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Pleiadian Messages
Channeled by Lia Shapiro

Who Are The Pleiadians

Accelerate Your Evolution

Pleiadian Messages

( A Message For You )

( Planetary Beings )

( People Of The Light )

( You Are The Light )

( Evolving )

( Think It Into Existence )

( Knowing The Mind Of The Divine Creator )

( Freedom Is Finding The Truth )

It's important for all of us to explore the possibilities and reach further to know and find out all that we are.

As we seek and learn of the spiritual, we will walk down the many paths of life encountering just those things that will help us to awaken and evolve. Our journey will cover a lifetime, and in our travels we will gather experiences that will help us to expand and grow.

Awareness brings realization. Realization causes an awakening. Awakening brings us to an in-Lightened state. In the Light, we will find our truth...and finally we will know the power is within us.

Who Are The Pleiadians

The Pleiades are a very beautiful and dazzling star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus. Looking through a telescope, you can see around one-hundred stars. Try looking without a telescope and you can see six or seven stars, which are said to be sisters, and the daughters of Atlas according to ancient legends. The entire Pleiades cluster is actually the eye of the bull.

The seven bright stars that helped guide Greek sailors are: Alcyone, Merope, Celeno, Taygeta, Sterope, Electra and Maia. They have been known for thousands of years, surrounded by fascinating legends and stories even to this day. The American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in 1979. Amazingly enough, up until that time, Native Americans were illegally forbidden to practice their traditional rituals and ceremonies. You may wonder what Native Americans have to do with the Pleiaidians, but the stories are in their legends, much of which has been encoded, kept secret or hidden. In certain Cherokee legends, it is said that their people originated in the Pleiades long, long ago. They claim to have come to this world as Starseeds to bring Light and knowledge. If the stories are true, then modern day Cherokee, as well as other Native Americans, and many of us with Native American blood contain Pleiadian genes!

From all that I can tell, the Pleiadians seem to be highly evolved, more so than we. Although they are 541 light years away, they have learned to navigate other worlds, although not always in space ships. They understand our fear of the unknown, and so they come to help in ways that are non-threatening. They are coming now, sometimes in physical form where they can blend in, but most often through human consciousness. Their intent is not to harm but to help us evolve.



It is here that we bring you a message of Hope and that will accelerate your evolution and awaken you to the Divine Nature of Who You Are.

Please know...there is always a way, but you must remain open. You must explore. You must search your soul to find out who you really are. There is so much more than you have ever been told. The truth is within you. Do not be afraid to find it for yourself.

We would come to you personally, but there are many, and the time is short. Not that it would be impossible to accomplish this in ways that you do not comprehend yet.

We are here to tell you that you do have a purpose. Our job is to help you find out what it is. You are capable of reading, as reading is a common pastime upon planet Earth. We understand that the written word is familiar, but unencumbered voices are not.

And so we choose to come to you in this way, so that you will feel the most comfortable in interacting with us.
Understand that the beginning was long ago, longer than you can imagine. Each and every one of us were there, not the body that you know now, but spirit.

The Great Spirit created Creation as an expression of itself. Not only was there life on Earth, but it was scattered in many forms across the entire universe. You are a part of that expression, and we are a part of it.



Know that however this message has come to you, it is indeed meant for you . It is for you to find out the truth...the truth that lies hidden beneath the layers, locked away so deeply that you have forgotten.

Listen not only to what we have to tell you, but listen to your heart as well. Search, explore, remove the blinders. Together, we will unlock the secrets.

The earth was inhabited long ago with other occupants, created long before we arrived. Nevertheless, we were one and the same, as we are now... as we are with all of creation.

Know that both good and evil, and all things here and beyond have been created by a Divine Spirit. We are all one.
We are an extension of you going backwards, and you are an extension of us going forward. In other words, we are an extension of each other going in opposite directions, and there is no ending to the beginning or the end.

We, together, are the Alpha and the Omega, the Creation never ending, but going on and on and on, throughout all of time, forward and forever into the far reaches of endless eternity. Our purpose in coming to you is to help to accelerate your evolution. In helping you, we help ourselves, thus helping all of Creation.

Know that we come to you in love, for without love there is nothing, for all things have been created in love.

e want to tell you there is more, so much more that you are suppose to be accomplishing. You know this to be so, and that is why perhaps you are reading this with eager anticipation. You would not be here now if you did not know in your heart that you belong here. You would not continue reading if you did not believe in the very deepest part of yourself that we have a message especially for you. You are not weak because you stay with us.

