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Calling for Help from our Friends “out there”
the Galactic Family

“You don’t have to believe in people from other planets, galaxies or universes,
but even if you don’t, they will still be there.”

A short explanation of who the Galactic Family “out there” are,
and why they don’t come down here and help us with our problems,
but just keep attracting our attention by flying around the world skies.

But first a brief insight into who they are:

The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) or (Family of Light) is

not an Organisation or Institution like we would know here in our Earth society at this time, nor a club exclusive for only a privileged elite or selection of suitable worlds.
It is in fact, a unification of worlds who have graduated from a primitive society, to spiritually and socially mature civilizations, irrelevant how far their technological advancements were at the time of their scheduled membership to the Galactic Federation of Light. I will Call them GFL for simplicity.

The Membership to the GFL is in no way mandatory.
It is categorically self-determining, but within bounds of applicable conditions and requirements.
When a world is seen by the GFL as being spiritually and socially mature enough, that world will be asked, if they, the inhabitants of that world wish membership to the GFL.
Again, it is to be understood that although here is the mentioning of a Membership,
the GFL is in essence only a name for those worlds who decide to unite as a galactic Family, and that Family of Light spans over a far greater expanse of Universal Space than what had been estimated by mainstream science and astronomy of being the boundaries of our universe. The greatness of the universe that can be seen with the most advanced astronomical technologies available for the general publics knowledge, is only a small percentage to the actual entire sum of universal space, and that space is filled with galaxies, and in every Galaxy there will be a Galactic Federation of Light. Most often, groups of galaxies will form a union, with a central headquarter, or point of administration within possibly one of those galaxies, as is with our group of 52 galaxies. The reason for this is the sheer number of galaxies and member worlds within each galaxy. Somehow there will inevitably be an administration, who have responsibility,
and as each and every civilization within every galaxy is already part of the galactic family, but must all decide as individual worlds with individual experiences of arising maturity. If they as a people wish to connect with the other worlds, and therefore be subject to the regulations within that union, as in any such union there will inevitably be regulations to abide by, especially if that means also carrying a certain responsibility with that membership. Considering that the GFL has a direct responsibility toward any matter they as a member world will eventually take on as assignment or task, for when a world is asked to become members of the GFL, they will have precisely that spiritual and social maturity which is needed to help other worlds in their process of becoming mature, which describes the behaviour of compassionate older siblings, which is exactly what those people are who accept the membership to the GFL, they are siblings within the Family of Light.

Multidimensional Compassion / Higher Compassion and Love are the Main motivational energies and overall basis structure with which the GFL functions. There are also the learning experiences for all members, which can be attained during their assignments or when and where ever there will be an opportunity, depending what learning experience is wished. But as mentioned, there are regulations within the GFL which must be strictly adhered to, without which there would be chaos, and there are no coincidences within our Universe. If anything important were at all left to coincidence, the structure of the universal system would fail, and that system is the Galactic Federation of Light.
As these Federations of united Galactic Families spans throughout the entire universe. The only exceptions are those worlds who refused their membership, which does occur occasionally when the spiritual and social maturity of a world had been slightly overestimated, but which is usually only to the disadvantage of those worlds who refuse their unification into the Family of Light, as there are only advantages to be found when being united with the Family of Light as a people, where Love Light, Compassion and understanding are to be found amongst other advantages such as more and better spiritual, technological and medical information for the improvement of social, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. As to why any civilization would refuse that, well, that decision is simply left to each and every world individually, without questioning that decision. For free-will is and always was and always will be a main right within the entire universe, as long as that free-will decision does not disrupt the functioning structure of the universe or go against the free-will decision of any other individual. Whereas that “free-will” is in actuality referred to as “divine-will”, which is basically the same, only that divine-will incorporates the wisdom to consider the consequences of any arbitrary decisions.
It is free-will without the ego.

