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The “Social Harmonics Society” System – ( Concept )
or “Global Community Concept”

This is an Interpretation of the insight I have gained concerning the social aspects of a correctly functioning society, liberated from the clutches of ego.
Where survival of the strongest, the richest, is no longer the priority, pursuit or ambition.
But rather the harmonious and united contemplation and cooperation of all people, to live, instead of simply to survive or exist.
Free from ulterior motives, from prejudice, rapacity and oppression.
In Harmony with each other and the environment, as it is not only our world, but our life.

There is no point in perusing the idea of a “patch-up job” for a dysfunctional society.
It must be amended in it's entirety, and all dysfunctional attributes replaced with solutions that accommodate all.

No extra “small-printed” terms, regulations, conditions, clauses, etc, that could be used against anyone “ex post facto”, or any other form of deviousness. But instead fully transparent and clearly regulated fair, just, equitable conditions of social administration, that clearly regulate, ensure and protect everyones right, abundant providence / supply and accommodation of everything necessary for the maintenance, preservation and condition for a proper, decent and fulfilling Life.

This Concept is a guideline for the development of such a society system, and as such
is to be regarded with objectivity, and any practicable additions to this concept are to be gained from the collective deliberated incentive of the people as a whole.

This concept is written in abbreviated form, occasionally enhancing on aspects.

“The Social Harmonics Society System” *(for short *SHSS, or *SHS-System
or *SH-Society)

A society system entirely structured upon a non-political non-totalitarian socially and ecologically full supporting functioning.

The main principals of the *SHS-System being:

° absolute social and ecological cooperation within the entire
community, Regardless of age, race, gender or occupation.

° There are absolutely no social community distinctions or preferential hierarchies, regardless of occupational situation, other than the personal occupational and private experiences, there are nevertheless no foundations for any social consciencelessness, overruling or serfdom,
nor wage-slavery or necessity for existential justification.
A perfectly functioning Society would work entirely without the need for
currency of any kind, but that would premise a sufficient lack of ego within
the majority of the population. But nevertheless, that aspect is integrated within
this concept. I will attempt to emphasize on the benefits of a non-monetary system
within the course of the explanation, allowing for that possibility to be regarded alongside the consideration of further utilization of an economical system.
It should also be taken into account that financing of any social necessities regardless which,
will facilitate entitlement claims by the financers, which is again the foreground for corruption.

When the Question arises “how will this all then be financed?”
The Answer is simply “not at all !”
The detailed fathoming of this statement lies in the essentiality for the society to encompass the “higher-perspectives” into the general understanding, thinking and actions of all members of the society, which includes the understanding of Christ-consciousness.

As long as all social / Life- essential necessities and requirements are made impartially and equitably available entirely “free-of-charge” there will be no basis for corruption.
At least not in any influential form.
(There is also the possibility of utilizing an economically based system
without the use of currency, this however should under all circumstances be regulated under far more publicly transparent and clear conditions, to undermine any possibility for corruption. )


° The monetary system is “either” replaced or amended,
with a situation of full cooperation within the community
of every and all resources, regardless whether those resources
be natural, manufactured or produced in any way. The corresponding
resources are divided equally amongst the entire population, there is
no verifiable imperativeness of any greater demand of any resources,
since the distribution of all resources is logically and socially
equilibratedly calculated and arranged to allow for no
insufficient or excessive distribution.

As the Resources are nolonger mined, harvested, collected or produced
in what ever way in accordance to any financially lucrative scheme / agenda,
and the wellbeing of the members of the society including the environment
is an implicitness, as such the resources will only be collected or produced
as they are needed, and ecologically prudently maintained and considered
to prevent depletion.

