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The Ascension Process Explained

By using a more down to Earth approach, I will now attempt to expand on the Ascension Process as it is in our perspective to be experienced, or how it is usually experienced by an Ascending world, elaborating on how it has been explained by those from Higher Dimensions, as it actually really is.

First the often asked questions some may be asking themselves: “why Ascend / Evolve at all ?” “What's in it for me?” 

The whole point of the 12 Soul experience levels is just like in School, there’s no point continuously repeating or lingering in last-years class, we have to move on.

What's most important about an Evolution is not so much the physique, but more so the Consciousness. As that will allow for the understanding to excel in our entirety, and that is in the most profound sense our Soul Being. As long as we are still in the process of experiencing physicality, we will include that into our Evolution, and not visa versa.

Humanity has developed to it's fullest potential in it's current state of consciousness. Now that state is nolonger accommodating the further development of humanity. To persist in the current “old” state is stagnation, it will deteriorate the consciousness to stay in that mindset. So an “evolution” is to be initiated that will move humanities consciousness into a new and higher level of being and thinking, that is the Ascension, or part of it. As the actual Ascension Process encompasses much more, and a great variety of different aspects, which should or even must be considered, in order to accomplish the Ascension / Evolution into a higher state of consciousness being. That includes the understanding of aspects which had not been appropriately considered before, but are an integral part of the next level of being. That includes the “Christ-consciousness”, the understanding of universal Love, which is Love combined in multidimensional Wisdom, Compassion. Love has many more aspects than previously considered.

The Ascension Process is metaphorically also like crossing a Bridge. That bridge will lead us to the world that we want, as we are being given the opportunity to decide that now, as I write this, and we all decide that in our own way. The bridge to our Ascension / Evolution is there, it is manifesting for each of us, and the bridge will be different for each of us. Each person decides how that bridge will be, in which condition it will be when it is crossed. If someone attempts to cross the “Ascension Bridge” with fear or uncertainty, they might imagine the bridge to be too unstable and collapse when crossing it, then that will happen, as then that will be manifest for that person. If however someone crosses the Ascension Bridge with courage, confidence and Love in their heart, then that bridge will become very strong, stable and a pleasant journey, with a wonderful view of the world we wish to venture into, the reason for us crossing that bridge in the first place. It might be a tough job for many to get to that Ascension Bridge, but it's worth all the while to get there and cross it.

Now, there is nothing mysterious about the Ascension, Everyone is entitled to it.
It happens all the time, in different places all around this unbelievably vast universe. At particular moments in the universal process of Soul Learning and Experience, there are either single worlds or a whole group, which are to that moment in a “space” of evolutionary Transition.
Now it's time for us to move on into our next stage of Soul Evolution.

The Ascension is a Process, just as Healing is a process.
It begins with the Awakening, the Enlightenment, following a particular quantity of “clearing” of old stuck issues, “baggage”, physical, mental and emotional toxins, for each person individual.
Changing of mindset, from the old to the new, clearing of old thought patterns.

And now, to remove any misconceptions about how an Ascension ultimately finalises:

“One does not sit in the lotus position meditating for a few months, and then go up in a body of Light, into a higher realm of pure consciousness”,
that’s strictly only for TV and movies, the reality is different.
You may probably have heard plenty “up to your ears” about the Spiritual aspect of the Ascension, which is entirely correct, but, perhaps a different approach may give some more insight into the Evolution, which hardly anyone had been willing to explain.

Scientifically speaking (physically) as it is usually to be experienced, the Ascension is initially, physically and metaphysically, the systematic alignment of certain Cosmic Universal Bodies and Energies, brought forth through a temporally specified Program within the Universal Matrix, initialised, controlled, and monitored by Souls of Highest Order.
Initialising the “predetermined” “overlapping” of a number of Dimensional Existential Fields, like 9D-5D-4D-3D, 5D being the Christed-Universe.
A “Portal” is produced, through which we will Ascend into the universal dimension to which we will have adjusted our consciousness frequency, where we feel and know we want to be.
For which the World Population will have been preparing through the systematic Raising of their Consciousness.
This Awakening, will then have been attained worldwide through the systematic understanding and implementing of the fundamentals of “Spirituality” and Christ-Consciousness.
The Systematic Integration of all aspects of Positive and Negative thinking impedes the polarized thinking that could hinder the Ascension into a higher dimensional realm.
Thus enabling the systematic enhancing of ones DNA through the Learning of the fundamentals of Multidimensional-Compassion (Christ-consciousness) which initially changes ones own DNA from a low-frequency Carbon base to a high-frequency Crystalline base.
And also re-activating the dormant strands of our DNA.
Because regardless what anyone may say otherwise, it's 12 strand DNA, not 3 or 5, but 12, not a double Helix, but a 12-fold Helix.
We have had 2 strands DNA active, and 10 strands dormant, waiting for re-activation, and that is possible using “Christ–Consciousness”, and a plethora of universal energies helping us at this time.
Mainstream sources will not tell us this, but those who control the media know about it.
And as far as I know, most people already have more than only 2 strand DNA active, as Metaphysically the world population has already been partly genetically upgraded by the Ascension Energies which are sent from the Galactic Centre, the Sun, and other Sources.
The reactivated strands of DNA are only on the Metaphysical level, which means they are not perceivable by any normal physical means, but eventually Telepathically.