The regulations within the functioning of the GFL is also known as the protocols, by which it is a given combination of Compassion and Logic, which is referred to as Multidimensional Compassion, by which any decision is made. For instance, the decision of Intervention. Whilst observing the ongoings of a civilization, and realizing that the world in respective may need some help, in which ever way, it will be contemplated whether or not and how much an Intervention would be appropriate, without interfering in the free-will and natural evolution of that world / civilization.
Normally, if a world is as yet not mature enough to be invited to becoming a member of the GFL, but may be in need of help, it will first be determined if an official visit or an unseen guidance would be more appropriate. Thereby it will most often be without relevance how technologically advanced that world will be to that time, and technological assistance is often the last instrument of aid given to any world that may as yet not be sufficiently spiritually and socially mature, and that maturity is again determined by use of compassionate logic.
Would a world without sufficient spiritual and social maturity be given access to technological upgrading beyond that worlds capacity to fathom the consequences of misusing that technology, the outcome would very possibly result in a catastrophe.
Which is not within the intention of the Family of Light, It would be plainly irresponsible. Responsibility being another of the main motives within the structure of the GFL, that protocol being one of the main reasons why the GFL has as yet not officially introduced themselves to the entire population of Earth. And to make it even more clear, the GFL is also guided by the directives and instructions given to them by the Higher Universal Hierarchy, who are Souls of highest evolution. There are 12 stages of Soul evolution, and we are here within a 3rd level evolutionary universe, and those of the Universal Hierarchy are from 9th to 12th level of evolution, whereas with each level of Soul evolution, a higher stage of understanding and wisdom is gained, which is the whole point of these universal stages of evolutionary dimensions. The 3rd stage universe of Soul evolution, which is where we are now, is the first universal stage where life is experienced as being physically perceptible.
So, that might give a small insight into why the GFL is constantly flying their smaller Light-ships / Vehicles around the Earths skies, but still refuse to officially land right smack bang on the front lawn of the White House, and introduce themselves to the world officially. It also has to do with the Collective Decision of the Earth’s population to officially collectively ask the Galactic Federation of Light to Officially Show Up and introduce Themselves to us All, and not in secret.
It is not necessary for the entire Earth’s population to do so, but a certain percentage would be sufficient. Approximately 35-51 percent of the Earth’s population would need to consciously ask for the GFL to show themselves officially, in order for them to regard it as being a serious call for an intended collective reaching out acquaintanceship. This “Call” must not even necessarily be spoken out verbally, in this case consciously would suffice, for the GFL will “pick-up” the conscious intention thoughts of the world telepathically.
Many people on Earth at this moment are aware that there is such a Galactic Federation “out-there”.
Regardless how many people would openly admit their belief in the matter.
As an estimate of perhaps twice as many who would openly state their belief and knowledge of the GFL actually do believe and know of the existence of the Galactic Federation of Light / Family of Light. Presumably the other half who deny their belief merely attempt to avoid ridicule.
However, believing is not knowing, for belief is merely the faith in inevident foundation. If we believe without proof that the GFL does exist, then that is faith without evident foundation. But what do we need as proof to assure that the faith in the GFL being existent, and not only on the imaginative level, is not pointless ?
Do we really need proof? or is it possible that the GFL will exist entirely without necessity of any belief in them ?!
This continuous flip-flopping of questioning whether the GFL does or does not exist will therefore not hinder their existence. And the fountain of information about the GFL which is available on the internet and in books throughout the world, also has two sides of the story. Whilst some of the information can indeed be taken seriously,
a great deal of information about the GFL will either be intentionally or involuntarily false. But even the false information will have its positive effect, as any information about the GFL will allow anyone to think over this aspect, even if there will be disbelief, the subject matter will be in the minds of a great many people.
Relevant to point out, will be the manner in which the GFL themselves present us with messages, as it is allowed within their protocol, as there are quite a few alleged messages from the GFL circulating the media, of which only a very few will be indeed authentic. Such messages or communications are few and far between, and authentic messages / communications from the Galactic Federation of Light will always be straight to the point, without “beating around the bush”, with non of the overindulgence of love and light with sugar and icing on top, including the Fairy-dust.
As the GFL is Love and Light, and there would in reality be no point in continuously remarking that fact over and over again, which is exactly what one will find in false explanations allegedly advertising a GFL message.
Nevertheless, this dilemma of beliefs doesn’t hinder a great quantity of people hoping, also clandestinely, for the divine help of the Galactic Federation of Light / Family of Light in most grave matters of global concern. It would be either the hoping for the return of Jesus as our saviour, or people from outside of our Earth to save us from these troubled times, and let’s be honest, when have we actually not had troubled times in our world at any given time in history ?
Truth of the matter is, there will be no saviour coming to Earth to help us out of this finely woven mess that the world seem to be in at this moment. The people of this world have made this mess, and it’s up to the people of this world collectively to clean it up, which means, finally, ultimately, and at long last, working Collectively as a people Globally uniting and combining all resources of Wisdom, Spiritual and Technological as well as Physical energies, and Social energies, which means clearing all dysfunctional social attitudes from our thinking as a people, without disrupting the individual cultural characteristics. And to finally accept the fact that we as a people collectively of this Earth have been taken for a ride at our own cost by those who govern and control the world financially, politically, technologically and occultly.
Otherwise conveniently referred to as “conspiracy theories”. The world we live in is not hunky-dory, no matter how much we may attempt to believe it is, it just isn’t.
And, it’s a great deal more out of sync than many will still refuse to admit, but most of that problem has its origin from the refusal of the majority of Earth’s population to take a conscious stand against the false status, which again causes people to fear ridicule. To take a stand against the forcefully imposed thought form, carefully disguised as “moral standards”, and this has been going on for many centuries. What better way to keep the people under control, than to make them believe they are free, as long as they do as they are told of course, and to feed the people with a plethora of False information, by using exactly those institutions which are under the control of those who wish to keep the people under control.
In addition, those people who are in the positions of financial and political power, who’s families have been in those positions of power for centuries, know of the existence of the Galactic Federation of Light, and they also know of the Protocol, which prohibits the GFL from introducing themselves officially to the entire Earth’s population without a certain percentage of the population inviting them collectively consciously.
In other words, as long as not enough people collectively invite the GFL to show up to the entire world officially, they will not, that would otherwise be forcing their existence and help down the throat of the Earth’s people, without being invited, and would therefore be seen multidimensionaly as meddling in the affairs of a primitive immature civilization. So they are forced to simply dance around the skies blinking and shining as they can, in order to attract as much attention as the protocol will allow them. But entirely contrary to the agendas of the globally controlling entities, the Earth’s population is ever increasingly awakening to the truth outside of the flood of disinformation, which had been globally instigated to keep the world from knowing what really exists outside of the finely woven net of conspiratorial deception. Please do not ask what motives the controlling elite have for their agendas, who are everything else than benevolent.
All we need to know is, that even if the mess we are in may be our mess, there is nothing wrong with asking for Help to clean it up. And they, the Galactic Federation of Light are there and await our asking, collectively globally, because we could really use some benevolent help from our older siblings from our Family of Light.

4th July 2010

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