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The Scientific Revolution

The Scientific / Academic viewpoints are an important
aspect to include in the explanations of the Ascension.
As the Sciences and truly any similar field are deeply intertwined within
the functioning of the universal matrix, and as such our own part in that,
only in a much profounder sense than most are as yet aware of.

Indeed yes, of course, there’s always a scientific explanation for everything,
but we mustn’t forget that science itself was created by God.

Throughout this website you will indubitably have recognized by now if an explanation originated from myself, or my Higher-self.

“People of Earth,

do not play with things you do not understand yet are so dangerous it could cause devastation beyond your comprehension, you persist in creating dangerous situations you cannot resolve on your own, that overwhelm the capacity of nature to heal those wounds inflicted upon it.
You all believe in the same divine creation, yet you fight over who’s belief is better.
You desire to venture out into the unknown depths of space, to colonize and exploit
the worlds you find, yet you have as yet not achieved to live in harmony with yourselves,
with each other and with the world that you have.
You persist on giving your power and your responsibility to others,
and are then disappointed when you find it had been misused against you.

Once you as a planetary people both individually and collectively have learned
to take true responsibility for yourselves and your world,
you will achieve the maturity needed to be permitted to take part in the space
outside of your world, you will then have reached a level necessary for your
conscious evolution as a planetary people.
You will know when you have achieved this,
when you are in Harmony as a Global Family with your World.”

Understanding the True Universal Laws of Science Physics and any to even only some degree similar field of occupation
means to think “out of the box”, which incorporate factors and aspects that are an expansion and enhancement to the standard, to the norm.

If all scientists, physicists and other academics would consider and incorporate Multidimensional Aspects into their thinking,
then science, physics and medicine would experience an evolutional leap forward which would enhance their wisdom and understanding more than the ten fold. Whereas the understanding of universal Spirituality is also “unavoidably” a substantial element of that multidimensional thinking, but which has nothing to do with a religious motivation or belief, but simply a “spiritual science”.

Spirituality and the Sciences had originally always been utilized and taught in conjunction, as both aspects are in reality the product of one and the same origin of universal wisdom.
The construct as well as the functioning of the universal laws of Physics are due to the understanding achieved through the unification of Spirituality, Love and the understanding thereof, including the logic of mathematical systems of which the physical aspects are made possible and maintained. Long ago on earth, these aspects were understood and utilized together, but at some time in history Spirituality and Science had been separated, to this day it has shown how the separation of these aspects had not only stagnated the evolution of society, but in some ways even caused a backward-motion instead of advancement.
Technology is not the only aspect to be considered when it comes to the evolution of a society. Social needs as well as emotional maturity on a global scale are very much also if not even more important aspects to be taken into consideration when a society is to progress.
Without the advancement of emotional maturity, the utilization of higher more advanced technologies would eventually result in greater scales of man-made catastrophes in proportion to the scale of the technological serendipity.
Emotional Maturity should in this respect not be considered in the old ways of thinking,
but by the principles of the “higher perspectives”.
Universal Spirituality is the unification of all levels of Higher Understanding, which include
Love as being an Emotion gained from our connection to the Universal Original Source.
By which we realize that Love is not merely an Emotion, but also an Understanding, a wisdom gained by acknowledgement of our own inner Truth and Light, our true universal origin, compassion of a higher level of consideration than we have understood as yet,
our ability to forgive others as well as ourselves, as we realize how everything has worth, and that such worth cannot be calculated on any mathematical, political, or economical scale.
These many aspects of Spirituality are what had allowed throughout the eons of time in our universe so many people of so many origins to evolve to such a profound level of being, by which they had achieved the Ascension into a higher state of being, to a higher state of “existential frequency”, and thus into a higher less dense frequency universe.
Often these aspects are “ancient wisdom”, known since many thousands of years on this earth,
in ancient times known under different descriptions especially through a different interpretation, but are as such today known amongst other as Quantum-Physics, Quantum- Mechanics, Quantum-Healing, Quantum-Matrix, etc,
but suppressed from the so-called modern world, out of convenience and arrogance. At some time during the past few hundred years, there came a point where a narrow minded view of things establish itself in the minds of the reputedly learned and scholarly. Complete incomprehension and unacceptance of anything not of the standard education. But this kind of thinking originates also from “fear”, fear of the unknown, although science is a Curriculum designated to establish research of the unknown to make it known, thus Understanding.
There is the fear to admitting to not understanding something, to not being an expert of something, not being an authority of something, which is where the main point in this dilemma discloses itself, it's all about “losing face” in a society established on a basis of social status and an oversized ego.
This kind of attitude has throughout history to this very day often resulted in the thwarting of positive progression of society in many fields.