In more detail:
Carbon has a different existential material frequency than Crystal, through the influx of the higher frequencies of Christ-consciousness, it is possible to alter/transform carbon based DNA to crystalline based DNA, because Crystal is uniform with the Christed-Energies, which again are also uniform with the vibrational energies of Forgiveness and Compassion. These Frequencies are directly based on the Main-energy frequency of Love. Carbon in contrast however is a low-vibrational material. The DNA reacts to the Christ-conscious energies of the own consciousness. That Frequency literally activates the dormant DNA strands through the spiralling frequency waves, as the 12 strand DNA is the original state. Both the DNA and the frequency are in unison, the DNA is so subtle that as such can it be influenced in this manner. Frequency is what creates DNA in the universe, the spiralling energy of the precise frequency and strength will induce a reaction within the simplest natural elements and compounds found throughout the universe, when the conditions are optimal, DNA can or even will be created. The reason why this is possible at all, is due to all and every substance in the universe being a product of the geometrical-mathematical consciousness matrix which makes up the holographic reality of the physical universe. (more of this is explained in the chapter: Insight part 1-The Fabric of Life)

There has already been significant change in the DNA of Humanity during the course of history.
That change had been so far on a different level, the reactivation and realignment of our DNA however is to take place now.

Crystal based DNA is immune to negative 3D technologies, as well as negative biological carbon based influences and illness. Crystal DNA is especially suitable for Light Energy Communication, and can accordingly react more effectively and efficiently to Positive Light Information, like Love Energy.
Upgrading our DNA makes us immune to manipulation and control.
Having No fear, and learning Christ-Compassion, as well as clearing our emotional issues and physical and emotional toxins out of our system, is what will help upgrade and realign our DNA. As the Ascension Energies sent to Earth are only the stimulus to get our Ascension Process going faster, we ourselves still have work to do on our individual Paths.
Initially both our Consciousness and DNA coincide with the Higher Frequency of the Dimensional Realms to where we want to go, allowing for the Ascension into that realm at the time of the overlapping of the frequency fields, in other words “The Ascension, Evolution”!

When clearing out all the old emotional psychological stuck issues, blocks, garbage, that we have gathered during this life or previous lives, when we resolve those issues, we clear out the toxins that hold us in carbon based dense DNA. Crystal DNA is also lighter, and instead of our bodies being 70% water, we will be 70% Light.

This finer subtler crystalline and Light based DNA and Embodiment, is not sustainable in the dense 3D universe, it is designated and applicative for a higher frequency Universe, that’s why there are higher level universes with each level being finer, more extraordinary and pronounced in divine ubiquity.
And to Ascend each time to a higher level of being, to learn and experience that level of being in it's fullness in order to gain the needed understanding to achieve the next level of Soul Evolution, is what gives us the incentive to improve ourselves, and not to stagnate in one and the same level of existence. But only to stay in that Universe for as long as it accommodates our desire to experience it, and then to “move on” to the next stage of our being.
It could be a few thousand or hundred thousand years, a few million, or a few billion years, depending on which level it is, and why we are there.

