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Majesty and Glory of God

Script in Angelic Language:
Magesty and Glory of God (by BryanDeFlores)

Introduction Header


“There are no secrets to the Universe,
the Universe is an Open book,
all we need to do is read the pages.
If we don’t understand something, then we ask for advice.
If someone rips out some pages to hide the truth,
we recognize that the pages are numbered,
so we get ourselves a new and uncut copy of that book,
and the first pages of that book are about ourselves.
So, the first secrets to find the answers for, we find within ourselves,
once we understand that, the rest is easy reading.”

“We salute the incorrigible free-thinkers”

Greetings to all,

To sum-up what this Website is all about,
here you will find:
in simple terms explained : spiritual consciousness awakening!
which is “multidimensional understanding!”
and the Ascension,
or as I like to call it, “the Evolution”

This Website has been created for the Convenience of those seeking Insight
about the Ascension, and all that is associated with it,
What is most necessary to accomplish ones Ascension,
and a glance at how the world and the universe “really” functions!
I am an Indigo Adult, 3rd Wave Starseed,

I was awakened to be a Teacher of Light,
to bring the understanding of Spirituality, Enlightenment &
the Ascension Process, as close to people who have either just awakened,
are awakening, or are thinking of awakening,
to both those who are on the Ascension Path, or have no Idea what that means.
For those where spirituality or this whole talk of the Ascension is not an aspect of their daily life, but something we must aquire in order to Evolve,
and where all that comes from and will take us. 

Unlike many Teachers of Light / Ascension Teachers who have been on the Ascension Path for most of their natural life, I was awakened out of a life of being a factory worker, and suddenly standing there without the slightest idea as to what to do next, being called to action, to help on the Ascension Path as many people as possible, not knowing myself at the time what that actually meant.

I can very well associate with the people who make up the greatest part of the population, as the least of us where fed Spirituality or the likes with a spoon,
as some of us who have not grown up with all the spiritual and esoteric terminologies, we also would very much like to Ascend and Evolve to Higher Dimensions, like everyone else who is on the Ascension Path,

  so let me bring this information as close as possible down to 3D,
because thats where all the “Action” is still taking place,
thats where the “music is still playing”.

At this time I have no varifiable proof of any of what I write in this website, except what is blatantly obvious and plain to see and feel throughout the entire world already, and outside of the earth aswell, and not just now, but for some decades,
not something we just thought up out of our imaginations,
but something that’s actually going on here on earth and around earth.

We are experiencing the final stages for the preperation of a planetary Ascension,
an Upheaval / Upgrading of the Human Consciousness and much of the DNA of Humanity and also many other Life on Earth,
and the Earth is not alone in this,
the mainstream society understands nothing of this,
and as such are still in fear of it,
just like the government institutions that control the medias,
they know about it, but they dont understand it,
and they know they cant stop it, nor hold their control over the population indefinitely, they will totally lose all control over the people,
which is one of their greatest fears,
and that “freakes them out” big time !

the Ascension means Evolution on a Grand Scale,
and its something to welcome with Joy and celebration,

but it also means work, but its good work,
and the pay for that work is Global Peace, Freedom, Prosperity, Abundance, Joy, Love, Harmony, Christ-Consciousness, Perfect Health, Higher Understanding, Wisdom, Light, total lack of fear or judgement, global wealth without need of money or any other type barter or currency, and many othe positive aspects,
which is more or less the worst thing that could happen when Ascending to a Higher Dimension.

Here I’ll give you the basics on what this is all about and how to get through it all.


Humanity has developed to it's fullest potential in it's current state of consciousness.
Now that state is nolonger accommodating the further development of humanity.
To persist in the current “old” state of thinking is stagnation, it will deteriorate the consciousness to stay in that mindset.

The “old” ways of thinking and acting have served their time, they have served their purpose up to this stage in Humanities development.
The next stage of Humanities development necessitates a different consciousness, a further development in thinking and acting, that direction is known as “The New Paradigm” of the “Higher-Perspectives”, utilizing the Principles of Christ-Consciousness and Multidimensional Thinking.
Acknowledging, Accepting and Discerning that there are more perspectives to any given situation than what we had discerned and acknowledged before.

In our previous stage of development, we believed “logic” to be a precondition for “common sense”, which is correct, but Logic alone does not make for Wisdom, and Wisdom is a prerequisite for Humanities further development, and that again is gained through Christ-Consciousness, which is Christ-Compassion, the Unification of Logic and Compassion, that is Wisdom.

Multidimensional Thinking is also, as with the Higher-Perspectives, the discernment of more than one order of being, whether it be in Social, Environmental, Bodily, Material, Non-Material, Cognitive, Global, Universal or any other state or situation.
To acknowledge, discern and accept other further and even more far reaching possibilities for any given situation or thing.

