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Christ Consciousness
The Return of Christ

A certain aspect should be regarded when contemplating the quote
“only God can forgive.”
It’s to be realized that each and every single Soul that exists
will have both the power and the right to Forgive,
as every Soul will be the Soul Descendant from the Divine Creator “God”.
Meaning that All Souls are the Children of God, and Siblings to each other.
And as it so often is with Siblings, they will get in each others hair.
But it’s the Effect of this Forgiveness Understanding and realization
of ones own Part and Place within this Universal Consciousness Family
that will initially allow oneself the full understanding of what is known as the
“Christ Consciousness”,
also known as “multidimensional consciousness”.

As we all are direct Soul-descendants from the Divine Creator,
it is therefore not without reason that Jesus identified All people of the world
as his Brothers and Sisters.
Only the difficulty of the peoples understanding of this fact
hindered their collective enlightenment,
and that is what we are now experiencing globally.

People worldwide have for the past two thousand years awaited with hope and reverence
for the “return of Jesus Christ”.

But it should be understood, that it’s not the actual Physical Personification
of “the Christ”, that is expected to return to humanity.
What was actually meant with this enunciation, was the Return of the “Christed Consciousness”.

As you may understand,
Jesus had attempted to facilitate a “Christed Thinking” unto the people.
It is this form of consciousness that is being conveyed unto the people on a global scale today,
and preferably without the interference of any Religious Doctrine Swinging Institutes.

As the people should understand there is no need for any
Institutionalised Indoctrination of Spiritual thinking,
to appropriately understand the fundamentals of “Christ Consciousness”.

This all happens within ones being, within ones consciousness, Heart and Soul.
Temples and other places of gathering are used to collectively advance 
spiritual enhancement on the physical, a conscious connection is
in any case essential for global spiritual enhancement.
As we are physical, we do by all means want a physical connection,
we do not disaffirm our physicality, but instead acknowledge it,
by keeping in mind both our physicality and our Spiritual being,
we attest to being real, which is essential to staying prudent and grounded.

Therefore you see, the Christ will initially Return,
only within the people themselves, for it’s within the people
that Christ Lives.
And the people ( the Souls) must merely “remember” their connection to
the Christ Consciousness, and therefore the Universe and All within it,
that is our Destiny.

For those just beginning to find their own “Inner Light”:

to achieve Christ Consciousness is actually quite simple,
it starts with the fairly simple task of ignoring the Television Set
and disposing of your “illusion” of social status,
and every day from now on for at least 15 minutes each day
just staying very still, not speaking,
not thinking of anything at all in particular,
and merely taking the time to completely unprejudicedly
observing the people and the entire world around you.

The more you observe the people,
without judging each individual or the people as a whole,
but just realizing how each person “plays” the Role of a Life
within this society, contributing to the Scenario of the Universal Game of Learning,
the more you will gradually understand each day how your own
consciousness initially becomes more and more aware of all around you,
of your connection to the Universal Consciousness.
That each Soul who you have encountered or will encounter along the way,
will be your Soul Cousin or Sibling, in one way or other.

Christ-Consciousness is about Self-forgiveness and forgiving others,
about Understanding and wanting to understand,
about realizing the higher purpose in all, about giving up all old and outdated dysfunctional thought patterns that keep us from moving forward and evolving, by seeing the “bigger picture” of the universal
scheme of things, how things really are, by becoming entirely objective in the way we grasp any situation, which is the “new paradigm”.

People who truly understand and feel their connection to the Universal Consciousness
do not merely simulate this.
Such an understanding does also not guarantee an immediate emotional tranquillity,
since the stuffing of any emotional ballast, will linger within the emotional system until appropriately resolved and processed out of the system.
It is important to find the correct assistance and information to the process of emotional clearing.

The Upgrading of your Emotional System into Harmony is directly in consonance with your Consciousness Frequency, when that Frequency is in consonance with the Higher Frequency of a Higher Dimension i.e. 5D, then ones Consciousness will be compatible for the life in that Universe.
As I had explained, everything has Frequency,
such Consciousness Frequencies are also scientifically perceptible, as they are consonant
with Emotional Frequencies, as Emotions give off Energy Signatures just as Thoughts do.

There are most definitely many comparisons to explain the fundamentals of these aspects.
Nevertheless, it’s simply the process of getting clear with ones own mindset and inner self, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, clearing the inner conflicts, aswell as conflicts with others.
By observing without prejudice the people around us, and understanding how ones own
behaviour has been reflected by the behaviour of others in one way or another,
also from past life experiences. As most of us had at least one time in our countless incarnations
already “been” to some extent most of the people we may have observed within your present life,
therefore a reflection of ourselves.

“Love, Compassion, Higher-Understanding, is Christ Consciousness”

Love is what God the Divine Creator has given us, Compassion is the combination of Love and Understanding. Understanding is what we achieve during our Soul Experiences, within our many Billions of years of Lives, incarnations. Soul Growth is what we will achieve, and that Growth is the enhancement of Understanding.

Understanding is to realize, to know, that everything and everyone has Worth, that we are All Beautiful Divine Pillars of Light, as we shine with the Light that God has given us, as we are All a part of God.

It should also be taken to account, that God does not forgive.
For God does not condemn nor convict or judge.
Therefore God needs not to forgive.

As children of God, it is our Soul Birthright, to inherently strive to follow in that demeanour.
By the universal process of evolutionary Soul-growth, we will inevitably all attain the wisdom
and greatness that God has set upon us to achieve collectively
as individual Soul children within our entire Soul life experience.

The negative experiences are the contrast to the Light, we need no longer experience that when we have adequately integrated it into our Understanding, we know that what we send out into the Universe as Thoughts and Emotions will return to us.

So we know to think and feel Only Love Compassion Understanding.

Welcome to Your Evolution!!

Dec 7 2007 (updated 2012)

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