At the time of the overlapping of the frequency fields, it will eventually begin fully manifesting at about 6 Hours before the Ascension Process will be in full progression, and at this stage I will only point out, that the event was meant to be scheduled for the 21 of December 2012, which correlates to the ending of the Mayan calendar, which is the end of a cycle, and Not the end of the world, it is the prelude to the next cycle, the new Age, the age of Aquarius.
Transitions on grand scales come in stages, to make the Ascension itself easier to endure, as it can under certain circumstances be an extremely strenuous event.
The end of December 2012 is in any case a moment in the entire Ascension Process where one of the Main Transitions occur, which is a Celestial, Spiritual, Multidimensional point of change. It gives plain ground for the actual Ascension, the Evolution on the other hand occurs long before, and continues long after the actual Ascension. The Evolution is what is always happening, as long as there is no stagnation. If stagnation occurs in a civilization, then situations are created (initiated by the Spiritual Hierarchy) to lever the people out of that stagnation. If everything had been totally flawless until now, the Ascension would be a go as it was scheduled.
So, if the Ascension itself should become postponed, it will be to allow for more people to prepare themselves for their Evolution, as many are or may not be as far as others in the Ascension Process, and we want as many to achieve their Transformation and their successful Venture into an Evolved state, and initially into a Higher Frequency Universe.
And many are as yet still unaware that they actually do want that, so lets not leave anyone behind who wants to join the Ascension.

Regardless “when” the Ascension itself will take place, your “Evolution” begins Now !
In your Minds and Hearts. It's time !

The Event will be of Phenomenal proportion to say the least.
The overlapping frequency fields will arouse a presumably substantial level of Confusion by a certain portion of the Earth population, that will not be aware of “what's going on”.

A few weeks before the actual Ascension Process, the initiation of the field “Nexus” will be perceptible by representatives of the Animal species, as well as many people with Higher Sensory Perception (who are empathic).

During the Ascension process, the entire Physical structure of every person consciously aligned with the Higher Dimensional realm where they wish to go, will initially be “realigned” for the Physical or Metaphysical existence in that Higher Frequency realm.
As the DNA has already been to a certain extent partly or fully aligned, it will become easier for the process to calibrate the rest of the physical / metaphysical aspect of the person to align with the Higher frequency Dimensional plane.
The entire process of the Ascension itself takes usually about 3 Days to complete, which would correlate with the scheduled Ascension as was planned for Earth. This is normal for most Ascension processes occurring throughout the universes, but the Earth is not a usual world, therefore alterations in the progression of the Ascension are calculated and taken into consideration. The alignment of the Earth with the galactic equator was the originally scheduled time for the Ascension itself.

As the entire physical system becomes re-aligned, this also means all aspects of the physical self become re-initialized to the state it either once was, or should be, depending if the physical state had either been damaged during ones life, or stricken with a birth-defect or illness, normally this would additionally youthen the physical system to a certain extent.

After the Ascension Process is completed, the individual Dimensional Frequency Fields will return to their original state, no longer overlapping.

When we Ascend, there will already be People, a Society, where we will be going. A people, who will have already been there a whole while, and since we will be the “new ones”, they will by act of Universal Love and Compassion guide and assist us in integrating into the new world we will have Ascended into. But that integration will take time, as they will have a decisive advance afore us in mattes of social and Soul Evolution, we will need to learn and to advance until we will have acclimatized.
In which case it will unavoidably be necessary, for us to take with us, within our mindset, an already existing intact society, when we Ascend over to a higher frequency less dense universe.
Then there will be 2 societies on that Earth in the higher vibration universe, the one that already is there, and the one we will bring with us, which then with time and effort will be advanced to the nouveau of the long established existing society.

We as a people will be taking with us the society we will have created within our mindset, so we must create the society we want “now”, so we can take that with us when we Ascend.

After the Ascension is complete, there will be a time of adjustment needed to orientate physically to the existence in the higher realm, as the Ascension process is a very strenuous and decisive change in state, one could compare it to a gigantic form of “jet lag”, this will vary depending on every individual person, but usually about 2-4 weeks. But that form of “jet-lag” will be less unpleasant, it will resemble more a form of disorientated bliss, but without any drugs.

Another often asked question about the Ascension is “what is it like in 5D, or any higher frequency / level universe?”
To put it very plainly, in what could be physically consciously possible, a general feeling, deep inner emotional understanding, awareness and profound experience of everything being in overall total perfection per se !
Even if the general meaning of “perfection” is in truth entirely relative, as perfection lies solely in the signification of the beholder.

It is but truly difficult to describe it in words, as it can in all honesty be experienced and felt better than described.
Any advanced higher Soul-experience level of being is beyond that of the previous level, and as such beyond description for those still in the lower level. A rather bland but still possibly appropriate example would be to describe to a Neanderthal what it's like to live in our world.

