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The Fear Factor:

What can we do about it ?!

We all know we have fears, some more some less, we cannot deny them, and even if we do, they may or may not just disappear, and that depends on a number of different aspects.

Some fears are so meek, they will vanish like a puff of smoke, they are not something sitting deep inside our consciousness. Other fears however, are ingrained into our consciousness, and need some effort to resolve and Heal.

If it helps, especially when we have many fears, to also make an honest and unbiased List of the fears we have, particularly the ones we can't just shake off so easily.

That List may assist anyone who we ask to Help us resolve these issues.

Just like any other negative emotional and mental energy, fear also has it's origin in some part of our past, either recent or very far back, often even spanning also as far back as our recent or far ancestry. This is a karmic issue, that has made it's way to the present.

This is not in the slightest unusual, such cases have been registered for a long time.

Regardless if there are those of a “faculty” who disregard these things, because they don’t fit into their personal world view. But it would be wisest to consider ones Own situation and Wellbeing as having priority over someone else opinion.

So we seek those who Help us who are responsive and unbiased about going deeper into the Healing Process, who consider more than the basic aspects and ramifications of an issue. Such people should be open to all possibilities.

After all, it's about Our Health, and our Wellbeing.

So we ask ourselves, what are we prepared to do for our Wellbeing ?

Do we want to risk our Health and Wellbeing by adhering to an outdated mindset ?

Or do we find the Courage and expect and Find no less than what is optimal to Help us ?

If we need to Find that in Alternative Areas of Healing, then it will be so, Period !

Courage has a lot to do with saying No to what does not serve our highest good.

We know it's not good, we may try to pretend it's ok, but deep down we know there's no point in sticking to something that does us no good.

Thereby it's completely and utterly irrelevant for how friggin long anything has been put to use.
If it's not right, if it's not doing us any real good, if it's completely outdated and should have been updated or replaced with something better long ago, then it's not in our highest good, Period !

The same correlates to any fear or other negative issues we may carry around with us, they need resolving, and it's really time for it !

Fear has it's foundation as a form of protection, when we don’t know what to do else to keep us from physical harm. But what about the rest of who we are ?

We are not just physical, we are also consciousness, emotions, thoughts.

When we give up on or sacrifice our Freedom for security, do we not risk endangering our psychological and mental as well as our physical freedom ?

Being in fear keeps us in confinement, it blocks us just as any negative energy frequency. It keeps us from doing what we want to do, and makes us do what others want us to do.
Sometimes those “others” are not even people who live in our present world, but somewhere in the past. Issues have the tendency to be very “adhesive”.

We wonder sometimes where so many fears we have actually come from, especially when we’ve had them since our Birth. When we consider “how in heavens name did this or that fear get into my emotional and mental processes, when I was just a Baby?”

Well, think about it, it's just as with any issue we may have, often we can't find their origins in any part of our life, no matter how far back we go in this life.

Some issues may go into personal areas of other peoples lives as well as our own, and may also be an issue of “very, very delicate nature”.

How can a Family “thing”, an issue go from one generation to the next, even those who are not even directly genetically related ? And especially when the issue has no genetic correlation what so ever !

It's not about physical issues alone at all, but about any thing that “hangs” onto us, and we have no direct personal conscious knowledge about the whole thing and it's origin, but it's there, and it bugs us and blocks us.

There are different methods to “temporarily” sooth or overcome an anxiety attack, before we get the chance to really get it fixed once and for all.

One simple way I know to “help” get over one of those angst attacks, which was passed on to me, is as follows:

It's the “tapping” process.
It has 4 stages, and starts with just comfortably tapping with ones “forefinger” and “middlefinger” together on ones 3rd Eye Chakra area (just between the brows on the forehead), do this until you have the intuition to go to the next level, which is directly under the nose (careful not to tap too hard), then commence tapping on the area between the chin and the lower lip, ending with tapping on the area just below the thyroid gland (in the area above the manubrium bone, which is slightly above and between the 2 clavicles).

Remember again not to use too much strength on the tapping, as it is a stimulus therapy of the energy-points, and not the actual physical organic body, and 2 of those points are main Chakra points.

Determine how long you tap each point using your intuition / feeling, keeping a comfortable rhythm to the tapping sequence, letting go of any thoughts that grip you, like you would meditate.
This is a kind of energy point acupuncture, where you can create a chart which shows your progress.
You start off with a 10 level chart, where 10 is the worst level, and 1 being the optimal, and you estimate where you are on that chart to begin with. And after each tapping therapy you judge where you have progressed to, with the intention to go to level 1, and 0 being totally free of stress.

There is also the possibility of “tapping” both sides of the hands against each other below the “little finger”, in an angle to each other, whilst saying to yourself “I Love and Accept myself just as I am, I Love and Accept myself in spite of my angst” 

Both methods have usually worked quite well for me, so you can try that aswell. Although often there is or might be some issue or karma involved, but for a quick help these methods often do quite well.

There are also meditations that can be used to calm the nerves, to bring centering.

Meditation by the way can be done in which ever way that personally suits you, as long as you find that calm within, without the necessity for any chemically created drugs or pills. Because although these drugs might help you to calm your nerves, they have the tendency to create other new Health problems, because their not natural.

Meditation is about calm, and in an anxiety attack, we often have an erratic breathing,
so part of finding calm is focusing and soothing our breathing, which is done with also different techniques. We usually take the time to slow down our breathing, focusing on that, our deep breaths become calmer and slower, taking long and relaxing breaths, until we breathe calmly and fully relaxed.

What goes on around us, is not important at such moments, because regardless what there is, were preoccupied with our wellbeing, and were not getting anything done as long as were not focused and feeling alright.

With fear it's also possible to find momentary help when using the similar method of “puffing out” the fear energy building up in us, like I recommend for the anger situation. This is an “at the moment conscious effective release”.
However, if this causes an erratic breathing syndrome, you’ve vented out the bad energy, so it's ok to calm, slow and relax the breathing.

If you seek to find the right people to help you, and you come across those who you thought you could trust, but turned out to be not the right ones to help you, don’t despair. Often these people have too many of their own problems.

That’s where our ability for Discernment comes in Very Handy.

The Best we can do, for our own Wellbeing, is to “realize” when someone we seek to help us, can't.
And at such a point, we seek further, until we strike a Bonanza, which is Finding people who really can and Will Help.

Our own Wellbeing is consistent with our ability to discern our own situation.
In other words, we can determine our ability to Help ourselves, to the point where we “know” we need Help from others. If and When we do this in All Honesty and Truth, we will be acting in our own highest good.


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