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What it is
The Light Within

A Definition of Spirituality
explained in very simple terms
as it can be understood
by Anyone.

It has in so many ways been attempted to explain Spirituality,
mostly by people who have achieved their own
Spiritual Enlightenment / Realization,
but only very seldom has this subject been explained
in a way, that would be understandable for just about everyone.
Because it is often difficult for spiritually minded people
to express spirituality in a way which they themselves do not think.
But that does not mean that being Spiritual is a subject
reserved for only certain people with certain life backgrounds.

Firstly, it’s important to remove from ones thinking the False
“Airy Fairy” misinterpretation of the idea of Spirituality.

“ Spirituality is:
Intellectual and Emotional Understanding combined,
an aggregation of Inner Wisdom thereof ”.

It is Not the “Flower-child” Concept which had been
indoctrinated into the Belief System of society,
and it is also not to be necessarily related to religion,
as religion is only one way of expressing Spiritual thinking.

Spirituality can be expressed and experienced
in which ever way may feel correct,
for everyone individually.

Being indoctrinated into a belief system is not Spiritual,
it is the deprivation of ones right of decision,
ones right of choice, free-will and right to
think and feel for oneself.

Although there are those who find their spiritual orientation in either
religious teachings, or in what is in our days known as the
New-age or Esoteric teachings,
it is not to be misunderstood as the only way to a spiritual understanding.
Because, being Spiritual means, the following:
Firstly, to start with,
everyone is born Spiritual,
it is the false belief system which deprives everyone of their true Identity.

It is, being True, Integer, Real
with oneself,
losing the feeling of Hate,
because hate is a dysfunctional primitive “old world way of thinking”,
just like Fear, and Prejudices.
Those are products of an old and false belief system,
which make people ignorant, obsessive,
which again promotes aggression and fear,
this deludes people, makes them feel lost, hopeless.

Spirituality is also a Decision,
of freeing oneself
from the influence of negative thoughts and emotions,
and although “anger” is a negative emotion, it does have a benefit,
other than hate.
Because anger alone is an emotional-psychological tool
which can be used to process and Clear stuck emotional “ballast,
anger is only a reaction-emotion,
hate is a decision, just like prejudice.

Many People have and will search for Spirituality,
in the hope to gain a feeling of something which they
assume to be that missing part of their life,
which gives them the feeling of wholeness.

Often they will almost automatically search for that spirituality
either in religious or esoteric Ideologies,
that is everyone’s own decision.
But in actuality
the spirituality one will be searching for, can be found
exactly where many forget to look,
within oneself.

Ideologies may merely be the incite needed
to Discover, Accept and Realize that all spirituality is in reality
from within.
It is the realization that:
Not the body has a Soul,
but that the Soul has a body.
The body is a vehicle which allows the Soul to experience life
on a physical level,
but we must respect the body, it is who we are for as long as we live in
a physical world, such should we also respect all other life.
The body has a Consciousness of it’s own,
which in unison with the Soul-Consciousness creates
a symbiosis Consciousness,
that is who we are for as long as we are physical.

Spirituality, is the understanding and the feeling of Realizing, Knowing
we are part of much more than just this Earth,
we are part of a Universe, which functions not only physically,
as one would understand or experience physicality.
Spirituality is elevating the need to experience hate, fear, frustration, depression,
or any other negative emotion,
because all that Spirituality actually is, is removing those aspects
in ones life, which keeps one from being oneself.

Because under all those ego based emotions,
lays blocked from view, pure Spirituality.
It’s not something which must first be gained or found,
it has always been there, simply undisclosed,
in every single person everywhere in the universe, not only here on Earth,
spirituality is who we are.

Can you see now what Spirituality actually means?
It’s simply the “letting go” of all the negative dysfunctional thinking and emotions,
but with the knowledge and understanding of the negative aspects
which have been experienced.
It is not necessary to feel or think negativity,
but simply to integrate those aspects into ones understanding, without
letting them become a part of ones behavior or thinking.
I know that sounds ironic / contradictory,
but that is the true foundation of Spirituality,
for without the understanding of negativity,
one would fall into a stagnation, a polarization of
love and light thinking.
It is very correct that Love and Light are the basic foundation of the Universe,
but there is more than just the foundation, there is also the contrast,
pure light without “understanding” of the dark will always
keep one in a state of incomprehension,
as there will always be situations in any level of Soul Evolution,
which will confront one with aspects that can only be understood
when the comprehension of the contrast to the light is present.

Again, it is not necessary to feel or think negativity after it has been
properly integrated into ones understanding.
It will only be necessary to find full control of oneself, and ones own emotions,
that will enable one to keep full control of ones own thoughts,
entirely without interference from others.

Love is the Main understanding within our Universe,
possession is a want, Love is a need,
the ability to feel Love is in everyone,
even those who act as if they cannot.

Light is within us All, it is what we / our Souls actually look like.
We are all Light, the very same Light that we know
is the energy within the universe, the energy which is
the Consciousness of the Divine Being we know as God.
All Souls are initially from the one source, even if we are Soul-Children
of different Highest evolved Souls, the structure and substance of our
Souls is derived initially from the First-Soul, God.
And understanding that, is realizing that we are more than the sum
of our physical selves, we are much more,
and we have been that, ever since we came into existence.

Spirituality is being oneself, as one really is, without the false beliefs,
without interference.

Spirituality can be rediscovered either overnight or gradually,
either way it will be the realization
that it will be found nowhere else, but within oneself.



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