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* Telepathy, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) etc.. :

Telepathy, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Psychic Activity, etc, basically most or even all Earth people are either telepathic or at the very least Empathic. When this Fact is properly taken to consideration, acknowledged and accordingly trained at child’s age, it will properly develop, and with each generation it will become stronger, to the point it should be, and beyond that.
Otherwise it will remain dormant. Those who control behind the politics know of this, and don’t want the people to learn of it and their true potential or to take it seriously, as it would disrupt the agendas of the controlling entities. It therefore is subject to ridicule and biased, dismissed, repressed. There are even animals who have these abilities focused and active since birth. Partly what keeps this inactive amongst the majority of the world population since thousands of years is Toxification, obstruction of the Physical and Mental processes, causing Physical and psychological Health issues, also the diminishment and calcification of the Pineal-Gland amongst others, which is essential for Psychic abilities to function properly.
Also fear based existential issues, social issues, constant battle to exist instead of Living, abuse of intoxicants and similar things that hinder the conscious development, toxins in the water and food, etc.., are things that keep the people from developing their inert psychic proficiencies since many generations. As there had been times in a long distant past where these proficiencies had been commonplace amongst the people and schooled to be and remain developed, but forgotten and repressed since then.
Covert government agencies under directive of even occulter and outlandisher authority had since the 1940’s experimented with psychic manipulation, viewing and manifestation, often utilizing technological and questionable means to progress and optimize the wanted outcome. As knowledge of such abilities and their utilization would help free the people from the grip of the controlling entities behind the politics, it's therefore blatantly obvious why so much effort has been put into ridiculing and repressing this knowledge to the point of even condemning it at some stages, especially when religion is brought into the matter, and as such it's also plain to understand how religion is also used as a means of controlling the masses. Now however is the time to Reactivate this Knowledge and these Proficiencies amongst the people of our world.