“The World needs more Love and less ego!”

Now is the time of the Awakening, to replace the “outdated” mindset,
the “true reality” offers us much more than what has been shown and given us until now,
what had been tolerated in the politically correct and well controlled society.
When we are truly honest to ourselves, we know deepdown that there is much more to all of this than what we’ve been shown and given as teachings in the mainstream of society,
and not just in our time, but for many generations.

One just needs to be objective enough and use ones intuition
to sort out what resonates with true universal knowledge.
Intuition is not simply a chemical / hormone induced reaction coherent with a mental standpoint or decision based on an emotional reaction toward a situation of making a certain decision.

That’s just fabricating a plain scientific reaction methodology, assuming Intuition to being a plain physically definable reaction, which it is not.
Intuition doesn’t even come close to being a physical phenomenon.

All that is truly Intuitive originates directly from the conscious source.
That which is the Spirit, not the mind-power, but the Soul-Consciousness.
We can obtain Intuition also from Consciousness other than our own Over-Soul,
but usually it is our own Higher-Self who gives the Insight.

The Universal Laws of Physics are not an invention of the people of Earth,
it needs to be understood that universal physics are of much profounder proportion than what had until now been understood, and taught in mainstream schooling, regardless which strength of faculty.

Yes, humanities inner tendency to become more than it's some of molecules is there,
during the course of history constantly under besetting suppression, barely noticeable
during certain epochs, awakening like a spring flower during other times.

As understandable as it may seem in general, in accordance with the evolution of recent histories societal achievements, completely in disregard now to the “polarity integration game” but solely now from a purely academic viewpoint,
if we really “think” we’ve achieved a lot, think again !
Total suppression of progression on basically every level since the past 3 millennia,
particularly since the past 300 or so years.

Most of this suppression however had been accomplished well beyond the comprehension of even the most scholarly, and during the course of most recent history this whole situation had gone ballistic.

Any attempt to bring Light to the matter was abruptly nipped in the bud, which was the usual procedure, accompanying anything from intimidation to fatality.

By these means, Science, Physics, Medical Sciences as well as any other similar field had been dragged through the proverbial mud instead of a true steady flux of progression.
As a result, many scientific theories had been branded into a taut doctrine, which are in fact false, or too far from truth to enable any genuine understanding, and in that sense, any true scientific progression. The falsehood of these theories are at this moment already being uncovered and have been since quite a few years.
There had begun a wave of awakening spirit throughout the world in practically every field,
bringing true insight and progression, as it is now that the Light is finally shining through.

I for my part have only a hazy notion when it comes to science and physics,
I have nothing to offer but what was given to me by my Higher Self
or the Spiritual Higher Realms, to convey to others,
not that I understand much about it myself, only as much as I am able to transcribe.

But throughout the years I have been observing the scientific community, I had realized
how much useful and advanced information and conceptions have been suppressed.
As I am not the only one to recognize this,
I have seen how others of much profounder knowledge of science, physics and medicine
have debunked the scientific and medical community as a well controlled
institute of intentional delusion, derision and profit greed.

Lets take a few simple examples of universal technologies that actually exist
but the mainstream academic scientific community refuses to accept:

“Free-Energy Systems, Anti-Gravity, Replicator-Technology,
Star-gate-Technology, Teleportation-Technology, Hyperspace-Technology,
the list just goes on and on.

Humanity scrape at the tip of the proverbial Iceberg and proclaim to have found some “frozen water”!
Unbeknown to the actual small continent of Ice below the water line!

Ufo technology is ridiculed just as the sightings of ufo’s themselves,
thereby ever more people are already remarking their uncertainty if a sighted Ufo is
of an extraterrestrial origin or “home-made”, in otherwords of secret military manufacture.
Ever more people are asking more and more the questions “where are the underwater cities, the moon bases, the space colonies, the flying cars, the hover boards?”, and all the other technological and other advancements that had been presented as a concept, sometimes even working concepts decades ago, some even as far back as the 1800s.

