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The Frequency of Love

By Eli Galla

There’s a new channel playing all throughout the galaxies, ringing crystal clear through the messenger of light, zinging all up & down the multiverses. Now that the connection has been activated, into the new energy, we have our own personal connection through the Universal Calibration Lattice®. Do you want to play that channel? Do you want to feel the full import of your power in these times of enormous change?

In order to do this, we have to release the old program of fear, lack, worry, doubt, & anger. These old energy constructs will shut down the flow between spirit and us. We need the light unimpeded for a free flow, superconductivity.

The heart is a flower, the red rose of passion fully blooming in the bath of the higher frequencies of love that are now being played. Connect it up with the wisdom of the head to read the frequencies that this new energy connection is sending us. Throw in the timeless art of meditation and we’re riding the magic carpet of inner space to hook up to the symbols of this universal love language that these frequencies are being transmitted in.

I’ve dreamed of having the open channel connection with spirit all along. I desired being able to tap into the consciousness of my higher self and feel the light in all of its glory, to connect with all that I am continuously. The broadcast of the higher frequencies is intensifying daily.

The energy was still mired in the duality of the old energy, and the obstacles to achieving this connection were great. Now the channels say we are so close to bridging the permanent connection with the new dynamics, that we’ve already won the game. The re-wiring has already started!

We, in our penchant for designing the game in such a way as to savor every moment of the impending changes, have created these scenarios where there will be such great changes happening, taking all of creation to places it’s never been before. We will manage the energy in such a way as to keep ourselves in the safe space, if that is our life contract. Some people will want to leave the planet, and that is honored. They will come back in such an advanced form compared to what we all came in as this lifetime. It makes a lot of sense that they would want to transition at this time.

Now we are riding the magic carpet on the gameboard of our design to the last stages of the old energy duality scenario. We are only a short distance away from the mass rewiring of the DNA in 2007. In this very significant time frame the energy will accelerate 100,000 fold for each remaining year through 2012, starting in 2007.

What are we if not the essence of love? For all these years we’ve played the game with the veils fully in place. Since the Harmonic Convergence the veils have been lifting. There have been other times on this planet when races have ascended. The Lemurians were one of them. Now the energies of the earth will be blended together and Gaia will also ascend at this time. Indeed it is already happening.

The refinement of the reception and transmission of light frequencies have been happening since the harmonic convergence. A couple of years after the Harmonic Convergence, the energy structure called the Universal Calibration Lattice® was activated. This unique structure consists of 4 prisms in the front, back, & sides of our body. It extends two feet out from the body. There are three long informational fibers that are the main conduits for the reception and transmission of energy. The prisms are connected by figure 8, self-balancing loops to the 7 chakras.

Each one of us has blockages, due to our conditioning. All of us are truly meant at this time to jettison the limitations that we were imprinted with. None of us no longer need to be in the old energy of testing out the duality. In these times of the New Energy our passion is the key to unlocking the potential that each of us possess.

When we activate this connection to the universal energy source (The Cosmic Lattice), we are able to release the pull that old programs have had on us, by releasing the excess electro-magnetic energy. The permanent connections are made in the EMF Balancing Technique® when the connections within out UCL are made.

Our sub-conscious & un-conscious minds are mired in the web of negative beliefs we have imprinted. When this permanent connection is made we come more fully into the Now reality, inside of our bodies.

Through our conscious creation we align ourselves within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of our being, & we flip the switch on going inter-dimensional. We step into our own personal power. This isn’t an ego thing; this is the evolutionary part of the game that we all came into this life for, because we knew it had a chance to exist on Gaia in the fullness of our being, within the probabilities that were collectively designed into the DNA code by all of us.

The fifth and sixth dimensions are our destination at this time. Those who lived in Lemuria were living in these dimensions. Reality was a fluid energy construct for them. We operated in the photon energy so the survival dynamics that exist in our present day 3-D reality didn’t exist. We will return to this free flow of energy.

Now is the time to step into our power. Naturally we have to face our fears of discarding the old energy conditioning. We all have a fear of the unknown. We also need to know that we all can access the part of ourselves that has a deep inner knowing. Prayer & meditation are the main tools for refining the new energy reception/transmission of the higher frequencies.

Think about it: the power of the energy of love, to do what you love and to love what you do. This sounds very simple and it is. All we have to do is to agree to take responsibility for stepping into these new energy dynamics and accessing the frequency of love. The first step to doing this is done by connecting the head and the heart to balance our own inner wisdom.

Everyday the energy accelerates a little bit more. Right now every moment is so unique. This period of time we are rolling through is being called the Nanosecond. The changes are so evolutionary and they are happening, in relative terms, as if in the blink of an eye.

We are all here to be our true selves, our own inner selves, the divine essence of our being. Now the game is to release all of our limitations and step into our own innate power, to realize the potentials we constructed for ourselves in being here in this time of going to light body (Ascension). We are all creators. We are all one in the light. What are we waiting for?

The permanent activation of your energy anatomy with the EMF Balancing Technique®, corrects the flow of light & enables you to release blocks. Create your desired state of healing within the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies of your being.

About the Author

I read the originator’s, (Peggy Phoenix Dubro) chapter, in Kryon Vol. 7. It resonated with me, so much that I received the first four sessions in April of 2004. I felt the flow of energy move through me in a more un-restricted way. When I would resist finding new ways of dealing with the same old polarities I would more acutely feel them manifest in my body. Ultimately I found new ways of dealing with them to accelerate the processing of them.