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"The Fabric of Life"

The Universal Matrix

Here I attempt to explain in as simple terms as possible, the basic principle of the functioning of the universe, without "beating about the bush" too much or getting too spiritual, technical or scientific.

The Universe is a very very Big place, it's Big, I mean it's Really Big,
come to think of it it's even Bigger than that!

If we were to consider the Universe in it's actual size relation, then we should consider that what had been discovered as the boundary of the Universe as perceived with the most advanced Space Surveying Technology available to date, was merely the discovery of the limitation of that Technology.
Because, in ratio to that boundary of perception, the actual “rest” of the Universe lets our “local” part of the Universe seem like a Basketball in a Football Field.

The “mainstream” technology used to survey the heavens, is blandly said “Play-School Poppycock” in relation to the technology the dark-elitists have had in their possession for quite a while now.
And even that is only the worst Junk compared to what the Non-terrestrials have.

Non-terrestrial Technology is basically constructed utilizing the principles of “Multidimensionality”.
Once the world gets access to this knowledge globally, there will be a “revolution” in awareness on every level.
Not only on a technological basis, but also on a spiritual level, as much of this knowledge is only understandable when comprehending the principles of “spiritual sciences”.

This is the Game of Remembering.

Every Soul on Earth has the knowledge to understand how the Universe works, functions,
as each incarnated Soul here is over 10 billion years old / young.
And within that time has experienced / learned the basic principles of what the "fabric of Life" is, but in order to live on Earth and experience a 3D life, it was necessary to temporarily remove or block that wisdom from the memory.

Now it is time to remember that wisdom.

I’ll give it to you as it is, and as straight forward as possible:

“The Universal Matrix is the collective consciousness of God and all God Creator Children”

Basically, to understand the Fabric of Life, which is also relevant to the "fabric of space",
it's important to stay simple in ones view. Once we start getting too complicated with everything, we make it harder to understand, we put stumbling blocks in front of us without realizing it, we paint ourselves into a corner so to speak.
The universe isn’t all that complicated really, it's just profoundly complex,
and there’s a difference.

Although I try my best to explain the universe in a down-to-earth and simplistic way, relating more to what the world can grasp the easiest, using scientifically conceivable viewpoints when possible,
we should at all times however also not forget in our conception of the complexity of the universal matrix the wondrousness and magical majesty of it, it's sheer mystical magnificence.

When you’re reading this, you’re possibly sitting on a piece of furniture, if so, that would mean it's solid, right?
well, it's about as solid as you are supposed to think it is.
As much as you try to see it as being non-solid, it just stays that way,
but in reality, it isn’t even there.
I will explain:

The Universe, and I mean "Everything", is not Physical, not in any real sense,
it is All as physical as we are meant to experience it to be.

The Fabric of Space and as such "Life", is a Matrix,
it is a "Consciousness Matrix", created by the collective consciousness of Souls within the highest order of Soul Evolution,
with one specific Soul being the very First of those "Creator Gods",
the Soul we know as the "Divine Creator" and who we refer to as God.

The Matrix of which I refer to is remotely comparable to an overwhelmingly complex computer program,
in which everything that is experienced is connected to, and through which it is made possible to experience anything physical or metaphysical. "Metaphysical" being something like the pre-stage to the Physical, as it has not the dense complexity, but it is what we are, and everything else is in reality, what we experience as being physical is what has also been referred to as the "holographic-universe". A "show-stage so to speak, where all is played out according to a script. (whereas all that exists is initially Light energy, and here we experience through what could be referred to as “hard light”)

Imagine you have a body of Light, and you (the Soul) wish to experience on a physical level, you will need to integrate into a physical environment, so you get a "paint-job" for your Light-body, that gives you a physical appeal. Only that your physical "paint-job" consists of a Matrix of organic material, and specific coding, that enables you to participate interactively within the "big play" or "big game", and thus we have now, the game of "remembering" !

