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The Eternal Evolution

In this explanation I will emphasize more on the aspect of Christ-Compassion.

This might be a bit tricky for some to understand, as it involves more than the commonly known form of compassion, it's rather more a form of understanding and acceptance, of a higher way of seeing things. I’ll explain:

The easiest and shortest way I can explain this is, that it is a combination of Logic and Emotion, completely unlike the usual known compassion, which involves feeling a sense of sympathy and /or
internal concern for another, with the wish to inhibit any vexations. This is, as it sounds, not wrong. But, there will come many occasions where “boundless” compassion can be an actual problem!

The term Multidimensional Compassion is also known as Christ-Consciousness. As many may understand this as being Compassion in its highest form, they are correct in as such, as it concerns the Unlimited-Universal-Love. However, this higher compassion also has a certain little thingy to it
that is a great deal different to the compassion that is usually expressed.

Many may possibly not understand nor accept this certain aspect, as it concerns allowing others to feel pain, and that experience is part of the other persons “necessary life experiences”.

Now this is the part where it becomes very complicated indeed.
The question would be:
Q: How do I know when a person should be feeling /experiencing that pain?
A: It all has to do with the “Soul-Blueprint”.
Before birth, the Soul constructs a Blueprint for the next life experiences, for which there will also be “Soul-Contracts” with other Souls, who will assist in achieving the wanted experiences.

Many such experiences will be of negative manifestation, and as such, will bring physical and emotional pain, and it will be necessary to understand the “lesson“ that the situation is bringing forth,
in order to be freed from the pain. The Pain which is meant, is generally the “emotional situation” that arises for these Soul experience lessons, but which can or will result in Physical issues.

When such pain is improperly “turned off”, by a person (Soul) with no Soul-Contract with the other,
and who was just being compassionate, and wanting to help, it takes the effect of the “learning Process” away from the other Soul who was feeling that pain in order to learn a particular lesson.
In other words, regardless how it may sound, that kind of compassion is called: “interfering in the soul learning process”, and is therefore also called: “Idiot Compassion”.

Yes, that does sound very inhumane doesn’t it !? But it's the principle of “multidimensional universal thinking”, as it allows for the Soul to learn what lessons had been chosen to learn, and this “compassion” is in reality, to allow the Soul the learning experience, that is Universal Love.

To take a particular experience away from the Soul before the Soul had understood that lesson, makes it necessary to repeat the experience, until this certain wanted soul-lesson is learned.

Allowing for the necessary lesson for the Soul to experience what had been wanted to learn, regardless of how horrible that experience may be, and to feel Love for that Soul without interference, is what actual Christ Consciousness is.

And the answer to the question: “when is it correct to intervene in such situations?”
The answer is: Not without that “intervention” being part of your soul-contract with that other person (Soul).

How do I know I have a Soul-Contract with that person?

Well, often it's an Intuition, but if your not sure, ask your “higher self”. If you don’t know how to do that, then just present “information” for that person to perceive when wanted.
It's the way of helping without making a mistake. But if you really want to be sure about it, you can consult a channel-medium for clarification.  

Often people are stuck in a role of continuously needing to help others, regardless of whether or not that help is really needed or wanted, which is commonly termed as “caretaking”.

This is not implicitly part of the Soul-contract business, it may in many cases be either a karma of sorts, or a product of the ego, with the intent to be “useful” at all cost, to gain attention and recognition, etc…

Usually a person will be guided by their “Higher Self”, Soul, Oversoul or “Spiritual Guides” who are from a higher realm, which will lead a person to help another. Nevertheless, if your not sure, then rely on your feeling, and ask a professional.

Often it's hard not to help physically when observing the pain of others, especially those one Loves.
But if your physical help is not in unison with the Soul-intent, then it could just make things worse.
The counter reaction is often viscous behavior of the other, or pain and fatigue within ones own body, as a direct result of caretaking. This tends to drain ones own energies notably, and as such,
is commonly referred to as : “giving your power away”.

This also happens when one reacts or rather “over-reacts” to a situation, where it's obvious just how silly it is to waste your energy complaining, arguing or crying over “spilled milk” ?!

If you need to do some “emotional clearing”, then cuss away to your hearts content, but, do not waste your energy on things you cannot change, or have nothing to do with your Life-plan in any way.

It is very important to learn how to react in any given situation, since the normal education will not give you the insight you need. In order to understand, you must practically re-learn human behavior.
This is due to the fact, that the usual behavior patterns of human societies are founded on primeval ego and fear based self-gratifying dysfunctional motives.

The only system of thinking that will correctly function is that of “multidimensional thinking”, which plainly means: every decision /action must be considered with both Logical and Emotional Discernment.

This is the law of the universal fundament, any other action or thought is without fundamental stability, and will result in eventual chaos.

Christ-Consciousness / Multidimensional-Compassion is therefore:
Universal Unconditional Love garnished with Logic.

This way of thinking has been the basis for universal action since it's beginning.
Because the universe has been constructed on exactly those principles.

It's easier to understand when comparing the paths of those who are on the Enlightened-Trail, as each will mean to have found the path most suited for themselves. They will realize in the end, that their path had not really been much different than the paths of others, as the result will inevitably be the same.
For as you will hopefully discover, the end-result is always ones own “Soul Evolution”, and as such, each person (Soul) will find a path most suited for themselves, but will still be going in the same direction as all others. For there is only one direction, which is the Universal-Thinking.

Multidimensional Thinking, Christ-Consciousness, it is the Integrational-Thinking,
combined negative and positive.

It is also to be realized, that Soul-Evolution never ceases. The usual scale of Soul-Evolution continues up to the 12th level Dimensional Plane. At this moment we are within the 3rd Dimensional Plane, and the general idea was for the majority of Earths humanity to Evolve / Ascend to the 5th Dimensional Plain.

Although the average evolutionary process takes approximately 40 billion years, from the first day after Soul-Birth to the first day within the 12th Dimension, the Evolution of the Soul does not end with that accomplishment, as it continues on for eternity, only on another scale than before.
Since the 12th dimension only represents equality with Gods own level of being, but that doesn’t mean we stop learning ! One could call it “relentless evolution”, however, it can only get better.

Since once you gain wisdom that will help you to evolve, there is no turning back. You cannot return to where you came, at least not in the way you once were, and as such you cannot stay there, you can only move forward.

Once you understand a certain aspect of Christ-Consciousness, of Multidimensional-Thinking, the rest of your learning process will become easier, it's like a snowball effect, the more you understand,
the more you can and will understand.

Aug. 2008 (revised Feb. 2012)


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