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The Battle Within

( follow-up to the Article “the 4th Wave” )


Now that a worldwide wave of awakening of the consciousness is forthcoming,

an awakening of the majority of humankind also known as the 4th Wave,

there is now a situation underway shortly before the full awakening process can begin which is similar to the crash of wind shortly before the rain sets in during a thunderstorm,
the mentioned situation brings a full strain on all emotions and sense of rationality,

the situation is known as “the Battle Within“


Since and during the great time of awakening started in the early 1990’s,

mostly it had been “Starseeds” who had been brought to awaken from the deep sleep of the 3D consciousness, of the dense thinking that was part of the learning process for the integration of all aspects that each individual soul and souls as a collective had needed in order to either regain what their people had lost in form of emotional and or social aspects, or to gain new insight into soul understanding which they personally or their people as a whole had as yet not possessed to achieve the Ascension to a higher Realm / Dimension, or to advance their understanding as a people intellectually and emotionally in general,

but since that time it was as not yet possible for the majority of earth humanity to react to the call of awakening, there was toomuch interference,

despite all the work and help from All Lightworkers & Wayshowers to bring as much needed information to the public as possible, it was as yet too difficult for the majority of earth society to feel the full wave of Information and Love Energy which had already been sent to earth
in abundant quantity,
energy/information waves from the Sun & the galactic center, which had also been registered by mainstream science,

from all who had already awakened to their assignments of assisting the process of Mass Awakening and the Ascension Process,

and from those “out there“

who wait patiently in orbit of our solar bodies, in full concentration of the ongoings on our earth, monitoring and helping the processes of integration and Ascension,

preparing all of earth for the imminent Ascension,

either by channeling their information as messages through Lightworkers,

by guiding Lightworkers to various assignments, some of which are small in process, but substantial in result,

and also to be here amongst us in ways most people would not have suspected,

and to lay foundations again in ways most people would not really understand,

until such time as the awakening of their own consciousness,

for which these foundations had been established,

and that time is Now !


There goes a notable wave of inner struggle throughout the world in a great many people at this moment, a wave that had already started in 2008,
and now is beginning to advance at full speed,

but this struggle is only part of the process of awakening,

as this is the beginning, before anyone can fully decide what they actually want,

and what allows one to fully understand what it is that they want,

most will need to go through a process of Inner Clearing,

to abolish all sense of illusion,

to realize, to discover the truth, without it being fed to them from anyone who only works in their own interest instead of the interest of those who are to be awakened,

it is the process of sorting out within oneself the conflicts of
“what is really needed for ones own life“
“what it is that Really makes one Really Happy within“
“why things like drugs and alcohol dont really make one happy“
“why running after material things and illusions of status only help to keep one in a state of social constipation“
“why not allowing ones inner own feelings to be real, and not being Real and True to oneself will keep one from learning to understand oneself“
and as such will also prevent one from understanding others, who are as oneself an integral part of this world and society,

there are aspects of discovering truth and plausibility in things basically regarded as products of fantasy, and intensively fortified in this opinion by the mainstream media,

only to discover eventually that the media was lying about toomany things the whole time, things proclaimed by the governments as not being suitable for the public to know,
but then to realize the governments dont actually have the right to decide what the public wants to know, or what’s good for the public should be decided by the public, and not by some self gratifying individuals who hide behind the force of the military, the police, and some laws and regulations which they tend to change to their own requirements,

doesn’t that make one angry in disgust ?!

but what’s more important, the more people realize and understand that society can only go forward without war and self gratification, the better the process of awakening will manifest the world more suited to Life, and that is what this is all about isn’t it?!

Life, to be able to actually Live in Peace, with Harmony with oneself and with All others and with Everything,

But to leave the illusion behind that had kept humanity in a veil,
 is the process which takes the most effort,
its like “kicking a habit“,
with a difference in the withdrawal symptoms,
its not like one would compensate for the habit,
getting rid of the false conscience that had kept one in a state of illusionary status,
and gaining an understanding of what the Universe and not only the world really has to offer,
is not a substitute for status or false pleasure,

but it is “the way out of the box“,

But to achieve that wisdom, that special something / feeling that will catapult one out of the institutionalized stupidity
is for many a hard nut to crack,

and to gain the needed “swing“ to achieve the feeling for the awakening
is only possible for many, by using some inner courage,

in order to break free from the Fear Factor, that holds many people in
that certain state of false status, and or false comfort,

“fear“ of something else other than what one had been taught,

of things that go far beyond the dense thinking imposition,

Then there is the Anger and Frustration accompanying the fear,
of not knowing what will happen now, what will happen next,

looking to known imposed sources of authority and leadership for help,

only to realize that they don’t want to help,

they don’t want one to wake up, 

Important to realize is also that we cannot dump our inner conflicts and fear unto others, we must resolve our inner battle within, and not outside ourselves,

but we can at all times ask for help in that matter,

each individual has his or her own inner battle to win,

but what means winning that battle?

It means to decide,

it is the inner battle of good and bad, hate and love,

light and dark,

there is no false within,

only a decision,

and the battle within is to decide which path to take,

do I want to stay here in this scenario built upon lies ?

deep imbedded in a world of self-deception,
a world which will eventually decay into nothingness,

or do I choose the path of enlightenment,

the path to the way out,

a path that had been ridiculed by the enforcers of deceit,

because that path had shown a way out of their trap,

a path of Love, of Colour, of Harmony,

of Light, of True Happiness,
of Knowledge and Wisdom far beyond what
society had been made to believe is all there is,

of the Ascension into a state of being which is above all we could imagine,
whilst being trapped in an enforced state of delusion, 

To be in a state of profound confusion now, whilst contemplating
“what to decide“
noone can make that decision for anyone but themselves,
but there is no need to make that decision without researching the facts,

only, it may be difficult to determine for oneself
which information is actually “fact“
and not fiction,
it is therefore necessary to point out that it is a battle within,

and as such will the answer one may seek be found within oneself,

it is best to simply ask “yourself“ what to decide,

the conflicts one will feel working up inside oneself are part of the necessary process

to finally decide whether to stay on the dark sinking boat,

or to take a new lighted path into a lighted future,

and that decision should not be taken too casually,

as it involves ones own future,


This entire situation is now in a global extent,

taking place within each individual,
and the more it is spoken about with each person,

the more it will be a collective manifestation of all our Future

and our future is here, we must want it and say it,

within ourselves and out loud,


Welcome to Your, Our Evolution

Welcome to Your, Our Future

Let us Manifest Life and Love

updated Dec-2010


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