° All members of the *SH-Society will be equal in their necessity,
as this community will due to the unflawed welfare provisioning assure a perfect
Medical Welfare and Health Services and provisioning can no longer be subject to any economical impediments, moneymaking schemes, nor controlled, withheld, admitted in accordance to “social ranking” where only the rich and socially and politically important get the best or any medical care.
All people are members of Humanity, born into this world like everyone else.
Humanity has been stuck for far too long in the dual-class belief system. 
Humanity is in the process of Evolving out of that grievously primitive mindset,
but the completion of that evolutionary process cannot be left to the proceeding of time,
it must be advanced consciously without proviso or self-absorbed hesitance.

The Party-Political “control” system has indisputably proven to be more than deficient
to serve as an administrative conjuncture of the people. Not alone due to the extensive
susceptibility to widespread corruption and general self-acquisition. Which is by matter of pure observation throughout history proven to be inevitably an ever present aspect within any form of age-old-established functionary officiate position, with a plethora of nepotism, cronyism, favouritism, partisanship, etc, having been demonstrated to this very day ad nauseam.
Whether or not that seat be ministerial or *non-stipendiary (*which we know has mostly been in this conjunction but only a figure of speech).

Therefore a Concept for a more appropriate Administrative governance is given in this explanation.

° The party political “control system” is not the answer to a stewardship to the needs of the
people or the environment, it has only adhered to its own needs. Therefore it should be
replaced entirely with a non-political non-totalitarian socially and
ecologically acceptable and sustainable Administrative system,
entirely functioning through the effort and service duty of the
people, coordinated “for example” by a 12 member Administration,
voted entirely “out of” impartial members of the society by the society.

* it is not imperative for such a society system to use this example in order
for it to function correctly, but it is only a point of reference.

It is however, imperative to be realized that this *SH-System should in no way be mistaken for
any Communist-political system, nor any other socially degrading hierarchy system which sorts the population by social economical status and birthright. Such systems are built upon the dense 3D thinking control-matrix of a population led by the magnitude of the ego, and the ego has no place within a society of higher-perspective thinking.

The *SH-System is entirely dependant upon the free will and collective unsolicitous cooperation of the entire population, as every member of the community is initially dependant upon each other.
Since each and every member of the society initially contributes to the functioning and wellbeing of the community and all that is part of it, and as such provide automatically for their own wellbeing in the process. As this system is based upon a multidimensional thinking, way above the ego and all self-centered behavior patterns, and any dominating agendas and forces.
Those who are appointed the role of an Administrative representative of the people,
are chosen out of the population as functioning members of the society, and not out of any separate “elite-society” who only act in their own interests.
To be chosen to represent the society in the role of an administrative conjuncture of the people, means to act solely in the interest of the entire society, and as such can anyone be chosen who demonstrates evidently this essentiality, in mindset and Heart. 

A very important aspect to be principally considered, is that we cannot give our responsibility of administering our society to “one” person, as with the case of “Mr Super-President”. The idea of “giving away” our problems and concerns and responsibilities to the one person who is regarded as “the savior” of the country or even the world, is a primitive and irresponsible outdated mindset, something from the “Middle Ages” still spooking around in the minds of society.
It all has to do with “taking Responsibility”.

We are not merely responsible for ourselves, but as part of a society we are also responsible for the functioning of that society, and when we do that collectively, we assure and maintain the optimal flow and functioning of the society.

Responsibility also means that the issues of a society that arise will inevitably concern us all, and as such we will all take part in considering and resolving those issues.
That is not only our responsibility but also our God given “right”.

A political or other conglomeration of individuals, who from the very beginning of their Financial, Political and Military “life-carriers” distance themselves from the general population as members of an “elite-society”, will never function in the interest of the general public, nor for the environment. This must be done by true representatives of the people, quasi out of the people themselves, there are no more intrigues or spying around, no more lack of trust, the people need to work together in this, regardless how difficult that may sound.

The people of this world are capable of so much more wondrous and amazing things, if only you would all take responsibility of your lives as a people in unity, as a global family, instead of giving away that responsibility to those who simply said: “cannot take responsibility”, and thus presumptuously demonstrate a yawning void worth of interest about your lives, your rights, your wellbeing, or ever the environment for that matter.

