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"It's the light of your own consciousness that creates transformation.  Heal the root cause of illness. 

Use the symptom as a form of communication.  Take responsibility.  Heal.  Empower yourself."


"Compassion is what makes our lives meaningful.  It is the source of all lasting happiness and joy.  And it is the foundation of a good heart, the heart of one whom acts out of desire to help others.  Through kindness, through affection, through honesty, through truth and justice towards all others we ensure our own benefit."

 ~His Holiness the Dalai Lama



"Are you trying to be happy by changing the outside world?  True change occurs within."

Life is full of choices. An essential foundation upon which your life is experienced is what frequency you chose to generate: Love or Fear.

Loving oneself is other than an action like eating well or getting a massage or being "spiritual". Love is a frequency, a vibration, it's who we are. It takes conscious choice to generate until we arrive at our True Nature.


We have been cultured to think love is outside of our self, maybe in another special someone.  In fact, love is dependent on no one or no-thing. Love must first be recognized within our own hearts and in our relationship with Self. Once we see that, then we will see love in the world around us.


When we look at our world, and how human beings behave, we mostly see a world devoid of love. We see a world full of distractions that keep us focused outside ourselves while our insides are screaming for our attention through the manifestation of disease or dis-ease. When we sincerely look, we see that the pollution that surrounds us is a mirror of our own inner pollution, our ignored body signals and our buried emotions.


Living the frequency of love results in the ultimate cleansing of the mind, body and spirit, revealing toxic emotions, fear based beliefs, long-buried feelings, unhealed traumas, programmed behaviors and unnecessary physical pollutants. Flushing your system of what is stored and is no longer necessary leads to the discovery of your deepest self: your True Nature.


Your journey and discovery inside, through the frequency of love, is not a "magic bullet", nor is it linear, nor one of avoidance. This journey is one of feeling, self-responsibility and reclamation of your individual power and authority to live in harmony and love with yourself, others, the world around you and the Great Mother Earth.


Through your journey, you may find yourself speaking your truth more, which may disturb those around you. You might find yourself expressing symptoms, such as a cold, the flu, or aches and pains. They are often signposts along the road to wellness as you cleanse and let go of what is no longer necessary. Often, through first discovering who you are not, you discover your True Nature.


Our True Nature has little to do with how we’ve been programmed by our culture to see ourselves and others. The media and educational systems have taught us to live the frequency of fear by encouraging us to feel separate from others, leading us to believe we need to control and manipulate the world around us for our survival. Forgetting our natural state, the frequency of love, we've become lost in a sea of fear. If we truly look inside ourselves, we find that fear becomes the basis upon which all our actions and behaviors are unconsciously set. This is why we experience so much suffering


We are spiritual beings first and foremost, who's purpose is to discover our inherent nature.  Reclaim your power and your choice! In choosing to journey inside yourself, through love, you will face opportunities presenting themselves as challenges. Forces internally and externally will try to distract you. Be encouraged. These are signs that you are cleansing yourself and reclaiming your True Nature. They are steps of initiation into living your natural state of love more fully.


No ticket or credentials are required; only the willingness to “wake up” and begin to live and see through the eyes of the heart. Living the frequency of love is a fundamental choice.

May the truth of who you are set you free!