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“Making a Change”

make the change,
be the change,

for bringing Positive Intention
to our world

Below are some Links for taking part in being the change

Conscious Evolution

Every Positive Change beginns within each person individually, before it can manifest Globally.

The consciousness of the Awakened is being optimized by their own efforts, by Information-Energy-Signatures from the Galactic-Center and our Sun, and with the help from those known as: "*Lightworkers", Wayshowers, Teachers of Light, and others. These people, bring as much needed information to the public as possible, who had already awakened to their assignments of assisting the process of Mass Awakening for the Ascension Process, who wait in full awareness of the on-goings on our Earth, monitoring and helping the processes of integration and Ascension, preparing all of Earth for the imminent *Ascension, as *Lightworkers. All of whom have various assignments, some of which are small in process, but substantial in result, and also to be here amongst us in ways most people would not have suspected, and to lay foundations again in ways most people would normally not really understand. With streams of Love Energy and energy/information waves from the Sun and the Galactic Centre, which had already been sent to Earth in abundant quantity, to help people “regain” their own True consciousness, for which these foundations had been established, and that time is Now !

After the Awakening, people are much more aware of “themselves”, and of their surroundings,
recognizing things they didn’t perceive before. Being “Awakened” means we are no longer oblivious to our own actions and thoughts, we begin to take responsibility, as co-creators of our world, and no longer as just apathetic onlookers, or victims. We realize that we can no longer continue with the attitude of indifference “not giving a monkeys fart” about something, if it involves our own sense of responsibility towards our environment, social or otherwise.
Such times are over, as that kind of behavior and attitude is blatantly dysfunctional, the proof of which is to be found within human history. We realize that we no longer live in the middle ages, that we can nolonger react as “single cell” organisms within a society. We are a People, and we are Individuals, so we combine both aspects.
We realize that our actions and our emotions and thinking create an influence within the Collective Consciousness Field, and the more think, feel and act as a group, the stronger that outcome will be.

The decisive question would now be: which outcome do we want ?

No one is really Awakened if they are only open to a certain aspect of the Ascension, or the enlightenment which is needed to evolve. That is not being objective, that’s still being narrow-minded. Being Awakened means to be open to “all” possibilities.
That is “Conscious” Evolution.

Humanity is experiencing a “re-birthing” process, both everyone individually and the world collectively.
And as with any birthing process, there will be birthing pains, that’s what the world has been getting specially since the harmonic convergence in 1987, which was the first step to global awakening. Even the Animal kingdom has changed since then, displaying evidence of an enhanced state of consciousness. A Higher Consciousness has Manifested throughout the World, and it is still in progress.

The population of this world has been kept in a “scenario field” for most of humanities history.
This “field” was the Veil needed to keep the people undisturbed for experiencing the individual and collective Scenarios that had been chosen for the purpose of the Soul Learning Process. That “scenario field” is now disbanding, as it is no longer needed or wanted, as now is the time for the truth to come out, and for humanity to wake up.

People everywhere having achieved the lifting of the veil, searching for answers to what had happened to them, gradually finding their way to their new life, having freed themselves from the rolls they had been playing.
Some of those are *Lightworkers, but the majority are not, at least not yet, for those who awaken with the deep need to assist in the raising of the global consciousness, are often they, who are known as “starseeds”, who have the obligation to help the Ascension Process, in the raising of the Energies of Global Consciousness.
Those who are not starseeds, will not have that obligation, unless it's specifically a part of their “life-blueprint”, or they wish to assist, out of Love, and out of enthusiasm, after having awakened to their true selves, which is a very common reaction amongst the awakened.

(The explanation about “starseeds” is given in the Chapter: Insight Part 3.)

The "event" of the Evolution which is generally called the Ascension, is planned, initiated and controlled by intelligences of highest order, of consciousness still way beyond the comprehension of most people of Earth at this moment, but where we all will evolve to, in the very far future, during the course of our further evolution.
They have always been present, observing, controlling, and allowing all that had been necessary, for the Earth Souls to learn what was needed for their understanding, in order to accomplish their "Soul Evolution", the Evolution of the Soul, not the body.
The physical attributes (your body) will be aligned for the Ascension by those who manage the Ascension Process, but Your Consciousness is Your matter, those Souls of Highest Order will not interfere in Your conscious decisions, but they will help you when you need it and want it, that is why we are all here on this Earth, for it is a place of Learning, even the malevolent beings that have inhabited the Earth with us, have played their part in the "game of understanding", it was all along the game of Light and Dark, Positive and Negative, Love and Hate.

And during the many lifetimes on Earth, we have experienced most of the aspects needed to combine those experiences into an aggregate understanding for our "Soul development", for it is always the reason for any life experiences, to Evolve on a Spiritual Level !

