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Inhabitants of the Stars,
Manifesting Utopia



When we look at an image of a Star Filled Heaven,

at the Wonderous Beautiful lights in the dark

and almost infinite space,
What we see with our eyes is the illuminated Life

of a barely countable sum of nuclear-reactions,

making the sky seem practically teeming with life,

An assumption which is far closer to Fact

than many would believe possible,

No, Im not referring to the possibility 

of life on other planets like we have here on earth,

and entirely irrelevant who believes

that to be a possibility or not,

Im referring to an entirely different situation,

If you look at an Image of countless stars and galaxies,
then take a good look at it,

Because it shows something most people have as

yet not known or ever even considered,
Every single illuminated speck in that Image shows 

not only physical celestial bodies,

but also Highly Advanced Souls,

Yes you read correctly, most every single lighted point

in that image is of an extremely advanced

Consciousness / Soul,

in the embodiment of a Star or Galaxy,

I will explain:

As we are here on Earth,

we are taking part in a Soul Learning Experience,

which will enable our Souls to evolve

to a higher level of being / existence,
we are currently within the 3rd level of Soul Evolution,

The Souls that we see as Stars and Galaxies

are within the 10th level of Soul Evolution,

roughly 17 Billion years further than we

are here right now in this 3D earth 

existence scenario, yes a scenario,

since every life we live on this earth has been

a scenario of learning processes,
and with every Life-Experience we move further

to a higher level of being,

And after reaching a certain level of understanding,

our Souls normally Collectively advance

to a higher dimensional level,

This process is commonly known or referred to as
the Ascension,

As after achieving a certain level of understanding,

our Souls cannot remain in a Dimensional Plain that 

nolonger accommodates our Souls needs

for further Soul Development,

Therefore we (our Souls) wish to change to a

better suited environment,

Just as we graduate to a higher level

of School Class every year,

Unless of course we

flunked somewhere along the line,
in which case one would need to repeat the class,

until the needed lesson had been learned,

in order to understand what is necessary

to live in a higher level of existence,

as there would be no point for a Soul to be

in a universe far beyond the souls capability

of understanding, the Soul just wouldn’t feel at home,

one only feels at home in “Agreeable Surroundings”!

The Soul Evolution goes from 3rd to 12th level of Evolution,

The entire process should only be understood as a

Schooling time,

But it is important to always remember,

this entire universe is not merely a place of learning,

but a place of Living,

and the most important part of that living

is the experience and understanding of Love,

The negative experiences are needed

as the contrast to the Light,

Both the positive and negative aspects

of all learning experiences combined will enable

the understanding wanted to achieve an evolution 

to a higher realm / dimensional plain or universe,

First of all it is necessary to understand the following,

as there are still unfortunately many

who have no idea or notion about this aspect:

The Soul is Not something that is simply draged along

in ones life like a tattoo,

it is infact exactly who and what we all are,

everyone, excluded are only synthetic lifeforms,
The body is only a vehicle that the Soul uses

in order to experience life on a physical level,

the body has a “built-in consciousness” that only functions

when brought to life by a Soul,

but when a body is without a Soul 

the body consciousness will be in a state of “shutdown”,

like if the main processor of a computer is removed,

or the computer simply turned off,

And as long as the Soul is within the body,

there will be a symbiosis between the

body-consciousness and the Soul,

The body-consciousness is like a computerchip memory,

some of the information within that body-consciousness

is forwarded from the DNA of the parents,

such will the body inherit behavioural-patterns

as well as physical attributes from the parents and / or forefathers,

But each individual Soul has information

from all past lives, which means that a soul

destined for evolution from 3rd density into a

higher realm has aprox. 16 billion years of experience

since the day of the souls birth,

And in aprox. another 17 billion years after this evolution,

the Soul would normally be destined

for the experience as a Celestial Body,

Accordingly as a Planetary-body, a Star / Solar-body,

Celestial-Nebula and respectively as a Galaxy,
like our physical human bodies / embodiments

that are a conglomeration of many different substances

derived from the universe we live in,

So is a Planet, a Star / Solar body, a Galaxy also a vehicle 

for an extremely advanced Soul,

Naturally this would only concur with the wish

of an individual Soul to embody a specific

Celestial Body, as there is no diktat that

forces any Soul to embody a certain

celestial object, but it is necessary to do so

if there is the wish to evolve further,

to go beyond ones state of being, and that wish is

almost invariably present amongst all Souls,

Naturally it would not be implicitly possible

for every Soul to experience life as a Galaxy,

as there are not as many galaxies

as there are solar-bodies / stars,

But to explain that aspect would be

going way too far into detail,

At such a higher state of Soul evolution

that goes all the way to 12D, every Soul will be

in the obligation to monitor and control

the events and structure of the universe,

the entire universe, as such will this level of existence

also entitle each Soul the responsibility over each

aspect and situation that Soul will be monitoring,

But no fear, it is Not lonely at the Top ;-)

