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* The Divine Spiritual Hierarchy :

The youngest are from 9D, the oldest are much much older than this universe, and this universe is the oldest of the 12 main universes that make up the main part of the Super-Universe. The Hierarchy are the main overseers of the entire universe. The most advanced evolved Souls of all universes. They are the Ascended Masters and Ladies, the Archangels and other Angels. From the 9th level of Soul evolution onwards, everyone is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. As from that evolutionary level of Soul experience will allow for the necessary understanding for that responsibility. 9D is but only the first stage of that evolutionary responsibility. Although an obligation, there is no law that would dictate ones responsibilities to be a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, only by choice of free divine will. Noone would however refuse that responsibility, as it is a matter of natural implicitness, it is simply a part of being evolved. Love has a great deal to do with that decision also. The further evolved one becomes, the more understanding of Love we integrate into our being.