But also remember, that those who have been playing the dark role, have accepted the Soul-Contract to make us not only search for a better concept of living and administering that life, but to create, manifest that better life-style within our minds and Hearts. Fact is, “they” are not responsible for our lives, but We are, as a people in unity.
As long as we distance ourselves in disgust from something that had been part of our lives for so long, instead of transforming what we disliked about that old life-style into Positive Energies, Love-Energies and a better more affirming situation, by using our knowledge of Higher-Compassion, then we would simply drag that “unwanted” memory and those attributes along behind us, like a magnet. As we attract what we send out.

We can do this, together we can !

I will now enhance on some further aspects of the administrative structure of the *SHS-System:

The administrative form of the *SHS-System could “for example” be divided into the following stages:

1. rural / urban/ precincts,
2. greater municipal / city,
3. province / state / land,
4. country / republic,
5. world / global,

There are 12 representatives for each stage to fulfill the duty of the corresponding administrative service, which lasts simultaneously for all 12 members of the openly elected administration a 12 month period.

These 12 are in essence an optimal number of “people” from any part of the society,
to act as representatives for the people as a whole.
Considering that anyone who takes part in being a member of a society will have from a certain age, a decisive gist as to what is essential or even imperative for the correct functioning of the society.

Everyone is a part of the society regardless, and it is those people who make the society,
and as such, who should make the decisions of how the society should be maintained and administrated.

Each member of the administration represents the population, with the equal “foundation” of social and personal experiences and viewpoints. When people realize that they are arbitrative defining constituents of a society, they will begin to acknowledge their role as “members” of a society and not as “serfs” of a modern aristocracy.
Every person is in reality a “Divine Pillar of Light”, and a child of the Divine Creator.
When people realize that, they will cease to undermine and subjugate themselves, or to think and act above others in the false assumption of being more than anyone else.

The Administrative system in this Society Concept is meant as a basis for allowing the people as a whole to “take their responsibility back”, as anyone could basically be “called to action” to help administer the society.

You make the society, you make the decisions, individually and collectively.

Making the decisions begins, with being called to administrative duty in the following manner:
(exempli gratia, by way of example)

Beginning with the rural / urban / precinct stage.
The 12 administrative representatives are elected through an open voting system by the members of that rural district, (or a random selection generator), the minimum age to “be” elected could for instance be 35. 
All members of the rural/urban district above the age of 22 have the obligation and right to vote for a member of their district (if not chosen by a random selection generator).
All votes will be given in, up to a certain time and date, after which the votes that have been placed, will then be collectively placed in a tumbler, for the voting stack of the next stage of the administrative level, being the greater municipal / city level.
This system continues right up to the global administration level.
Of which the location will possibly be altered with every 12 month period, considering that global administration means just that, all members of the global administration could be originating from virtually anywhere around the globe. The communication boundaries are overcome through either technological means or, a personal live translator. The potential to be voted for all higher levels of administration directly after another is possible, but as it is an open voting system, it is solely left to the people to make that decision.

There is calculatedly a far lesser possibility of any form of corruption or bribery of any kind within any level or part of this *SHS-System. There is absolutely No possibility to scam anything or any amount of anything that may go above any resources provisioning that is in any case more freely available to the entire population.
Since the entire system is built upon the absolute equitable distribution of all resources to all members of the population,
any excessive distribution of any resources or goods will automatically disrupt the management/administrative logistics system, and could very well be seen by other members of the community.
Such corrupt behaviour would in any case only be possible in an adolescent ego controlled dense 3D social environment, and not in a community of higher perspectives and multidimensional thinking.
Quite simply put, since the population of a Social Harmonics Society sees no benefit or convenience nor interest in such childlike behaviour, it would only disrupt the wellbeing of the society in general.