You are not trying to escape reality. Do not believe it when they try to tell you that you are. You are not reading this because you are a strange and weird person. You are simply here with us because this is where you are suppose to be. Think of it as a prearranged meeting. You marked it on your calendar so long ago that you have forgotten, and we are simply calling you up to remind you. We will jog your memory and you will at long last remember the things that we are telling you. In fact, understand that what we tell you, will become yours to know.

Just as there are people that live in foreign lands and remain unknown to us, there are also beings that live in other realms and other worlds. In both cases, both may become known to us.

We are the Pleiadians. We come to you operating on the Love Frequency, not the Fear Frequency. We come to in-Lighten, not to frighten. Our intent is never to harm, but to help in whatever way we can.


You are connected to others, not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm, which you may very well think of as the unseen realm. You have heard of collective consciousness, and we tell you that indeed there is such a thing. We tell you it is true that you may not be the first person to think of an idea. If you think of it, no doubt someone else has thought of it too. This occurs because consciousness is one.

All consciousness is the consciousness of the ultimate Creator God. This may be a difficult thought to fathom, but think of all minds throughout all of time as one mind. This one mind is that of the Great Spirit, the only Spirit that has created everything under creation. When you think, know that you are thinking the thoughts of God. Every time you act, know that your expression is the expression of God. Think on this if you will, by taking a moment to reflect or meditate on what we have just told you.

Planetary Beings

 It would surprise many of you to know there are actual planetary beings living among you. We must tell you that Earth is certainly a diverse enough planet that many can come here and integrate without any problems at all. There are many, many species from many, many places. Often it is simple to take on the human form, although there are intelligences that take on whatever form they choose. Know that it is always by using the senses that differences will be felt and noticed, although not always at a conscious level.
 As we have told you, many species are born unto the Earth, meaning they have been reincarnated into human form. Know also, that as incredulous as it may seem, creatures in the shape and form of humans have originated in many places in the universe.When we tell you that planetary beings exist in your world now, we are saying that they have arrived from other places and attempt to integrate themselves into Earth's society. There are reasons this is done; the biggest reason being is to gather information. Earth is full of information that is valuable to other worlds and to other species. There are many ways of assimilating and gathering this information, some of which is known, but most of which is unknown. WORKING WITH HUMANS
 Alien beings come in many forms. Some appear very, very solid, some are tiny, and some are large, ugly or even beautiful. We tell you that most will never appear in their true form, but can and do transform into that which will allow them easy access into your world without attracting undue attention.Some of these beings work directly with humans and some work between the layers of human consciousness. As much as we regret having to tell you, there are many motives, some of which are not so good, and others that have a purpose which you may interpret as divine.You may even interpret our intent and purpose as divine, as we work most often in the subconscious or between the layers of human consciousness. DIVINE
 If you think of us as rather divine like, we must tell you that, yes, our purposes and intentions may indeed go beyond the human scope, but we are not truly divine in the sense that our original Creator is divine.There are other beings that exist at a much higher level than even we ourselves do, so much so that they are angelic and may be perceived as angels.



There are entire civilizations living now that operate at different frequencies. We tell you that many of them are creations of the Light. They often live in groups or clusters, and are scattered across the world in many nations, such as Africa, Australia, India, South America, many islands, and even in North America.

Sometimes these groups are so isolated that they are practically unheard of, or else not much attention is paid to them. More often than not, civilized nations look down their noses, if you will, thinking these people lack the intelligence to even care for themselves properly. The truth is, these people serve a higher purpose in the world than anyone might suspect. As an isolated group, or culture unto themselves, they serve as a special unit that is unified for the purpose of creating and intensifying Light upon Earth.


Now, imagine if you will, each person a very tall pole that sparks with Light and energy. The sparks fly so high that they touch the next pole, and the next, and the next, until the very air above and between all the poles come alive with electrified energy. Will this energy not have the power to change the very molecules in the air? This air space can definitely become different, and although you may not always understand the deeper nature of the changes, it is being changed.

Those of the Light that cluster together have tremendous power to affect the Earth. Many of these special people throughout history have realized their purpose in one way or another, but many have not, especially in modern times. There are millions that are still searching for their purpose in life. They grasp and clutch at the wrong things and suffer tremendously from disappointment and heartache. When finally they achieve what they thought they wanted to achieve, only emptiness and lack of satisfaction fills the soul with bitter disillusionment.

You Are The Light

t this time, please try to remember and know that we have been with you a long, long time. Start to think on your life and begin to remember all the strange little things that have gone on. Have you not spent a lifetime feeling different than others, perhaps? Have you not felt strange, or have others not called you weird, although laughing as they told you so?