A rather down to Earth method of explaining the entire concept, is also a comparison.
Knowing the universal consciousness is similar to an immeasurably complex
computer program, it can therefore be explained as follows:

Every life experience is initially lived within an Ocean of consciousness,
which is initially the actual structure of the universe,
all we experience as being physically real is a consciousness illusion,
all physical state is deeply implemented into our thought process.
Over an abundant time, we will have accepted this as being real
without understanding the reality behind the panelling.
As we experience, those Data we have collected will be added to our soul matrix.
The negative and positive experiences will be processed,
and an understanding of all experiences will be the result.
A soul growth will be enabled through our increase of knowledge.
However, just like a computer, the deleted unusable or exchanged
data will leave some “Hard-drive Waste”,
this waste is known as “Emotional Baggage”, or false beliefs.
It is Refuse that needs to be deleted appropriately,
similar to the hard-drive clean-up programs used for a computer,
only that the emotional refuse is the result of an emotional consciousness experience,
and as such must be removed through emotional understanding and work,
as that is the principle of your soul matrix system. 

Our Souls, All pristinely originate from the "Divine Creator God", as God was the very first of All Souls, and who created the first individual Souls who we know or refer to as the Archangels. But they were the first Archangels, and throughout the eons of what we would refer to as linear-time, many Archangels came after them.
The original Archangels are also they who initially created us, we are therefore the direct "Soul-children" of the first Archangels, and the "Soul-Grandchildren" of God.
That is not my assumption but the way it is.

Although we are all individual Souls experiencing the Universe individually, we are All nevertheless "permanently" connected to God,
for when God created his Children, what God did was to allow "portions" of his own consciousness to move freely within his inconceivably immense consciousness, in order to experience individually, and God achieved, what was for God, the only way to experience Life on another level than what God knew.
So you see, God Lives through his Children, and his Children live through God.

It is for us simply not possible to fathom the profoundness of the consciousness of God.
Only his first Children could perhaps understand that aspect best, but that again is not really so important.
To understand the Universe is only important in order to better understand ones own Life, and ones place in the scheme of things,
because simply to just Be, without wanting to know more, is "stagnation".
Every Soul initially wishes to move ahead, to go forward, to "Evolve",
and that means Learning and Understanding.
With every level of Soul-evolution there is a greater level of understanding to be gained
in this Universe in which we are now, we are All experiencing on a 3rd level basis, as this is the 3rd level of Soul Evolution (3rd Dimension), it is the first level where Life can be experienced on a physical basis, as a solid form, in a complex manner, where the Soul can learn in a uniform linear process, as time here in 3D is made to experience linear.

In higher levels of Soul-evolution (higher Dimensions) time is perceived differently, it has no longer the same "importance" or linear influence as it has here in 3D.

Nevertheless, to understand "time" means to realise that it's extremely "relative",
for "time" in essence simply does not exist, time itself is not a "thing", but an Idea, a Concept,
as "time" is not a physical object that can be sliced or diced.
"A piece of time to put in our pockets for when we need some".
What we call "time", is just a name for what we perceive as the sequential passing of events,
one after the other like walking, taking steps.
The reason it is possible to actually physically visit the past or the future (and it is), is because all events are taking place within the consciousness-matrix-program,
and comparable to a computer, it is possible to move back and forth within the "data-stream",
and we, our physical selves including our consciousness, are part of that "data-stream".
So, when walking along the "sequential passing of events", it's possible to take a few steps back to see how something happened, or a few steps forward to see where everything is going, it is how we perceive time which makes it manageable and malleable.
Everything is a "thought-matrix", and the " architect's" "up-there" within the hierarchy of universal creators have created an unbelievably astounding mathematical construct.
And those who have the knowledge and the codes, can utilize that knowledge to move more freely about within the "universal-consciousness-matrix".

There is such a thing as what can be referred to as a “Temporal Matrix”, but it's not something one could “chew” on. It's a protocol file in a sense, within the universal matrix, comparable perhaps to a Video Tape, where you have the individual tracks or data bands for visual, audio and time code, for the video device to determine the tape position. The Universal-Matrix would be the video tape, and we are in the video, so give a big smile for the camera ! There are certain members of the Spiritual-Light-Realm / Spiritual-Hierarchy who watch over and manage the Temporal-Matrix.

Those highest evolved Souls who are the hierarchy of our "Super Universe", see everything from a perspective similar to the way we observe the on-goings of a "Micro-cosmos",
not that the highest evolved Souls see us as lesser life-forms, that is only an assumption built on the belief that superior beings behave the same as 3D Earth people, which they don’t.