“It’s time to grow up”

Should such a society function without the need for money, everything would literally be priceless, it would in that case therefore be logical that there is no necessity for any means of payment for the duties given to the society by all members of the society. Because the society provides without hiatus any goods that are necessary for a healthy, comfortable, contented, satisfactory and pleasing as well as well educated life.
It would therefore be the plain aspect of common sense that would inhibit any member of the society from refusing to take part, instead of conducting the occupational duty for the society (of which everyone is a substantial part) on the basis of argumentation “since there is no pay, no work will be done”. This only functions in 3D dense societies built on the control-matrix ego system. 

Nevertheless, the concept of a Non-monetary society is the next important stage of consideration to enhance the infrastructure. In which case “time is not money”.

Being part of a *SH-Society abolishes unnecessary labour and workloads, as well as socially and psychologically degrading tasks, as the society no longer subjugates people to anything that may harm them in any way, either physically or psychologically.
Everyone who is part of the Society will receive equitably and “free-of-charge” everything necessary for a proper decent Life, which include all requirements for healthy life-sustainment.
As such each member of the society will take part in maintaining the correct and proper functioning of the society, without needing to give away their power, without needing to over-work or be underpaid, or being exempt from society relevant issues. Noone will be forced to take part in any occupation. Any occupational activity will be deemed by each person themselves individually, and nolonger as an imposition to be forced upon anyone.

The necessity to justify ones existence, ones right to exist at all, and receive what is necessary to maintain a decent life will nolonger be present, it will nolonger be a motive, it will have been replaced with the general and ever-present knowledge of having the unconditional God-given Right of Existence and Permission to Receive in Abundance Any and All Things needed to Live a Healthy Fulfilled Desired Life, Prosper and Evolve on every level.

The assessment of the necessity of labour is no longer judged by ones place of social status, or ones economical or political value. Even if a society still would utilize a monetary system, ones place in a Harmonic Society is not judged, but acknowledged, not as a number, but as an Individual with the same value as every other member of the society, as all will be viewed as what we all are, Divine Pillars of Light, Children of God.
Thus the meaning of “we are all one!”

A fully intact liberal and life-affirming society has no need for hectic or immoderate money-making schemes and agendas.
For instance:
A normal daily occupational time frame is accordingly regulated depending on the level of physical and mental stress that a particular occupation induces upon the average person, a certain age group and gender, as such will one person work in a certain occupation more or less depending on how much stress that person is able to handle without affecting the health. And in addition, are all occupations and duties within the society so equilibrated, to avoid any over or under working symptoms or syndromes. Furthermore, should an occupation by no means be disrupting an intact private social life, which is unquestionably just as important as any part of the society system. Only that within a higher dimensional thinking system, the private life cannot overrule the needs of the society, nor can the society ignore the social needs of the individual, no one will be forced to do anything. But being part of the society means a certain attitude will be necessary for that society to function properly.
This includes, that no member of the society be feeling cheated upon, due to having to work longer in the same occupation as another person doing the same duty for less daily hours, as had been explained earlier, some people are less resilient than others. This aspect however will be mainly limited to the differences in age and gender, since a perfect health for every member of the society will be a main concern to the functioning of the society.
The *SHS-System is a fully justifiable and unprejudiced society system,
as there is no possibility of withholding any information from the population, since there are no members of the society who are in any position to do so, no higher ranking person, agency, office, authority or government of any kind that outranks or overrules any member of the population other than those parenting their adolescent children.
* The administrative representatives do not overrule the people,
they merely function as an administrative conjunction of the people.
It is clear, that a quantity of people need representatives that handle in their interest, as the entire population be it in rural or global respect, cannot continuously vote personally for each and every aspect of the societies needs every day.
(Only that certain greater decisions should be determined by an open public-referendum, depending on the aspect in question, but again that should also be determined by the people if they want an open referendum for that particular issue).

