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How to get it
Letting the inner light shine

Now that you have realized what Spirituality is,
you may be wondering how to get that feeling
of wholeness, fulfillment, that understanding,
letting that “inner light” shine.

First, it was the searching of the actual meaning of Spirituality,
by looking no further than into yourself,
for the real spirituality is nowhere other
than within everyone,
as everyone is born spiritual.

The meaning of that is:
by birth, the people are not yet overwhelmed and succumb to
all the burdening and depressive physical and mental
toxins, which the world dumps on people during their lives.
For instance, some will get more junk dumped on them than others,
but there is always some burden,
some things that anyone will have to deal with in a life
which will block that person from being,
who they really actually are.
Because all that society junk which makes its way to any person,
adds to form and characterize the personality of each person.
The person gradually with age, becomes someone entirely different
than whom that person actually is in reality.

Mostly there will be what is generally known as the ego,
or the negative-ego.
Each person has 4 personalities/ characteristics (consciousness),
first the Soul consciousness, also known as the higher self,
then the body consciousness, also known as the inner child,
the symbiosis consciousness of the first two, who we are effectively,
and then there is the ego consciousness.
The ego is produced by the inner-child consciousness as soon as
a child realizes the negative influences within its environment.
What the child feels as a potential threat, danger or intimidation,
will make the child react with any form of self-protection it can find.
Usually the child will attempt to find comfort and protection
by an adult/ parent guide,
but often the parent/ guide is not “on location”,
or there often is no other person the child can relate to in order to find comfort.
Therefore, the child will attempt to “create” a form of protection for itself,
a “mask”, a mirror of the negative influence of the social environment,
the ego is born.
Often it is explained that there is a positive and negative ego,
the positive ego is the reasoning consciousness of the Soul,
the Soul knows only Love, and possesses much wisdom,
but as a physical person we have all these aspects combined
for a complete life-experience scenario.
However, also with the years as the child grows, becomes adult,
the person gathers often a great deal of negative experiences,
so does the ego grow proportionally,
the ego is the mirror of the society.
And the more negative a society is for a person,
the more negativity will be added to the mask of the inner child for protection.
These together with the physical toxins become progressively
the “blockages” which will hinder a person to realize and demonstrate
their real actual selves.

One of the greatest hindrances of humanity
is the negative ego,
and one of the greatest tools to help eradicate the ego,
is Integrity and Love,
Honesty, veracity, genuineness, true compassion,
those are all forms of Integrity.
Integrity is directly related to the “heart-consciousness”,
as Integrity firstly is established by the emotional-mind,
and combined with the logical-mind,
Integrity is Truth, Rationality and Compassion.

Those are things that the negative ego does not like,
negativity in general dislikes the truth.

But the truth is strong, it is real.
A falsification must first be fabricated,
but the truth already exists.

One word of Honesty
is worth more than a thousand lies !

Being true to oneself and others will help dismantle
the mental blockages of false beliefs,
which is what the ego uses to keep hold in ones consciousness.

The fear of losing ones hold on a life of false beliefs,
of false status, will disappear, as soon as we start being
honest to ourselves, then we start thinking for ourselves
and taking responsibility.
However, we are not only responsible for ourselves,
we also have the responsibility for the environment
in which we live, that includes also all life within that environment.
But do not mistake responsibility with caretaking,
there are always boundaries to keep.
We should all know how far we can go before we reach the limit,
that is also part of being true, Real.
As we set boundaries to ensure we do not give our power away,
or take the power from others.

These are all things to consider when there is the wish to be spiritual,
because when being Spiritual, we are being Real,
and in that very moment that you relieve yourself from
all of the Blockages that hinder you from being purely you,
entirely without any influences,
that is exactly the very moment that you become spiritual,
as then you begin to be who you really are.

It may not be necessary to free yourself entirely from all such blockages first,
but once the very “True You”, has at last become free from
all the mental and physical toxins, your true self will be obvious to yourself
and others, then, when and if there is the want, you can Endeavour to learn more about the Spirituality of the universe,
which is simply a higher wisdom.

“Spirituality is not something we have to get, but something we just need to remember”



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