge and understanding of a universe that is made up of a multitude of dimensions and levels, and possibilities. This in turn again, will allow for a better understanding of the Necessity and the Right of every soul to experience exactly what that soul needs in order to evolve.
Such is the understanding of a “Multidimensional-compassion”.
Being in a state of compassion or feeling for other souls, regardless of that souls current state of life or behaviour or incarnation. 
The most difficult part of this aspect being the acceptance, or better the understanding of that souls right to experience the unpleasantness and the pain associated with such experiences.
Thus it becomes more complicated, since this understanding will allow for a certain “margin” for “intervention, but Not “interference”!

It is however, for a soul residing in 3D very difficult to determine where that “margin” of intervention is. The possibilities for examples are once again countless. Often a Soul agrees to take the Role of playing a bad / evil person. Meaning, that the Soul had conducted its “role” of being a general “schmuck” or what ever else in that respect, and that soul is no more Bad or Negative than your own, since you yourself most probably, also have had your fair share of being a “schmuck” to a certain extent during your almost uncountable incarnations.
And it’s mostly those souls “playing” the evil “roles” that have the hardest job at that time.
And at this time, at the End-phase of this Integration Process, it is essential to understand this, and realize that those souls who had played their “role” to such extent, are in need of your “Multidimensional-compassion” in order for that soul to be released from the “role” it has agreed to “play” in this life. And without your understanding of this fact, that soul will not find release from that “role”, as you had also agreed to play a certain “role” for other souls in each incarnation.

This is the aspect many have difficulty to understand or accept, just as I had also learnt after being confronted with the facts.
Since the Earth is a world of Learning, Administrated by beings of Highest order, and there are No “Coincidences” possible, it is therefore a Fact that every soul incarnated on Earth will initially be subjected to the Life Experiences granted to that soul through a “Soul-Contract” of which that soul will have asked for in order to obtain a certain soul-growth experience!
The “Soul-Contract” is signed “virtual” in the “Sub-Realm” in which the souls reside between incarnations.
The “Contracts” are between souls that have accepted granting each other the possibilities for achieving the requested Life-experiences.
Never is a soul subjected to a Life-experience other than what has been concerted to before the incarnation.
If this does however happen, if for instance a soul from a Negative Dimension infiltrates the Earth Plain and tampers without prior consent, the situation will be Intervened by the High-Order Beings, and Rectified as quickly and as much as possible, under the given circumstances !
It is usually a certain group of souls that stay together in every incarnation, that you for instance will inevitably encounter during your incarnation, depending on the particular Life-experience “Contract” that you will have with that or those souls in that particular incarnation. There is also the aspect of the Soul-Partner, Soul-Companion or the Twin-Soul.
Many Souls agree to a Soul Partnership, a Divine God-sanctioned partnership, such Soul-Partners by decision remain in Divine Partnership either for many billions of years or for the rest of eternity.

As the Process or Game of Integration on Earth is in its End Phase, it is at this time essential, that the People of Earth realize and understand, that All Souls on Earth have played important “Roles” in providing the Soul-Growth-Experiences needed for the integration of All aspects concerning the requirements for the Soul-Evolution!
This now includes the understanding that All Souls have “Played” their “parts” and “roles” for each other as had been requested from each other, through the “soul-contracts”.
This “Understanding”, “Logical Acceptance” and “Emotional Gratitude” for each of those souls is part of what is known as the “Multidimensional-Compassion”!
At some point for many, this concept of “higher-thinking-compassion” may seem like a form
of “cold hearted” thinking, and not as a form of compassion, plainly Logical, without any form of Emotion.
As I myself had been through the Phase of Learning to understand this Concept, I therefore know how difficult it is for many to comprehend how it functions.
But that’s just the point of it being called “Multidimensional-compassion”. It’s not the Dense 3D way of thinking we have been Taught to live by, during our incarnations within the harsh primitive realm of this world, which has kept us within the deep entwined structure of a thought pattern necessary for experiencing what a world of limitless harmony could never have provided!
It is Time now, to break free from that 3D way of thinking, to comprehend what the universe is actually really about, and what stands before us as a People to accomplish what we have as souls been brought here to achieve, our Soul Evolution – Ascension!
History keeps repeating itself until humanity moves itself out of that repetition, a different mindset and understanding of compassion, without fear, judgment or compulsive desire for retribution.