Know now, that you are different. You are the Light and you are special, and it will be possible for you to accomplish amazing things. Not only will the Light of your being cut a path in front of you, but it will hunt out, search and destroy those that attempt to come in and hide, and even try to function in this world as if they are indeed born as human.

You must begin to fine-tune your senses. As you do, you will develop the capacity to know Light from Dark. It is very important to know who is evil and who is good. There are those who will never develop the ability to discern, but indeed you have the equipment, and all you have to do is listen to your heart. Knowing things is not always a matter of the intellect. There are plenty of smart people around, but they operate mainly by intellect instead of intuition. As it is now, intellect is valued highly in what you call developed countries, while intuition is not always accepted or taken so seriously.
e tell you it is by intuition that the most important things are to be found. There are humans who have lived and are living now, that know the value of intuition. These people themselves are not always valued or thought of very highly because of their seeming lack of civilized behavior or sophistication. Regardless of their outward appearances, they are far superior in that they are able to operate at a level that many are not capable of. Once these levels are obtained, the physical and material things of this world become less important.

Know that we come to you with a purpose, and that we do so in love. This love with which we speak is nothing you can know or comprehend at your present moment. This is a love that is completely devoid of greed, hate, selfishness, and evil, and there is only one true intention, and that is to inspire and further the creation. As of yet, such complete love does not currently exist at the human level.

Even as you read this, it is difficult for you to fully grasp that which we speak because you are shrouded completely in a thick fog, all memory of your original creation forgotten, all memory of anything real and divine forgotten. Yes, we call the spiritual world real instead of the one you exist in now.

Your Earth is simply an illusion in the overall scheme of things. You know this to be true in your heart. That is why you may often feel a distant, aching longing in the deepest part of yourself. It is your spirit trying to reach beyond the fog to what it once remembered.

We come to you now to help you remember all that was and all that should be. As you begin to awaken, your job will be to take what you know to others. Do not be concerned with those that laugh and scorn you. Move away, and move on, for they are the lost ones. They are not of the Light, and naturally they will try to dissuade you. Know that you are the stronger one. It is important that you not shrink back and be thwarted from what you know in your heart you must do. We are always here, helping you to help others.



You probably will not be able to walk through walls any time soon, but now that you have information, you will begin to think about it. As you think, so will you begin to evolve.

As of now, you can do your part by beginning to practice and visualize all that we tell you. Visualization is very important as it helps you to evolve. By visualizing, you can begin to actually change things. You have no doubt discovered this in some areas of your lives. Or maybe you have not always known by your very thoughts that you have indeed changed things.

So it is that we must tell you, perhaps even warn you, that thoughts are powerful. Not only are thoughts powerful, but words are just as powerful.


Know that as you think , so shall it be. Thoughts and even more so, repeated thoughts and even words have the power to change things. Take a look at how and what you think. What does your mouth proclaim over and over? Are you not making it so? How many times do you hear the phrase, I'm getting old, over and over? Do people not cause themselves to become old by their repeated thoughts and words?

Starting today, become aware of your thought patterns. Examine the things you say, and take note of how many times you repeat the same things.

Think about what is happening in your life. Are you directing your life down a negative path by uttering the same negative words all the time?


Begin to speak of those things which are not ordinarily spoken of, such as flying for instance. Begin slowly and cautiously if you are not sure. We understand that you will most likely get some strange looks, but you will endure. You will go on with what you know and were put here for.

Although you may experience a bit of uncomfortableness, you knew this would happen from the beginning. Believe us when we tell you it was really a minor detail that you did not worry about at all. You may worry now because what you see appears as solid and real. You have learned to embrace it so much so that your grip has become firm as you hold on tightly.


You have not been able to see clearly because your usual consciousness has been shrouded in a thick mist. The mist has swirled about you, tricking and deceiving you throughout your lifetime. Only in rare moments have you been able to catch a glimpse of that which you know to be.

Perhaps in the quieter moments of your deepest self, you have sensed the mysteries of the universe. Or, maybe you have instantly clamped yourself shut whenever you begin to think too much on spiritual matters. It is not wrong to delve further into these mysteries.

t is only by letting go that you will begin to discover who you really are. By exploring possibilities, you are allow your spirit to find truth and meaning to your existence. Know that you are more than simply a body. You are spirit first. Those things that are unseen are what you crave in the deepest, most inner part of yourself.

Think It Into Existence

We tell you that as you think, so can you do. Nothing is impossible. As Spirit thinks things into being, so can you think things into being. Although we tell you these things, we know that it will take most of you a lifetime, and maybe never, to assimilate and learn to do what you think is impossible. Although we realize this, we still come to tell you that the way must be prepared, not only for yourself, but also for the future generations. As you gain Light and knowledge, so will your children began to learn, and your children's children, and their children.

must begin now. As you learn, you must try to achieve. As you do so, your body will actually begin to evolve, and you will pass this to future generations not only in a spiritual way but through the physical as well.

