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All Links on this Page are a Summary of the Links and insights within this Site
and of any other Information Source corresponding to the Principles and Assistance
to the Ascension Program, Spiritual Enlightenment, Multidimentional Consciousness,
the Polarity Integration Program, Emotional Clearing, and any other Information
that is in line with the Path of the Light
“Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Teachers of the Light“
(more will be added along the way)

Links Disclaimer
Links to External Sites do Not imply any Endorsement or “Guarantee of content”. I do Not assume Any “Liability” or “Responsibility” for the Operation or Content of Any of the linked resources, nor for Any Interpretations, Comments or Opinions expressed therein!
It is but only my assumption and esperance that the here presented Links will be inline with the principles of my explanations and therefore in consonance to the Ascension Process and Multidimentional Thinking. - Ascension Info, Emotional Clearing, Higher Perspectives, etc with Jelaila Starr, for Starseeds - Videos from Nibiru Council Wayshower and Teacher on Youtube

Alaje, Pleiadian Message from the Galactic Federation - Youtube channel, Alaje explains how to detach yourself fromthe control matrix, and awaken “Love is the solution for everything!” Alaje is teaching his wisdom to everyone who wants to listen. - Multidimentional Healing Templates, New Paradigm, Higher Perspectives, etc    -    Ascension Update Messages & Videos / daly, weekly, monthly, with a great list of Real News, Powered by the People, Naturally, constantly Updated Free Energy for Everyone Now, Global Free New Technologies, Now Sign the Document for World Peace and display it where it can be seen and at home Avaaz is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere. / A transnational community that is more democratic, and could be more effective, than the United Nations. Resources and Background on GMO Food  mass healing for the Waters of Mother Earth and Mother Gaia herself - Steve & Barbara Rother, Light Works! Drop-in Center for awakened souls looking for answers -Channel for Important Information from “the 9” Ascended Beings - Wiki Site for Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Teacher of the Light and Lightworkers seeking the Light 389 Videos, Wayshower, Teacher of the Light, Youtube Channel - A Modern Day Fairy God Mother, A Crystal Indigo Adult of Loving Inspiration  formerly What's Up On Planet Earth? “Indigo & Chrystal Children” and Indigo Adults
- Very Much Info on the Starchildren and Adults,The Children of the New Eart

Ascension Explained via Channeling  (click to watch Video) - Pleiadian Messages channeled by Lia Shapiro - Brother Veritus' Website “Think Galactically Act Locally” - Fleetchart and Explanation of Lightships around Earth - Pleiadian Lightwork a living Enlightened Masterhelping souls and truth seekers become healthier, happier and advance spiritually - MindScience , Dr Pillai Teacher of Enlightenment - Community Network, Spiritual Teachings - Living Technologiesfor Higher Consciousness and Extraordinary Wellness - Online Free Digital University wiki for: “Self-Knowledge” and “Sovereignty” “Also Info about Indigos” -
Very Much Enlightened Info, Please see also the Info on Indigo Childre

Gandhi Speach in 1931 Spiritual Explanation (klick for Video) - Nancy Joy Hefron explains 2012 - David Icke Website, need I say more ! - All about Angels, Archangels etc.. - about “Archangel Uriel - about “Archangel Michael - about “Archangel Gabriel - about “Archangel Raphael A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice - (Change the World) Galactic Federation asking if they should show up

[Main Page] [Introduction] [Articles & Inspirations] [Video Playlist] [Links] [Love Frequency] [Making a Change] [Quotes] [Calm Within]