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Lady Gaia
The Living Earth
Soul of our Home


Just recently there was a heavy Storm in the area where I live,

it made me think of the fact that the Earth, just as we do, resolves and processes

emotional ballast, in any form it can manifest its release of that emotional trauma and pain,

as it would hinder the Earth from raising its frequencies, just in the same way we raise our frequency with every understood soul lesson, and emotional clearing.

Unfortunately, there are still very many who are not aware of the Earth being a Living Being, with a Soul and Consciousness, they regard the Earth as being nothing more than a clump of rock in space,

and as such they treat the Earth accordingly with very little or no respect.

There is a certain reason why the Earth is termed as

“Mother Earth”, “Lady Gaia”.

She is Alive !

And in more ways than one. To explain this it is quite simple.

During the soul-evolution, the soul strides upward from one Level or Dimension to the next,

all the way to the 12th dimension. During this time the soul collects in every level more and more information, wisdom, knowledge and experiences.

To the necessity of soul evolution belongs the experience of inhabiting a Cosmic-Body,

similar to the way you inhabit the human body for the soul experiences in your level of soul evolution.

Only that the level of evolution needed to inhabit a cosmic-body is greatly profounder and higher than the level of human life. I am not sure which level that may be, as my information to this subject is sparse and unprecise,

but I could estimate it would be perhaps above the 9th level/dimension.

Nevertheless, any cosmic body cold be used as a vehicle for such a highly evolved soul,

moons, planets, planetary bodies , even nebulas. In most cosmic bodys exists a Soul,

and the decision to Inhabit an entire planet is just like the soul evolution within the 3D realm, as a soul evolves from inhabiting an insect, to an animal, and systematically evolves from the primitive animal forms, to the more sophisticated from whence the soul will initially incarnate into the human form, or any form above that of an animal, depending on which planet this evolution takes place. Whereas not all planets will have humans as evolved people, there are very many other possibilities.

So, as a Soul decides to inhabit a planet, it takes the responsibility in just the same way as we would be doing when we incarnate into human form, only that the planetary body is already present, and can be inhabited due to the highly evolved spiritual knowledge of that soul.

The Soul Evolution Scale for such a situation could be explained as the comparison between an Ameba and a Human.

There is no hierarchy of right, only hierarchy of soul evolution, as the more evolved will act as mentors for those of lesser evolution.

The planet is a Lifeform, it lives, it bleeds, it sorrows, it angers, it shows love for

its children, all life born of it will be in its favour,

as long as those will show respect unto the planet that is their home and mother-world.

Gaia the Soul and the Earth that brings the life to its children, and the danger also,

for without respect for those dangers,

the children will not learn to live in harmony with its mother-world.

When the Earth children disrespect their mother-world, they bring about

the anger within the world they inhabit.

It is not merely the physical reaction of a planet to the disrespectful treatment

of the planetary environment, for example the loss of Forest covering, in that the expanse will become desert,

or a nuclear detonation near a tectonic fault will cause a tsunami or worse,

manipulation of the atmospheric structure will cause storms,

etc, etc...

But it must be realised that the planet will also react not only in physical form to

any disrespectful handling of its existence, but it will show in its own way

the emotional reaction to such behaviour.

The usual 3D thinking will undoubtedly dismiss this as no more utter nonsense,

but that’s just the point, that is thinking along the 3D perspective,

and one must learn that there are far more possibilities than one had ever

imagined possible before. For this reason, those who are not yet conscious of a

higher perspective, a higher thinking process connected to the

universal multidimensional consciousness, must allow themselves to fathom

the possibilities within the “real universe”.

For the universe of which they are only aware of momentarily,

is only but a microscopic fraction of the real universe.

If those of the 3D thinking were finally aware of these possibilities,

they would be awakened, and consciously aware of the fact that the actual universe is even greater and

more fantastic than they had before ever thought possible.

The knowledge and acceptance of the Earth being an actual living being

with a soul is only one aspect of a higher consciousness.

However, this knowledge would allow a behaviour of greater respect for the

world on which we live, for the harmony with ones mother-world

is, and should always be given the same level of consideration

as with the harmony with ones fellow people.

Without such consideration, the outcome will logically end in devastation.

For just as people will bring ruin to each other when they are in conflict,

so will the Earth retaliate against those who bring ruin to its(her) existence.


For when the children of the Earth show Love for their Mother-World,

so will the Earth show Love to her Children.

It is a universal lesson of giving and receiving !



Feb 3 2008 (updated July 2012)



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