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* Starseeds :

Starseeds are those Souls who had chosen their incarnation on Earth, to find a solution to their problems / difficulties on their “home world”, in which ever dimension or universe from which they originated, as they were not able to find that solution in that realm of their origin.
The reason being, as those realms often do not accommodate the harsh social and physical environments required to gain the experiences needed in order to understand a certain aspect. Often it's the negativity, which is possible in this 3rd dimensional realm, that enables an opportunity to experience those aspects which are not possible in a higher realm, as any realm above 3D is without that harshness and deep dense environment.
All realms above 3D are generally of much finer substance, where Love, Harmony and Multidimensionality is ever present.
Such negative experiences which are possible in 3D, simply do not function in higher realms, that is the principle of dimensional Soul Evolution. Each realm / dimensional level gets finer and more Light centered, where the self, the inner being is more and more present, until one is basically only a presence of extreme wisdom and Love, of such greatness, where physicality has no need, for one experiences consciously on such a broad scale, the possibilities are limitless, except the experience of negativity, and the limitations and boundaries accompanying that, which are present in 3D.
Sometimes it occurs, that People within a higher realm “forget” a certain aspect, which is so ever present in 3D, but is only so willingly forgotten in the higher realms, or through the eons of the extreme long lives that are possible in these higher realms. Sometimes certain aspects of understanding are simply misplaced, so they are needed to be re-experienced, re-lived, in order for them to be correctly understood, anew.

Starseeds are not “necessarily” incarnated directly or entirely into the 3D realm, but only a certain percentage of the Soul of a starseed is “projected” down into the lower 3rd dimensional level, as a Soul of a higher realm is of a far greater knowledge and wisdom, including Soul Light-Energy substance. As with every level of achieved Soul Evolution, the Soul gains in metaphysical mass, which is not really a mass in the sense of the word in physical terms, but more a broadening of the “lightbody”, which is “Conscious Love Energy”.

Starseeds chose to be incarnated here, and for the use of the Earth as a grounds for experience, for finding solutions, as a kind of “stage”, where situations are played out in accordance as they may be in the realm of their origin, on their homeworld. They also accept the obligation to help the younger Souls in their quest to “evolve” into a higher realm, in other words the Ascension.

Starseeds are equipped metaphysically with a ”wake-up call”, at which a certain moment in their life they will be catapulted out of the roll they had played.

Starseeds are awakened in 1st, 2nd and 3rd waves, the first awakenings occurred in the very early 1990’s, the 3rd wave of awakening was around 2006-2007, and is still underway.

The 1st wave was that of the main Teachers, who are now many of the globally well known Teachers, Gurus, Mentors and others who teach the Ascension Information, their task was the main “build-up” for the Ascension Enlightenment Information Process to begin manifesting professionally, out of the sporadic esoteric scene.

The 3rd wave is the Mass wave of Teachers, Wayshowers and Lightworkers who are catapulted out of the old ways and the “norm” thinking process just in the same way as the 1st and 2nd wave, but as the Great “Prep-team” for the global mass-awakening” of the rest of humanity, which is the greatest part of the world population. And as that “mass-global-awakening” will bring an unprecedented impetus of Ascension and Enlightenment-Awakening Questions and personal and global problems associated with that. The 3rd wave will be those who take on that wave of assignments, and that Global-Mass-Awakening is also referred to as the “4th Wave.

Starseeds are here for a certain “mission”, and such they will be made ready for that mission.

There are over 1 billion starseeds here on Earth at this time.
All other Souls are here to Ascend as part of their Soul Evolution, which is now.

2008 (updated August 2011 / Jan 2012)


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