For every single individual person and the entire world collectively, the next “higher” stage of humanities development is achieved by taking “ Full-Responsibility” of our own Actions and Thought, both individually and collectively as a People Globally.

By transforming the “ego consciousness” into Compassionate-Wisdom, the Christed-Consciousness.
For this, it is not a Religious belief system of which I speak, but of the fundamental and consequent decision to transform All and Every negative dysfunctional thought-pattern into a Functional Positive Constructive and Beneficial Mindset, for Everyone Individual for their own Life and for Humanity collectively.

This necessitates for All people to give up on All that does not serve their own “highest good” or the “highest good” of Humanity.

The World on which we live is in our Best and Highest Interest, as such the Fully Intact and Good Health of the Environment of our World is necessary for our Wellbeing. To facilitate our Wellbeing, we Must assure that our Environment is Healthy, to assure our own Health and general Wellbeing.

The Higher-Perspectives therefore allow us to contemplate and discern a far greater spectrum of far-reaching ramifications of imprudent and inconsiderate action upon our environment or ourselves, individually and globally.

We do not allow the passing of time to accommodate us for our decision to change our ways of thinking and acting to a more beneficial, Life-Affirming and Wiser direction.
We do not procrastinate in our endeavour to Evolve Consciously, We do it Now !

Our Conscious Evolution is not simply a concept nor a myth, it is consequently Mandatory for the further development as well as inherently for the Survival of Humanity.

Some have perceived the term “Ascension” in coherence with the Conscious Evolution of Humanity. The coherencies lie in the fact that the “Ascension” is directly in conjunction with the success of Humanity to Evolve on a Conscious Basis, providing for the prerequisite of consciousness to transform into a higher more advanced state of being. The Next Further state of Being, within the evolutionary development of a People.

As such it will transpire that under these favourable circumstances, Humanity will literally “faze shift” into a Higher state of Being, into a Higher-Frequency Plane of Being.

This “has” Always been the designated outcome for Humanities development, not as an envisionment, but as the true designation set for Humanities Future, and that time has Now come.

Hence the sheer cosmic scale of effort put into dismantling the old outdated ways, awakening many millions of people out of their former social personifications, to take part in the global Transformation-Process, to transform what is nolonger accommodating to us individually and collectively as a people in Global Unification. To help Disclose what had been hidden from public knowledge, to allow for Clarity, Transparency, in order for the People to take their Individual and Collective Responsibility, as it is their God Given Right.
The Peoples God Given Right is also to Evolve, to Live, nolonger under subjugation, but as free people, free from All that does not serve their Highest Good, Free from All that hinders their Conscious and Physical Evolution, Individually and Collectively. Instead of simply reacting to any event that we are coerced into, that is forced in our direction, but to be the Creators of our own Lives and our World as a People, to determine ourselves what is Best for us, Individually and Collectively. 

Welcome to Your Evolution !

Script in Angelic Language (by BryanDeFlores)

I am attempting to assist all who are interested in achieving their Evolution, the Ascension,
regardless whether you will have understood any or all of the information I have presented here.

I do hope I can give you the chance to understand that your Evolution / Ascension is in “tangible range”,
and you have realized what is initially necessary to achieve your Evolution.

There are still a great deal of people who have not yet found their own true understanding
of what spirituality is all about, or at least not discovered what it really is, and how important it is,
without losing themselves in the complexity of the esoteric society.
Like I myself had first needed to learn ! 
but it’s not really all that complicated at all,
 it’s just important to keep an open mind,
regardless of whether it concerns spirituality or aliens, multi-dimensions, or what ever.
There are so many aspects to a Consciousness Evolution, the Ascension into a Higher more multidimensional way of thinking and behaving, and Feeling.
Emotions are also a Major aspect in the Universal Understanding of things,
and Harmony within oneself is what will help one to Evolve.
It’s my attempt to bring such information in a way for most to understand,
to remove the “airy-fairy” magical misinterpretation many may have about these subjects,
precisely because so many will not be in the situation to fully understand
the aspects of Ascension and what is necessary to achieve it,
mainly because they are so deeply imbedded within the harsh 3D thinking matrix.
It is be to realized, that everyone must initially decide for themselves
if they wish to be informed about and wish to prepare for the upcoming Ascension,
for this will initially mean changing ones thinking to a multidimensional thinking,
a spiritual understanding, since spirituality is in essence
the understanding of the functioning of the universe,
and this understanding is only possible when emotions are admitted but not gone wild,
because emotions are the key to this understanding, and not merely logic,
in short, this is known as “ true spirituality” !