Spirit = Soul
Understanding = Evolution

The old ways of thinking have become “obsolete”, and no longer accommodate the Soul learning process, it's time to leave the old ways behind, and raise to a higher more “Light Embodiment”.

Take what you have learned, negative and positive experiences, combine and integrate them into your understanding, often it's the negative experiences that teach us the most of certain aspects, by which we learn also to value positive things most.

For those who have awakened from the "old thinking", who have distanced themselves from the lies of the institutions who had held their consciousness captive in states of panic, fear, false hope and euphoria, you will inevitably be looking for Information that will show you the way to Your Evolution, Your Consciousness Evolution, that is what this book is all about.

After the Awakening, or the decision to Awaken, the next stage is understanding what is really going on, which is part of the “inner struggle” (also known as the “Battle Within”), going through a process of “Inner Clearing”, to abolish all sense of illusion, to realize, to discover the truth, without it being fed to one by any mainstream media, or from anyone who only works in their own interest, just like ones own ego does.
The process of sorting out within oneself the conflicts of why running after material things and illusions of status only help to keep one in a state of “consciousness constipation“, and why “running away from everything won’t help either”, and by not being Real and True to oneself will keep one from learning to understand oneself, and as such will also prevent one from understanding others, who are as we are, an integral part of this world and this universe.

And how to survive in the "jumbled mess", as an outsider of the "norm society". But to survive is not
enough, to simply exist is not enough, but the idea of a social-status does not make for a Life, it only feeds the ego, and helps to keep one in an illusion, that is why we want to Evolve out of the old paradigm, and make our path to a way of life we all want, a Life that is Real, in relation to the world that we have been living in until now, which is more like a badly written horror-comedy.
But to leave the illusions and delusions behind, is the process which takes the most effort, it’s like “kicking a habit“, with a difference in the withdrawal symptoms, but it’s not like one would just try and compensate for the habit, getting rid of the false conscience that had kept one in a state of “illusionary status”, and gaining an understanding of what the Universe and not only the world really has to offer, is not a substitute for status or false pleasure, but it is “the way out of the box“, and there is “no such thing as status”, there never has, it's an illusion, an egocentric self-deceit, “Social Status is another way of saying “I’m lying to myself and beating my inner-child to a pulp every day”” 
But to achieve that wisdom, that special something / feeling that will catapult one out of the institutionalized stupidity, is for many a hard nut to crack. And to insist that “the society may not be perfect, but it's the only one we have”, is a fear based and lazy excuse if any, for not making that jump out of the box.

Yes of course there will be those who won't understand, who will refuse to take the “exit-door” out of the control matrix, they will be overcome by their own fears. Fear of the unknown, fear to give up a life of lies, of self-lies, of self deceiving comfort, for the new paradigm will make possible a world of lasting comfort and security, but the price for that will “not” be the loss of ones own freedom or individuality.

And to achieve that life will need ones own effort and commitment, as each of us collectively will be taking part in creating that world we want, and we cannot rely on others to do that for us, we need to take responsibility.
We can for instance not leave the governing of our society to politicians or other members of an “elite-society” who blatantly demonstrate no interest for the wellbeing of the society, the people or the environment. The task of governing a Society should be performed by members of the Society, and not by those who only act in their own interests. Which means the people as a whole must take responsibility, individually and collectively.

Are the people willing to give up their old life in order to Evolve?

We no longer live in the past, but we Heal the past, and we live in the Now, in the present and the future, let that be our goal, we make the future as we go forward on our path, for ourselves and collectively, “nothing is carved in stone, but it's written in the stars”, the stars guide us, they shine with the light of the divine Creator, and as we have that same light within us, so will we enlighten our surroundings.

So many people fear “the real life”, what's really behind the false décor of society, any information other than what they had been taught in school, of things that go far beyond the dense thinking imposition, that had been “implemented” on us all for so long, and which should be dumped out of our “mindset”, as we have the experiences in our Soul-Understanding, and don’t need that false information in our minds any more.
The Ascension Process inevitably brings about the dumping of old paradigms, “the world grows weary of the old ways”, so shall a light be lit to show the path to a new way, of harmony, compassion, Love, Light, Abundance, Freedom, of understanding oneself, as well as all else, more understanding through clarity and peace within.

There are aspects of discovering truth and plausibility in things, in ways that had basically been regarded as products of fantasy, and intensively fortified in this opinion by the mainstream media, only to discover eventually that the media was lying about too many things the whole time. Things proclaimed as not being suitable for the public to know. Most TV shows and Mainstream News are “mainstream malarkey”, but then we realize, only the public has the right to decide what the public wants to know. What’s good for the public should be decided by the public, and not by some self gratifying individuals who hide behind the force of the military, the police, and some laws and regulations which they tend to bend and change to their own requirements.