Souls of the "Family of Light" who are a part of the hierarchy, possess only Multidimensional Compassion, which is Universal Love and Understanding, that is a Main Attribute for being "up there" in the "control room" of the Cosmos, otherwise they would not be there.
However, we are for them still very young Souls, and very small compared to their achieved greatness of Wisdom, and when one is "up there" in the "cosmic control room", everything is perceived as a whole, no longer in any far away hallway within the matrix, but like when we see the world from a hot air balloon, we have a fantastic view from up there, we see "the bigger picture". All the roads and the on-goings below become much clearer, especially when we have some binoculars to assist us in our discernment of the situations.
So is it when the Cosmic Hierarchy overview the cosmos, so do they perceive every moment throughout time in its entirety, past, present and future, all wrapped into one and the same moment, the Now.
For way "up there", there is no perception of time, there is no passing of time, only the Now,
everything can be seen to happen at once. We down here on the other hand, can see the passing of events in a linear way, either forward or backwards,
but in our thoughts we can see things as the hierarchy does, we can go back and forth to what ever time we like, in our minds, and we exist within a collective mind of Divine Giants, who literally are “time and space”.
With every gained wisdom throughout our Soul Learning and Graduation from one Dimension to the next, our Soul grows in proportion of Divine Light, our Light Body becomes greater with every understood experience.

In all, there are 12 levels of Soul-evolution, and ones "stay" in a certain Dimension will differ from one Dimension to the next, and usually for a predefined period, but during that period, ones possibilities are much greater than here in 3D.
3D is also the only Dimensional level where Life is experienced in such a wild, uncouth, unsubtle and negative way. All other levels of Soul-evolution are far subtler, where Harmony is essentially one of the main attributes, which is harder to find in the Wild Wild 3D.

In order for the Universe to be correctly experienced in such a versatile multifaceted and multidimensional way, it was necessary to create an Order in the Chaos.
If the Universe were left to the so-called "chaos-theory", it would have not even begun to exist,
it doesn’t work that way, the "chaos-theory" is simply a scientific "attempt" at trying to find an answer to the question of "how the universe functions", and although understandable, it's simply not correct, in fact, absolutely nothing in the entire universe regardless in which dimension is left to coincidence, without any exceptions what so ever.

The Evolutionary process for instance doesn’t happen by chance / coincidence or survival of the fittest, even if this is a wildly publicised theory, but it happens by a Greater power than environmental selectivity. In fact, it is a power that goes further than the force that makes a planet orbit a star, it is a conscious power, as Evolution isn’t simply a biological issue, but more so even a conscious achievement. The Physical Evolution goes until 5D, thereafter it is Solely on a conscious basis. The Soul can incarnate to any species, regardless where, but that species would need to accommodate the Soul development, if a physical personification is for instance too primitive to accommodate the further development of the Soul through more consciously advanced experiences, then it would not be beneficial, but counterproductive for the Soul. Those Souls who have achieved the 10th level of Soul Evolution take part in maintaining and deliberating / considering the species development throughout the universes to accommodate the different Souls in each level of their collective Soul-group development. If they find a species / genus orientated situation nolonger to be beneficial, they will at some point initiate a radical change. This has occurred a few times in Earths history. This time it is the Evolution of the Consciousness of collective humanity, but in this case there are Souls of all levels from 3D to 12D who are helping this to take place.

The complexity of the scheme of things is so profound, with so many Souls experiencing individually and collectively in so many different Dimensions and Universes so many different things, all in one way or other interlinked with each other, that any form of coincidental occurrence would disrupt the "fabric" of the universal matrix, even what might be regarded as the most mundane of things cannot and is not left to coincidence, such is the complexity of the Universal-Matrix, and it goes even further.

The Matrix itself is mostly a profound collection of Sacred-Geometries and Mathematical Coding, all created within the "collective-universal-consciousness", with our All Soul-Grandfather God being the initiator and his own Consciousness being the primordial canvas for the "work of art" to take place.
And when we contemplate only what we have experienced or perceived so far,
then we can admittedly with all sincerity call the Universe a "work of art" !

Now, even if the Universe is a "Consciousness-Matrix, there is still a different way of understanding how we experience it.

For that, it is necessary to consider the fact that this all takes place within the Consciousness of God and All Highest evolved Souls who have achieved their Evolution to the point of contributing to the expansion of the Universal-Matrix.
Now keeping that in mind, think about what you experience in a Dream. When we dream, we can experience things that we have either seen before, or never have seen before, which is amazing considering that our own Mind in dream-state fabricates these things in our dreams, which is our own unconscious imagination,
so entire worlds can be created in our dreams, much like when we "day-dream, but only without the wake state interferences.
People we meet in our dreams often even say things to us that we had not expected, fascinating!
How can it be that we can create and see all these things in our minds, make them as real to us as if we were awake and actually live these things ?
And when we awaken from our dream, we at that moment think to ourselves "it was just a dream",
but was it really?
For as long as we are in the "dream-state", we will believe the on-goings in our dream to be as real as if we were awake, sometimes even asking ourselves during our dream, if it is only a dream or not.
All that can happen in a dream, and sometimes we even dream things that happen in "reality" some time in the future.