° The Social Situation.
Alcoholics, hobo’s, tramps and other derelicts of society who used to be real functioning  members of the society, what puts these people in those situations is a dysfunctional society, without enough Love, without enough care for the people in general, where most people become apathetic and callous toward the rest of society.
Let us collectively work to resolve this situation, to ensure that no one needs to “evacuate” into the slums of abandonment and a tailspin of social washout.
No one is born that way. People fall into it through social disharmony, emotional issues, loss of loved ones, loss of job / career, etc. These people were often well educated, had or have families, friends. Let’s bring them back into Life, let’s give them the chance to come back to something that’s worth it, for them and everyone else.

° Military force:
A world under harmonic unified governance and administration cancels out the need for military armed forces, as there would be no basis for any more conflicts between nations, countries and races. That aspect would experience a decisive positive transformation on a grand scale, for all that human experience, expertise and the material, can be utilized for peaceful positive purposes.
This is by no means a new concept, but within a SH-Society it would be much easier to implement this positive transformation. “Humanity is no longer a hunter scavenger warmongering breed, humanity has grown out of that, many must still realize this”.
“We no longer live in the “middle-ages”, so we can stop behaving as if we do ! “

A further principal of this system is the:
° Education and Information system,
which is accessible to each and every member of the population, without any restrictions.
When the end stage of the basic school education is achieved, a mental and physical examination is done to estimate which occupational fields are most adequate for the person in concern, in this case a youth.
Naturally this will only function as a guideline for the individual, as the right of free choice is ubiquitous, nevertheless only to the point where a choice is within the realm of rationality and possibility, whilst the options still remain decidedly liberal.

As a choice of occupational education is made, and the standard time for alternate decisions has been achieved, and the occupational education is accomplished with certificate, there will be the possibility for the changing of an occupational education after a 5 year period within the previously chosen occupation, as a certain consideration should be put to a decision, as such it is possible to chose a different occupational education every 5 years if so wished, which is merely an example. (The Education aspects of a society should also however not be subject to any economical impediments, even if a *SH-Society still utilizes a monetary system.)
But as only a very limited number of the population would ever consider to implement that possibility of spending their life learning one occupation after another, there would be no real necessity for concern in that matter, even if it is their own decision.

°There is also the aspect of habitation.
All habitation is of fully functioning, respectable and acceptable status and condition.
No one will need to dwell in any run-down or condemned buildings, tenements,
as every single member of the population is entitled to an appropriate and civilized habitation.
Many office buildings will become vacant for habitation and modified for that purpose, as the economic system will be alternated to become optimally transparent and socially efficient,
reducing significantly the necessity for the superfluous financial bureaucracy.

Housing and Habitation will be made available to all members of the society under liberal conditions of distribution excluding any social, financial, political, racial or other discriminations or requirements. As Habitation is one of the main existential necessities, it is a viable and necessary consideration for the improvement of the social structure to abrogate the need for it's financing. Any and all existential necessities can nolonger be subject to financial economic or other manipulatory constraints, and must become freely available and obtainable to all without omission.

This could for instance be regulated by the following criteria:

(This particular example corresponds more to a non-monetary Society)

° Persons above the age of 18 are entitled to their own habitation.
° After the decision of a habitation has been made, the habitation must remain in use by the individuals for at least 2 years before an alternate habitation can be occupied, regardless if during the 2 years the occupants number has increased either through the birth of children or the inclusion of a co resident.
° Singles are entitled to bachelor housing, single apartments,
flatlets, etc, any accommodation suited for singles.
° 2 individuals occupying the same habitation are entitled to the same as a single individual, except the size of the habitation will be appropriately larger, some houses may correspond to this rule, and if wished the availability of a house also larger may be considered.
° Families are generally entitled to a house, but may chose if they wish any other adequate habitation.

°This also brings the subject of children to further explanation,
whereas in accordance to the correct functioning of a society, a liberally observed margin must be set in order to prevent an overpopulation, which again is also the responsibility of each member of the society to consider this aspect with compassionate prudence. 