Describing 5D also in a comparison, as the highest positive potential we could possibly achieve to live and experience in 3D 1000 fold, where we consciously manifest that, by our direct actions emotions and thoughts. That level of being is of such difference in positive creational energy and existential conscious and physical purity compared to this universe, that it is necessary to create an entire universe for it, which is 5D.
That is the only way such evolved states can be experienced in an unimpeded manner.
The existence within the higher realm is the reward for the graduation, after having put so much effort into achieving ones Evolution, the harmony within ones consciousness, ones physical self, with the cosmic consciousness, the perception of the entire existence itself, everything can be perceived and experienced in a far greater and more fulfilling capacity as in the 3D realm.

To elaborate more on the significance of the Ascension, you should take to consideration the Fact, that there are civilisations that had been brought here to 3D Earth, from their home worlds possibly from other universes, because they did not achieve their Ascension / Evolution into 5D for reasons of being Polarized to the Light and other reasons, and were so desperate to achieve their Ascension, that they gladly agreed to be sent back to 3D, to this Earth, to live here and experience all aspects of pain, suffering, anguish, sometimes many incarnations spanning many thousands of years, where only the bravest Souls started out here that long ago, that’s how long many of us Souls have been incarnating on 3D Earth in order to find the Soul-experiences needed to Evolve, and go home.

The 5th Density Universe is also known as the “Christed-Universe”. 
Imagine a universe where Physical Angels reign,
that is the 5th Dimension, the 5th level of Soul Evolution, 5th Density.
It is twice less dense in physical and spiritual nature than this 3D universe.
But, you should really find that out for yourself!
And it only gets better.
But also consider, that it will not be your last Ascension / Evolution, there will always be much to learn and integrate, and to Live.
Those who are now residing within the 5D Earth at this moment, will also Evolve to the next higher level of their Soul experience, into 6D, but some will remain in 5D to welcome the children from the lower dimensions. They will remain until the newly “evolved ones” have adequately acclimatised themselves to 5D, and formed their own new society, and eventually they also will withdraw themselves from the 5D plain to join their Families in 6D, then the 5th Dimensional Earth will be left to the “young ones”.

Again, the exact sequence of the actual Ascension itself here on this Earth cannot from our present standpoint be defined in any real detail, at least not at this moment. Ascending can be accomplished individually, and as a world collectively, it all depends on our personal progression on our Ascension path. The optimal event is the Global Ascension.

If we want to Ascend, to Evolve to a less dense higher vibrational / frequency universe, where everything is better, then it is compulsory to be adapted to that higher frequency environment.
Our thoughts, our emotions, our consciousness, should imperatively be adapted to the place we want to go.
Lets say someone wants to go to a rock concert, and doesn’t like loud noise or crowds, then why go there ? 
if someone doesn’t feel right in a place or situation, why take the trouble to want to be there?

Fact is, the majority of the people of this world are in all Truth, not satisfied with their current lives, be they poor or wealthy, the current global situation be it environmental or social is entirely dysfunctional, and predestined for collapse. Even if many give the impression of being satisfied with the social condition, it is still only an impression, and a false one at that.

An Ascension of a world usually occurs, when it has been recognized that the people of that world are ready for a “shift” to higher frequency experiences.
This world our Earth, is not an average planet, it had been chosen as a learning planet, that’s why the Ascension process is a bit different here than on most other planets.
The Ascension is never a natural process, it's not left to coincidence, there’s a substantial amount of higher dimensional work and effort that goes into initiating an Ascension process for a world, and those who conduct the process, are members of the “Divine Celestial Hierarchy”, who themselves had many billions of years earlier been where we are now.
Think of school, and how one goes from one level to the next. Those “up there” in the higher realms are the “senior students”, of pure knowledge wisdom and Love.
The Ascension process can therefore be seen as the “graduation” to the next higher level.

The old frequency has become “obsolete”, and no longer accommodates the Soul learning process, when it's time to leave the old ways of thinking, and raise to a higher more “Light Embodiment”.

If we “Ascend” to a higher dimensional plane or not, is for this very moment entirely relative, as long as we “Evolve” as a people in Global Unity right here and now on the spot. Once we have achieved that, the rest is “easy riding”.

Special note:

Almost all people of this Earth are designated to Ascend / Evolve in their Physical Persona, even if that Physicality is only a Holographic Illusion, it's still as Physical as we are meant to experience it, so we should focus on being Real. If it truly resonates for some people to transform into “pure Light” after or during the Ascension, then that might happen, but don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t.
Once we are where we wanted to be, we can then still focus on becoming “pure light beings”, then we really have all the time we want. Right now we focus on the really important stuff, where we want to go, and how to get there.

25th March 2009 (revised and updated 24th June, 4th August, 10th Oct, 1st/ 4thDec 2012, August 2013 )

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