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The I am God Presence

The knowing
that we are all divine aspects of God,
Divine Pillars of Light, or Spheres of Divine Light. 

We had all been created, birthed as individual Souls
to experience life as individuals,
within the Family of Light,
the Cosmic Family,
the Universal Family.
To experience, to Live as individuals
in Unity with all.
We have as free individual Souls the right of free choice
to experience in any way we choose.
Experiencing as separate Souls our own perspectives
of each situation and life scenario.
Duality does not exist, it is a false belief,
we are never separate from the one, from source,
we are a permanent inseparable connection to
the Divine Source, God.
Our separation to source is only in the experience,
but not in the true sense, not in the real.
During our experiences as separate Souls,
as incarnated people, we learn to re-connect consciously
to the Primal Source.
We remember our membership to the
Universal Family.
We have the desire to reunite with those who are
Integral to our Soul Family connection,
Soul Partnerships, Soul Families,
the Family of Light,
the Divine Creation, and the Divine Creator.

We re-gain our knowing
of being God, as God is within us.

We discover our True Inner Light, which is the Light of God,
we find it has strength,
as we realize our True Power of Self-Realization,
we empower ourselves, as we take back our power.

God is our Inner Strength
and as we are Children of God the Divine Creator,
it is our Soul-Birthright to utilize that knowing.

But as individual Souls,
we remain in Divine Humbleness.

We are both
Individual and Collective.

Who is God?

“Would it not be correct to say "Creator" instead of any other Name or Term?
Is it not entirely irrelevant what anyone calls the Creator of all that is, as long as All realize that the universe is Home to us All, and no specific Race or Breed has any priority !?
Would the Creator not call us All Children
without excluding any of us ?
Can one not accede to the Creators universal Law of Life without being part of and adhering to any religious Institute and Doctrines ?!”
Religion itself has nothing to do with God other than the religious motivations being based around God, with doctrines added to the effect of either fortifying the reverence for God, or less benevolent reasons.
When we truly acknowledge the God Presence within ourselves, the need for any institutionalization of the belief in God will become obsolete.

What about the mystification of the meaning of God? As there are often misinterpretations
as to the understanding of the Nature of the Universal Consciousness and its origin.

Who is God?

This is the first and often one of the most important questions to be asked about the Divine- Entity most have learned to either Fear or Respect. Since the fear of anyone or anything has nothing to do with respect.
To respect someone or something is to give Faith unto,
but Faith should not be given unmindfully,
since that would represent no understanding of the situation,
but rather more a form of Worship.
A Temple in Honour of God is very understandable, but not necessary,
Gods Temple is the Universe.
Worship would be more of a “belief” instead of a Faith which is Trust.
The Truth of that Faith / Trust is not found in doctrines, but in our Intuitive knowing,
a divine connection between us and our Higher Origin.
We put our trust our faith in God when we understand who and what God is, but we also should realise that by doing so, we do not put our faith in God alone, but also in all who help Gods divine will.
Worship is not the correct procedure or state of mind to demonstrate ones respect for God or Gods Helpers,
such a Divine Consciousness would rather prefer our Understanding.

The fact that God is so often referred to in the Male gender is not restricted to Earth.
Some do refer to the Divine Creator without a gender correlation,
but in actuality many do know that God is in fact, a genderless Being,
a Being of immeasurable Consciousness, and Wisdom,
A Divine-Entity without physical form or embodiment.

In our Societies it is often complicated to arrange a sentence in an explanation
without using a gender correlation.
That all depends how a language has developed,
and from what origination.

But do not misinterpret the existence of Gender as a mistake or overrated aspect.
Gender has as much worth as any other aspect of our Universe,
and is of far greater significance than many would give it credit for.
It is on our Earth often mistaken for a plain physical attribute
as defined basically as a Hormone correlative situation.
Whereas it has in actuality more correlation to a divine Soul decision,
which can physically be expressed and experienced,
but nevertheless remains a universally significant Aspect.
Remember that by divine will we desire to experience,
but not for others to decide that for us.

Throughout the epochs of so-called modern history,
humanity has misinterpreted the understanding of God in more ways than one,
for instance God is “not” an invisible Man (or woman) living in the sky.

Also is God “not” any of the many falsely idolized figures which had
initially been fabricate as a means to
manipulate the people throughout human history,
ascertainable within many historical documents and depictions.

But more so is God a Divine-Entity, without prejudice
or motives of self-gratification,
other than the desire to live, and let live,
as we initially live our life within Gods universe within Gods consciousness
as Gods children, and so do we live for God,
as God lives though his/her children,
and therefore our experiences are forthwith Gods experiences.

We as Soul-children, are all portions of Gods immeasurable Consciousness,
and exist within his/her Consciousness,
since that is what this Universe is, the Consciousness Matrix of the Divine Creator,
that is why everything is initially connected to God,
as so often had also been acknowledged throughout history.

If you would find a technology to see the smallest particle of physical existence,
to the point of delving even deeper past the smallest point visible under
a microscope of such capacity,
you would eventually find the Creator of all this that makes up the Universe,
since every single Atom and subatomic particle is directly derived from
the Divine Creator God, who is a Divine-Entity of inconceivable Consciousness,
and that Consciousness is the Matrix of complex Energy,
that, of which physical material is initially derived.
That is what the Universe is.

The Father/Mother and Creator of all this and of all Soul Consciousness (who we are)
the Light and the Love of the universe,
the Past, Present and Future,
The All, the Always, the Eternity,
not someone or something, but All and Everyone there is,
collectively co-creating the universe and helping to maintain it,
as a Family and within the Being and Consciousness of the Divine Prime Creator,

that is Who and What God is.

Where we are, is simply answered,
we are within Gods Consciousness,
and if we wish to see God,
or Feel God,
then we need not look further than within ourselves,
or look to any part of our world or universe,
all that is,

is God.


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