Now with that in mind, just imagine, that we are interactively experiencing our whole life and everything and everyone with us, within the dream of someone else, someone who’s Mind is so much greater than our own, that we could not even begin to fathom just how immeasurably profound that consciousness is, and we are an inseparable part of that Consciousness, only a profoundly smaller part than that of our Creator, and the Evolved Souls who helped to broaden the Universes horizon.

So, we experience our entire being within a Collective Consciousness, a dream, but what a dream that is.
When we then go to sleep and dream, one could say we go into a state of "double-dreaming", which is going deeper into trance than we are already, when we think we are awake, but our interactive "play" within the dream of the God-Consciousness is not the same as our own dreams, as we are experiencing everything much clearer and more detailed than in any of our own dreams.

We can contemplate the Sacred-geometries, the Mathematical Codes which make up the Universal-Consciousness-Matrix, and we begin to understand more and more how everything is made to function in harmony with everything else, but only through this experiencing within the Consciousness of others more evolved than we, is it possible to utilize the Mathematical Matrixes, that allow for no coincidental and unwanted surprises.

Sacred-Geometries and Geometrical Forms are used to simplify complex mathematical Codes/Programming, which is used to create stable universal-systems, such as the simple task of holding an atomic structure together, or making a galaxy spin.
The complexity of the universal-matrix makes it both necessary and possible to transform a mathematical formula into a "geometrical-thought-form", and a kind of an "automatic structure", because all is taking place within a gigantic collective consciousness.
With a tiny-weeny bit of mathematical knowledge, one can understand how geometrical forms themselves consist of automated mathematical principles, that allow for that structure to "hold together", and the Creator-Gods way up there in the highest level of Soul Evolution, have been extremely busy with this kind of stuff!

Similar things we can do, when we picture for ourselves in our minds how we construct something, it's just there, and we can form it to our own specific wants.
Imagine your consciousness is so advanced, that you are able to interact your own thoughts with that of the universe, then you can see the structure of the universe as you would see your own thoughts, and you would understand.
Naturally, that is at this time not possible nor important, as you will have plenty of opportunity in the coming future to contemplate the complexity of the universal-matrix further, when you have evolved further,
but at least we have more or less an understanding about this aspect.

Scientifically, the Universe can also be explained without using Metaphors. When one would see into the actual physical structure of an Atom, into its smallest element, using a microscope of greater capacity than an Electron-microscope even, then one would see further past the elements which have already been discovered, but even smaller, you would see that an Atom is made up of continually smaller particles that Vibrate, that vibration gives the impression at first that the particles are “spherical”, but with closer view it is apparent that these spheres are again made up of even smaller particles that also vibrate.
This goes on until it is clear that there is no actual physical material at all that makes up an Atom, but only Energy Frequency Waves. These waves of Energy are the product of a combined Consciousness Matrix, this Matrix is so complex that it contains a magnitude of Mathematical Codes and Construct Formulas. Mathematics is a main component of this universal matrix structure, but not the only part, Love and Compassionate Understanding are also the main Emotional Energies of which this matrix is a part, and initially what the Universe is made of, the substance which is formed and moulded by use of the mathematical Codes and Sacred-geometries to form and operate / regulate the Physical Universe.
The Universe is in its Physical structure sort of like a Holographic Projection of what the Highest Souls and God have created within their Consciousness. etc, etc, etc…

I know only very little of "Quantum Mechanics", and my wisdom is only limited to what I had learned, and of what my "Higher-Self" has given me, as my 3D person is only capable of understanding “3D compatible” explanations, and conveying that to others.

But in general, that is as simple as it gets, it is part of my job to transmit/ convey certain aspects to others, in an easy to understand way, and at the moment, those who do not understand Quantum-Physics still make up the majority of the worlds population.

(Graphic depictions of the Universal Structure can be found here )

14 Sep.2007 (revised and updated Sep. 2011, Nov. 2012)


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