And so will my attempt be, to bring this information in a form more understandable
for those who have as yet not found their spirituality,
but it should be realized, that everyone is in reality a spiritual person,
spirituality is not something we need to learn in life,
if we think it's the way we want to go,
but it's something everyone has within them, waiting to be rediscovered,
spirituality is not a religion,
but part of ourselves that we have just forgotten,
or as yet not realized that it has been with us the whole time.
It is who we are in reality,
nothing mystical or religious about it at all,
I have 2 Articles that will explain this aspect further.

In my Articles I cover most Aspects that involve adjusting oneself for the Ascension,
the Ascension Process is about how we behave, think, feel, and how we correspond to our Environment in Harmony, not just our Earth and Social Environment,
but also the Environment outside of our Earth Perimeter.
As we are not only connected to the World we Live on, but with the Universe in general,
there are unseen connections between all Life and Celestial objects in the Universe.
And how we correlate with our Universe determines our Soul Progress,
and thus our Soul Conscious Evolutionary development.

As to the origin of my information, I will explain only this, that much of what I know about these subjects have been given to me either empathically from the Higher Realms,
or from many other Teachers of Light and Lightworkers who devotedly give their
Love and Energy to helping the Global Ascension Process.

At best it’s important to be Integer and unbiased about the information in this website.

It’s not important to believe any of it, but just to Understand it.

And not merely some stuff here and there, that won’t help much,
I present this website for the convenience of a better understanding of what really is,
and not the illusion you have been subjected to for so long.

These Aspects should at All times be remembered and integrated into your thinking,

Love Compassion Understanding

Love is what we have been given by God the Divine Creator,
Compassion is the combination of Love and Understanding,
Understanding is what we gain during our many Lives, Incarnations,
our Soul Experiences.

 When we keep that in mind at all times,
we have the Mindset to keep us on our Path to Enlightenment and our Evolution,
the Ascension.

Also of great importance is the aspect known as
this subject is of such emotional complexity and importance,
I will have this aspect covered in different Articles,
but fundamentally it concerns the releasing of “old” “Stuck” emotional experiences
from your present and past lives.
The experiences that you have had, must be used as a learning tool,
 all experiences have worth, since they will have been part of your
learning life plan, to enable you to understand the aspects of those experiences,
but the “pain” and “anguish” associated with many such experiences
must be removed from your soul matrix memory
in order to clear your consciousness from the “ballast” that
such unpleasant experiences create!
Should you not have accomplished the clearing of your
emotional ballast to the time of the Ascension,
even though you may initially be spiritually/consciously ready for it,
it will be to a certain degree difficult for you to ascend
without having cleared the emotional ballast. 

A further Aspect to regard for your Evolution is the fact
that any Information regarding UFOs ETs Conspiracies
or anything that may be interesting to know, or even important to understand,
should not stagnate your progress in preparing for the Ascension.
Your Ascension has Priority,
Understanding will help you to see the Bigger Picture,
but never get caught in the web of conspiracies,
or the directionless argumentation’s about Supernatural subjects or the Past.

Always consider the following,
as people of earth, you are the main part of a process
concerning the combining and integration of all aspects of this galaxy,
as you are the main part of the “polarity integration game”
which has been implemented on earth, along with most aspects of
the galactic heritage,
You are now at the end stage of the realization of becoming virtually the finished product
of a very long process,
to being the contribution into one planetary people all of which this galaxy represents,
and becoming therefore its future,

It’s therefore plain to understand the reason for the great fuss and concern about the people of this world 
 demonstrated by so many different non-terrestrials,
and why they are so in hope of your Evolutionary success.

The Technology Aspects being important as they are a part of understanding
and awareness of possibilities that are part of a Multidimensional Universe, as with
the acceptance of a Universe populated by Beings of Multi-Shape, Form, Origin.

Your Past is also not of such essential relevance,
although it will help you to understand some basic virtualities about your Origin,
and remembrance of your past knowledge may assist your understanding,
but your past is begone and only a memory, live in the now, and your future,
and it is advisable to spend “most” of your energy and time and effort
preparing yourself for the Ascension Process
which is imminent!

Observing the ongoings of Earth and the People will help you
realize how far the Process is manifesting,
Your Consciousness Enhancement will help Raise
the Awareness and Consciousness of others around you,
initially you will help to Create the Ascension,

“may you be in the Universe of your liking
at the end of the Ascension Process !”

Welcome to Your Evolution !



(Special Note: Should you not agree with any of the information in this website, then please under all circumstances do your own reasearch, find out the answers, but dont waste your own time and energy attempting to correct me or any one else who offers information that does not comply with what you know or have discovered. Use your time and energy wisely. It is above all the wisest decision to consider any information before condemning it. As long as you know the truth, you can by all means offer your knowledge to others, but under no circumstances should you force anything upon another without their consent.)

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