Any negative behaviour or aspect that would disrupt the functioning of a higher perspective society has no possibility of existing within such a society.
There is no need for fear of becoming homeless, or poverty stricken, or being duped into believing or doing anything, or being forced or duped into doing anything against ones free will.
There are no restrictions to expression of personal views and opinions,
as the population of a higher perspective society (*SHS-Society) would never express any dangerously disruptive irrational opinions or behaviour. 
There is no possibility of withholding any for the society, vital or significant information from any member of the society, as it is the Responsibility and Right of the Society as a whole to decide or determine what information is relevant, decisive, vital and significant for the Society.

The resources for the society are a further aspect to be put to detail, and the distribution criteria could be explained basically in the following form:

(This principle of goods availability and distribution again corresponds more to a non-monetary system, but is still a basis for a more rational and less corruptible economical system)

As already stated earlier, what the people need in order to survive should and must be readily, unconditionally as well as freely obtainable and available to every member of the society without the need for it to be hard-fought for, without the need for one to waste ones life with the effort of simply surviving. The Basis for survival is an imperative, an implicitness within a correctly functioning society, of which anything needed for survival should not be measured financially nor it's distribution based on profit, nor should it be controlled financially or politically.
It is a known fact that any society of people can only correctly function when Compassion is a fundamental part of the society. The absence of Compassion will inevitably bring about the ruin of any society.

° The main substance of distribution would logically be the main supply goods for life sustainment, starting with crops and grains, etc.
This would be grown in the most adequate areas and shipped to all locations as they are needed, without any stock market determining whether a produce may be given free or held back for economical purposes, or even wasted for tax reasons or other.

“We cannot consider Mother Earth and Nature as a business deal, that just won’t go”

° Nature has a Consciousness of its own, that is not an assumption, but a reality.
Nature is our Life, it is what gives us our home, feeds us, cares for us.
We are an inseparable part of nature, and like any other living organism, we act as working components within that organism, which is not only our Earth, but All of nature. When all people realize this fact, then through that harmonious symbiotic mindset, humanity will flourish even more and better. Nature is “not” our substance to exploit, but our Friend, our Family, as all of nature is just like all people, membership to all life. We are equal to nature, and therefore stand not above it.

Taking what nature has to offer in Respect for both nature and each other:

° There is no possibility for the smuggling of any goods, since this would not allow for any benefit to anyone, and could never be done without knowledge of the administrative system, and therefore the knowledge of the entire society, as the society has taken responsibility, and for that reason looks after itself, without becoming totalitarian.
° Any manufactured, refined or processed products, produces or goods will be made and transported in accordance with their necessity and want.
° Objects of no vital necessity but of personal accommodation such as for instance objects of aesthetic value, will be made available for the population in an adequate sum entirely dependant on their popularity.

Any hand crafted objects will be made available entirely to the assessment of the responsible artist or crafter. If the objects however are of great popularity, there will be the possibility of reproducing the object artificially/technically, in correspondence to their request or demand, as with all other products and produces.

(Consider an economically based society which is not governed nor controlled or oppresses by the monetary system)

° Other significant resources such as clothing will be made available usually by their manufacturing in the area or country of necessity, (and no longer in the country that makes them the cheapest, as this aspect of market-strategic opportunism will be abrogated within a society of higher-perspective thinking ), as different countries may or will have varied clothing needs.
Also different clothing styles will be made available, as diversity and styling is desired,
naturally will the diversity of any product be kept within agreeable proportion.

(Taking into account, that a *SH-Society is not governed by insanity of greed anymore, nor fear of financial deprivation or inadequacy) 

° Other significant resources such as communication systems, home computer systems, lawnmowers, hairdryers, furniture, home paraphernalia, etc, etc, are equally distributed as they are needed, otherwise accordingly to their availability, without being subject to “Market trends” or stock market moods.