How many have wondered what happened to the perpetual “light-bulb” that was invented at the turn of the last century?
Many would possibly argue about the economical ramifications such inventions would have,
as there would be no necessity for massive remanufacturing, and in that sense an equally massive profit potential.
It all has to do with a handful of people with ulterior motives who have over many generations managed to control the bulk of society.

Yes a great deal of constipated scientific progression was the effort of
those who control behind the politics, and even long before that, were other groups with similar motives.

Society has been permitted so few possibilities for advancement in any level throughout history,
not realizing how deep-rooted this suppression had been accepted and taken as an implicitness.

This oppression with the consistent threat of hostile actions, is greatly a factor for the unwillingness of the academic communities collective incentive for expeditious progression in those fields which are of greatest importance for the advancement of a society.

Through this intimidating grip of fear that holds the most learned of society
in stagnation, much valuable energy, technological, as well as other advancement potential including human proficiency is simply wasted, or laying dormant.

Examples for this have always been transparent to some degree, at least to our time,
and are becoming more apparent on a daily basis.
Lets take for instance one of the most publicly assessed examples, the
“atomic power generation”,
how many actually know the common earth method
used to derive power from a Nuclear Power Plant ?
As I’m not a nuclear physicist, I did wonder myself.

After finding the answer to my question,
I almost fell off my chair in amazement !!

They actually exploit the Insanely Dangerous “atomic reaction”
to produce Heat, which in tern is used to produce Steam,
from that Steam they derive the power to drive a Turbine,
from which initially the end-product “electrical-power” is attained!!

This just cannot be true you might think, but it is!

They manage to get up to an actual 20 Gigawatts of electrical power
from a single power-plant, through this ridiculously dangerous and impractical method, incredible !!

They Actually use the Power generated through the “nuclear fusion”
to produce Steam !!

If the generated energy was utilized directly from the “fusion-reaction”,
there could possibly be a Power-Potential output of perhaps 20 terawatts
from a single nuclear power plant, instead of just 20 gigawatts.

Like I had already written, I’m not a nuclear physicist, 
but nevertheless its plain that so-called “modern science and physics”
just plays around like kindergarten kids with technology capable of destroying the entire planet,
as well as polluting surrounding space.
(yes I know the Sun spits out Thermonuclear flames zillion times greater than the Earth,
but this is about local issues, within the Earths many important and subtle Spheres)

 Regardless of the fact that the general public which includes the scientific community has been kept entirely unaware of the actual real potential already achieved
by scientists working “behind the scenes”,
for the controlling entities behind the governments and the military.
And since any sudden knowledge of such higher potential
of universal physics already being implemented unbeknown to the general public,
would in know way impress the standard mainstream scientific community,
who have been lead around by the nose and kept in the dark just like everyone else.

Since it doesn’t comply with anything found in the mainstream textbooks or the indoctrinated schooling they had been given.
They’re afraid if they deviate from the strict indoctrination of the schooled knowledge, 
they run risk of negative reaction from the community
that had given them the benefit of the education at hand.
Somehow there’s a tendency of respect toward the mentors, and the community,
and in many cases also the fears, and the propensity to disinclination and unfortunately also a potential to complacency,
as many academics are glad to have even achieved the graduation,
let alone start speculating about anything that would only cause more “involuntary work”.
The general motive for this mainly being the profound intentional dysfunctionality of the society,
where the incentive for enthusiasm and aspiration in the scientific and medical community had been exceedingly repressed.

But now is the time of Scientific Revolution,
as many brave mavericks have already contributed in this amazing time
to the benefit of society,
by bringing forth their Ideas and Inventions into the open,
as a wave of like-minded people all over the world have awoken to new
ways of thinking and understanding, breaking free from the oppression,
allowing for theses Ideas to be manifested.
Letting this be an Inspiration for All who are in the Scientific, Medical, Academic field,
to excel in their being and vocation, not just as a job, but as a purpose and true endeavour.
For all those who are still living in fear of retribution from the powers that be.
Come forth and claim your right to advance and improve the society of which you are a part,
and for which you chose your vocation.