Your physical structure through your DNA is continually changing and evolving to accommodate that which happens first in the spiritual realm. In other words, it begins in places that are unseen to you as of yet.

Know this to be true, that how you develop spiritually will have a direct impact on your physical body. Your body will grow and develop to accommodate the spiritual. We do not always mean to say that your body will necessarily change its outward characteristics, but its internal structure is where the most profound changes will take place.


Understand that you will not automatically sprout wings in order to fly, but that flying is simply a matter of thought. In time, it will be possible to think yourself right through a wall and up a flight of steps in two seconds if that is what you want!

Look at us. We say this with a smile, but are we not a good example? We speak to you, yet we are not in your physical world. Have we not achieved the absolutely impossible by speaking within the hearts and minds of people?


ow do we speak to you? It is easy for we live far into your future and have evolved to this point, as you will begin to do so now. We can simply think our way into other realities. In other words, you exist in our dreams, and all we do is insert ourselves into you as we dream together.

Remember, we are your future and you are our past. In our dreams we exist as one. If we exist as one, then we can function as one. Although we function as one, we are really not one, but separate, because we are the future extension of you .

We must tell you that as we are the extension of you in your future, we have become more highly evolved, and it is easier for us to accomplish that which we come to tell you.

Knowing The Mind Of The Divine Creator


If your thoughts are the thoughts of God , does this make you a God? Yes, we all are a portion or fragment if you will, of the Spirit. If we are fragments, this means we are a part of God, does it not? The great religions on Earth tell you that you were created by God, but this is only a simplified version of who you really are.

We are here to tell you that all consciousness is God. This is not to say that you have the same or equal power with the prime Creator, but know that the Creator is part of you and you are a part of the Creator. You are one and the same, as all of creation is.


If you have the mind of God, then all things should be possible for you, should they not? If our Creator did all that He did, then should we not be able to do the same? We say to you that, yes, all things should be possible, but all is not possible, at least not everything at your point in time.

We do want to stress to you that all could be possible in your current reality, but there are certain laws and patterns to everything. Just as physical creation evolves, so does the spiritual. As all time exists at the same time, many things extend beyond reality as you know it into other realities and on into the future. Many things that you currently believe are impossible are possible, and are taking place precisely at this moment in realities that run parallel to your own.


You experience other realities in your dreams. If you dream of flying, then believe that you have actually flown. Many of you have such memories of flying, but are unable to insert these memories into your current idea of reality. Because you think flying is impossible, it is.

We want to point out most wholeheartedly that there are realities in which you fly. Flying is not the impossible task that you believe it to be.

In fact, we tell you that nothing is really impossible, as all matter is simply the gathering of frequencies. Frequencies are movable and penetrable. Know that they are capable of great ranges of flexibility.

On a higher level yet, frequency, in simple terms is nothing more than the thought waves or patterns of the Original Creator, which in essence is pure Spirit.

Just imagine what you could do if you were a dream and had the flexibility to move about unencumbered without a physical body or physical reality. You could certainly achieve anything you wanted. If you wanted to fly, you would simply do it. As you thought it, so would you do it. As Spirit thinks - Spirit does. As you think, you will do it, for you indeed spring forth from Spirit.

Freedom Is Finding The Truth


We tell you that it is your right to dig deeper and to find out all there is to know. It is nonsense to believe any religion that tries to tell you it is wrong when you are hungering and want to know more.

We tell you that it is not wrong for you to be curious and to explore. There are those of you who have never been much into religion, but there are many more that have been greatly influenced by what your so-called Holy books have told you. We say to you that not all is as holy as you may believe. Much of what you have been led to believe has only been designed to keep you in ignorance.


At this time we realize that many of you may remain skeptical and untrusting, even as you listen to that which we tell you. There has been much material about the spiritual realm, and it may be that you have problems with what exactly to believe. Therefore, we put forth the question, why would you believe something that tells you to stop your search? Why would you believe that which limits you and puts you in bondage and fear to explore any further?

We tell you that to explore and search out the answers is the ultimate freedom and the way to find the truth. We tell you that you should never, never limit yourself, not even to all that we tell you.

The spiritual realm contains so much that it would be impossible to learn it all in one lifetime. Just know that it exists and it is very real. It is a large part of who you are, and who you are is very, very special.

Copyright © 2001 Lia Shapiro












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