Too many people still worry too much about being politically correct, without considering if the politics are correct. 

In order to help one break free from the “fear factor” that holds many people in that certain state of false status, and false comfort, it's important to know what's going on. So I'll firstly explain in rather un-spiritual and down to Earth fashion, what is really important to know.

For instance, it is not of any real importance to know exactly who or even what is initially the controlling entity behind the financial, political, industrial and military complexes of Earth, as firstly it's a far too complicated jumble of insanity, with all those agendas and manipulations left right and centre, too easy to get lost in it trying to find out “who’s controlling who and what”.
Yes of course it may seem important at first, just as I had thought way back in the beginning, but out of experience I had realised, that some things are actually more important, no point trying to fight with force, anger and frustration against a dysfunctional system controlled by people who use manipulation and negativity to gain their own advantages, because that will not work, the methods they use, should not be the methods used to free oneself from their agendas. "Do not play their game with their rules", they master their own game far too well, there is a far better method, a different game "they" do not master or even understand, it is commonly known as "the game of Enlightenment".
By this method we learn to understand the aspects that will allow us to recognize the “bigger picture”!

“True Enlightenment” is:
"a Profound Realization and Understanding of the True Fundamentals of the Functioning of the Universe, including oneself”, it's important to remove that "airy-fairy" magical misinterpretation out of what the "norm-society" has postmarked Enlightenment and Spirituality as being, including what the scientific-society has falsely explained what the Universe is, and how it functions, although some scientists are now becoming aware of the true nature of the universe.

Whereby I am talking of “true spirituality”, and not the pseudo-spirituality which had found it's way to the so-called “new age society”, which is a fad.
True spirituality is not a fad, but a rationally founded decision, which will result in true enlightenment. The Enlightenment I mention, is therefore the systematic Upgrading of the Consciousness, to a level of understanding far beyond what you could otherwise normally find, as mainstream education or information does not offer that.

I'll explain in this book where that change will take you, for the change to a "higher consciousness" is by no means the end of the game, it will lead to an actual Evolution into a "higher state of existence", into a higher "frequency field", the actual *Ascension into a higher Dimensional Level.

If you want more out of Life, a real meaning and significance to your life, then Evolve not in years to come, but in days, hours, minutes, with every thought, everything you say and do, with every breath that is in unison with your Evolution process, you will come closer to the Ascension that had been planed so long ago for you and all who are here with you to Ascend / Evolve.


Avaaz anner 

Avaaz is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere. / A transnational community that is more democratic, and could be more effective, than the United Nations.

Since launching in 2007, Avaaz has grown into a powerful and unprecedented global democratic force.

Avaaz has a simple democratic mission: close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Our community is unique in its ability to mobilize citizen pressure on governments everywhere to act on crises and opportunities anywhere, within as little as 24 hours.

"Avaaz is an ally, and a rallying place, for disadvantaged people everywhere to help create real change."


Link: The “Social Harmonics Society” System Concept


Sign the Document for World Peace and display it where it can be seen and at home

Signed World Peace Treaty Photo ThumbnlImg

World Peace Treaty Signed by Me

World Peace Declaration ThmbnlImg

World Peace Declaration

Link: The Keshe Foundation

is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.

 Link :  Sign The Petition to Change the World !
If you would like our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to Introduce themselves to the World Publicly


Are you ready to join with people all over the world to create lasting solutions?
Uniting all Voices, Hearts, and Minds
  for Healing the Gulf of Mexico
mass healing for Mother Earth for the Water of Life

or you can also
Join The Gulf Call to Sacred Action

The People Need You ~ The Gulf Needs You

Are you tired of sitting around while our environment is being destroyed?

Do you feel helpless, angry or powerless to make a difference
as you watch millions of gallons of oil pouring into the Gulf every day
with no end in sight and thousands losing their lives and their livelihoods?

Collective Manifestation to help Mother Earth

Sign up today to participate in The Gulf Call to Sacred Action

CleanTheGulf - Hutchison Effect Cleans Gulf Waters 
The Hutchison Effect is cleaning the Gulf Coast waters. Now, we need to get out on the water to treat the waters
If you can help, please contact us through this YouTube Channel
Barge which can accomodate a trailer with 6000 pounds of electronics
Boat to push the barge along the Gulf of Mexico coast line

CleanTheGulf - Nancy Lazaryan - 11.18.2010
A conversation with Nancy Lazaryan regarding preliminary lab tests applying the Hutchison Effect to cleaning oil-laden water - reducing impurities to base elements.

A Call to Conscious Evolution:

Our Moment of Choice

A Collective Manifestation to Help Humanity and All Life on Earth

The human family is in the midst of the most significant transformation 
of consciousness since its emergence

For more information and -
to Answer the Call, visit the Website


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