We salute those of the scientific, medical, academic communities
who were and are willing to go beyond their social status,
beyond the stagnant congested mindset of the mainstream,
who endure ridicule and collegial condemnation,
who go beyond their indoctrinated education,
to employ their imagination, scientific curiosity and desire to heal.
To excel in the endeavour and aspiration of advancing the worlds
Evolution into a new and better era.
Without losing perspective of morality in the process.
As every measure of procedure will have a universal margin for prudence and reason,
which cannot be overruled by reason of the possible fundamental far-reaching ramifications,
and not because it doesn’t suit the academic, scientific, medical, economic, political or religious community.

Once we all start leaving the antiquated mainstream playground,
we’ll be moving on an entirely new turf.
Delving deeper into the real possibilities available to us
through multidimensional awareness.
Whereby we not only realize how important it is to be open to all possibilities,
but at the same time being cautious in the actions we take with our
newly re-gained knowledge, 
as it is part of our Soul-Consciousness, of things we had learned eons ago in other worlds.
As such we will have also known of the “Universal Code of Ethics”.

Physical Technologies are far more than anything we had until now been permitted to have or develop, those that function on the basis of multidimensionality.
But these physical technologies also have their boundaries, as opposed to the “spiritual-technologies”,
which are utilized through higher wisdom as well as “telekinesis”.
Spiritual technologies are far less complicated but all the more complex and more far-reaching.
All technologies regardless which, can only function through the structure of the Universal-Matrix.
The Spiritual technologies can be implemented much more directly and influentially,
as such it is necessary to understand far more of the manner of functioning of the universal matrix.
Through the integration of the wisdom of Christ-consciousness, it is far easier to understand the Universal-Matrix, as then inevitably, aspects are appropriately taken into consideration which fully combine Logic with Compassion. As many or even most of the main structures of the universal-matrix had been created by the Archangels, and thus are inevitably based on the understanding of Universal Love. This is for many perhaps for the moment still difficult to comprehend, but that is the way it is.
The Universal-Matrix is not based on logic alone.
There is also a basis of compassionate consideration, which is necessary to esteem all aspects
within the universal structure.
The main Element within the universal structure of which all is constructed, moulded, created,
is an Emotional Energy, and that Energy is an ascertainable frequency found throughout the
universe, it is the frequency of Love.
Love has many different additional frequencies,
which are the basis for the substance of compassionate creation.
Any attempts of creation without the material frequency of universal Love,
has only a very short existential stability,
meaning it will collapse into it's base components eventually.
As anything made under ulterior motives or without compassionate consideration
will not be in unison with the universal divine plan,
and as such there will be conflicts and flaws in it's structure.

Love is not something we can put in a test-tube and analyze, we can’t get a computer to explain it, it doesn’t originate from any part of the brain, nor from any hormones or any other physical or chemical reaction. Love is a Feeling, a Decision, an Understanding, an Energy, which again is the foundation for Compassion.
When we allow our Hearts to guide us before our minds, then we will understand.
The principles of Universal Compassion allow us to find freedom and peace within ourselves,
a compassionate calm which clears our minds from false ideals and theories about our universe and the way it functions. Helping us to truly connect with the universe and thus the universal-matrix structure, enabling us to understand, to fathom the true intricate functioning of the universal laws of physics, which go lightyears further than anything we could contemplate under the usual given circumstances.

We are here incarnated from 144,000 different origin races and societies
from all over the universes and dimensions, we have the ability and the knowledge
from our higher-self including the Akashic records to allow us to consider any
eventuality, not in fear but in prudence,
that wisdom is available everywhere, as it exists within the “aether”, the metaphysical field
around Earth, where all accumulated conscious telepathic knowledge is held for downloading,
where it is empathically taken and utilized, often subconsciously.
 But to make proper use of this freely available empathic incentive information,
the people must make the decision to want that knowledge,
and the responsibility that comes wit it.

It is our Soul-Birthright to know these things,
to re-gain knowledge hidden so long from our memories,
as it is now time to remember who we really are, individually and collectively,
and why we are all here.

Do not see this as a philosophical concept,
but as the tangible method of achieving our Evolution as a people,
to Ascend in our being in every respect
as a Global Society in unity
with each other and our World, including our Universe.

Many people of this world have made their decision,
and they have decided for “free energy”,
and freedom will bring them Truth !!

Welcome to Your Evolution!! 

Dec 7, 2007 (updated 2012)


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