Even an economically based society can function without the “humpty-dumpty” aspects or seesaw policy.

It is to be understood that all manufactured produces, goods and objects of necessity are categorically of the highest available quality and functionality, without any exceptions as to their distribution, and with any advancements to any objects, systems or products, these will automatically be made available as a replacement to the previous model or system, as it is deemed necessary by any individual.

° Transportation is without any ecologically harmful side effects, and is generally designed as an openly available system, although personal transportation is made available to all members of the society who wish to use their own mode of personal transport.
Any transportation vehicle will be constructed without a typical petrol engine, or any other polluting means of propulsion. Moreover, the most important aspect in regard to the construction of an automobile besides the non-polluting propulsion system, will be its practicality, but with acceptable consideration as to the styling. Additionally, there will be no big fat bonzen-wagons, no pimpmobiles, no ego-mobiles,
no supercars that cost half a million just to look at it, where the bigger the ego the bigger the car or its price. There will be no more need or desire for feeding the ego !
Status is a false idea and belief, originating from a primitive fear based cultural background, and has “served its time”.

The regulations and laws of a *SH-Society are so determined to assure the frictionless and flawless functioning of all aspects of the society without undermining the right of free will, free speech, free choice or free movement of any member of the society.
As the decisions of any member of the society may also not undermine or disrupt the functioning of the society.

The criteria of the distribution system for clothing and similar objects and goods are at first view a complex aspect when regarding the new and better more rational approach,
but by further consideration will be realized as being far simpler than first expected.
As the members of a higher perspective society are not ruled by their ego or any form of rapacity, and would only request those objects or goods that they really need,
and eventually express what desire they have as to the aesthetics, to which extent the clothing resources will be made available in an adequate diversity and rationally forethought quantity, as well as with any other manufactured products and produces.

°The general principal of distribution of any goods within a *SH-Society would be determined by the logical and rational approach of all members of the society to the situation. The distribution criteria is merely the guarantee of the society, that no one will come short with any resources.

So, when the question arises “how this society concept can be made manifest ?”. The Answer for that can be found within this entire book. But I only have some of the answers, the rest will come from all of humanity, as everyone has a piece of the puzzle, it's up to all of us to bring the full picture together.

The overall idea of the Social-Harmonics-Society-system is that of a reality system based upon the principles of “universal harmony”,
which is not a fictitious concept, but one that already exists.
It is not really a concept at all, but a principle of being and thinking
that awaits to be implemented, initiated on a global scale,
as all of humanity have within, a part of such a Harmonic Utopian Society. 
To a certain extent much of the Positive Life-affirming restructuring of our society has already been implemented globally, and will through our global support soon continue so on an even more accelerated pace.

It is with this mindset and emotional attitude
that we proceed to our collective and individual destiny,
toward our Evolution.
It is that what we make in our Hearts and Minds that we manifest,
and take with us.

It is a completely different and harmonious world as that which is known here at this time.

Only a few are actually fully aware how much the entertainment media has shown us related scenarios to the functioning of such a multidimensional society.
 Such as impressions of civilizations outside of this Earth.
And such a civilization exists, as a confederation of many different peoples and worlds,
who have been utilizing similar even better social systems within their societies.
This is a unity of world’s known as the “Galactic Federation of Light”,
and of which the people of this Earth are planned to become a significant part
in the very near future.

And in our world now,
harmony must be accomplished in each of us, in order to accomplish harmony within the world, and that begins with integrity and inner Love, unconditional Love.
Then it is possible to transform the world of disharmony into a place of utopian attributes, a world all are willing to be a part of, as it allows for the reconnection to the one, to the universal consciousness, and the universal understanding and thinking, which is Love, Universal Love.
And thus all will find harmony with each other, 
as they find harmony within themselves.

Peace Love and the Light of God be with you

(August 2008, updated 2012 / Jan2013)


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