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* The first Archangels :

who are the first children of God, are the creators of the Universes, the 12 universe structure that is built together to form one unit universe or Super-Universe. The Universe we are in now is called the Dern universe, the sister universe to ours is called the Dal universe. Each universe has a sister to itself. Our Dern universe was created by Archangel Michael who is also the oldest of the 13 Main Archangels, the Dal universe was created by Archangel Raphael. The 13th Archangel was the creator of the negative universe, which was done in unison to Gods request, as one of his first Children to help create a contrast to the Light/Love Energies of which the entire universe is constructed. The energies we regard as electrons and subatomic particles of which the creator of the Electron concept is Archangel Metatron, are made of the energies within Gods consciousness, and as such are pure Love Energies. 

The Names of the other universes I am not familiar with at this time.