In the past, humanity was accustomed to violent action against itself, waging war, usurping, and acting generally barbaric until it came out of our ears.
In so-called modern times, things hadn’t changed much, only the weapons or means of attack eventually to some degree. As more and more Courts and lawyers had been put to use to fight each other with all might. Men and Women fighting together. If they can fight together they can live together. No longer was battle reserved for men only, as the sexual revolution gave both the optimal means to destroy each other. 
But haven't we really got anything better to do ??!!

The want and need to fight as a basis for an existence, is Over !!
A new perspective is here now, the radical change in Mindset has already begun within humanity, and it is the beginning of humanities evolution into a new era, a new age, a new and better state of consciousness.

Perhaps you may have noticed either personally or through the Media or other, how the World Population had begun since the 70’s to manifest a greater need for spiritual understanding, it had already begun in the 60’s, but the raising of the global Consciousness is a fairly “tough job”, and such an undertaking requires some effort and time.
That’s why a certain sum of members of the Galactic-Federation had engaged in the attempt to assist the raising of the Earth consciousness through integrating themselves into the social system on Earth.
These were not the Starseeds that are Incarnated on Earth to assist the Ascension process at this time, but others who had arrived on Earth between 1965 and 1975 as a unit,
roughly about 300.000, subsequently staying on Earth until circa 2005.

They had personified most aspects of Earthly social situations, from “cleaning lady”, “plumber” or “electrician” to positions of high ranking “economic” and “political” stature”.
Naturally this wasn’t easy for people of such a higher evolved culture to integrate themselves into the scheme of the Earth way of life, but they had been sufficiently trained to manage the unpleasant sojourn and jobs on Earth for a specific duration, since they often stayed not longer than endurable, before being exchanged by a fellow Federation member.
Ultimately their goal was, by positioning themselves into every level of social activity to encourage those they had encountered to accomplish an interest in a higher way of thinking, by simply being present at the right moment, and “indirectly” influencing the thinking of humanity into searching for a more “harmonious” and “open” way of thinking and living, in other words “Spirituality”!
This endeavour was however slightly inhibited by the negatives doing pretty much the same,
but naturally with the opposite motives and intentions.
And since the Earth is a place of learning, and not a free battlefield, both the Federation and the negatives were to refrain from any “direct” influence to the soul evolution of the Earth population.
However, even the negatives have Incarnated Souls on Earth.
They are initially here to find resolution for the conflict with the Galactic-federation.
The negatives in this case referring generally to the Draconian Reptile race of which so much had been talked about in the so-called “conspiracy milieu”.
But many within the Draco-empire where not of one opinion. Many had enough of the old ways, just like the people of Earth, and voted for Peace and reconciliation.
And so a solution had to be found for their differences with the Federation of Light.
Still it is to understand that these Reptile souls who are incarnated on Earth as humans, have lived amongst us and with us for many incarnations, and many have only recently awoken to the realization of actually originating from a Reptilian race.
However, there are in all 144.000 different races incarnated on Earth at this time, of all different types of origin, and the realization as well as the acceptance of this, is again part of the “Multidimensional way of thinking”.
One specific aspect is also to be realized in order to achieve the necessary Consciousness alignment for the Ascension, this Aspect is called “Integrity”, without it, one would not understand how essential it is to be “True” or “real” to oneself and others, ignoring the importance of “integrity” is being “false”. This in turn would hinder all efforts of attaining what is needed to Ascend.

30 Sep 2007 (updated Feb 2012)





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