As one could imagine by the number of Stars

in the universe, since each represents

an evolved Soul within the Monitoring

and Creator state of Soul evolution,

but representing merely the younger stage

of that Highest Order of Beings,

usually referred to as the “hierarchy”,

The hierarchy being all Souls

within the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th level of Soul Evolution,

and all responsibility and maintenance

of the entire universe is held by those Souls,

This Earth, a planet chosen as a place for learning

specific Soul experiences, is one of over 330 such planets

in this 3d universe,

And like all other such worlds, this earth is

under the full jurisdictional control and

monitoring of the hierarchy,

nothing is left to coincidence,

a coincidence would presuppose a

condition of chaos, which would in consideration of

the complexity of the situation not be purposeful,

The complexity of a Souls Consciousness

within the realm of the highest order of being 

is in so much greater than ours,

that it is mildly said for us simply unfathomable !

We need to know only this much at this time:

The hierarchy, of which our

own Earth Soul ( Gaia ) is a part,

Would never do anything against what our Souls

have agreed to or have decided prior

to our incarnation on earth,

What ever Soul experience we (our Souls)

had wished for before our birth,

the hierarchy has been consulted with this want,

and as such also agreed to accommodate

our life situations (life-plans / Life Blueprint)

so as to enable us to experience the scenarios

that we had wished for our Soul experiences,

Therefore we must stay on our life path,

in order to achieve our goals of Soul-Evolution,

and if the question arises of “how to go with ones

Life-Plan”, the Answer is as follows:
Be absolutely True, Honest, Integer with oneself,
then you can trust your own inner feelings

without interference,
simply go by that, and regardless which

decision you may need to make,
always abide by your inner Truth,
 and the hierarchy will in unison with our wish,

ensure that we achieve our Soul experiences,

this is a responsibility,

As such we also have our responsibility

to realize that this entire world is entirely 

under the observation of an enormous multitude

of highly advanced Souls of Light

and Love Energy and infinite wisdom,

capable of enabling or altering any event

that takes place on earth,
(before it occurs, and / or altering the

course of the event after it occurs),
for their understanding of the way the universe functions

is immensely beyond our limited conceivability,

The Energy with which the universal construct

is held together and with which every

aspect functions (as with the mathematical-

geometrical structures that function similar

to that of a computer program)

is the energy we know as Love!

Not merely the Feeling of Love,

but the entire understanding of every aspect 

of the concept of Love,

is what gives the entire universe Foundation,

It is the consciousness structure of which

our own Soul is a part, and as such we are an 

undetectable virtue of the structure of the universe,

Those we know as the hierarchy,

are our older Brothers and Sisters,

As such they have the natural wish

and not merely the obligation to be our Mentors,

our Helpers, our Soul Family, our Friends,

and they have the want to bring us Love,

(and Not our saviors from situations we had asked for),

If All could only realize the potential of Love

the Souls within the hierarchy wish to give us,

as well as all Souls who are part of the

Federation of Beings who are known as the


from 3D all the way to 12D, above 4D

everyone is a member of the

Galactic-Federation of Light,
this Federation is part of a Spiritual-Social Evolution

that planetary and other civilizations achieve,

Not Technological, as only the evolution of the Consciousness

is decisive to be part of the Galactic Federation,

Even if that understanding is as yet not enough

to evolve on a Soul basis to a higher dimensional level

it would still be possible to be part of that Federation,

But it is far from being an association or Club,

It is more a graduation into a state of understanding,
which will usually be the pre-stage to a Soul-evolution,

Normally this Earth-Society should already be

a member of the Galactic Federation of Light,
and the Federation as well as the hierarchy

await the change in social attitude
on this earth to a more open-minded benevolence,

else they would not present themselves visually

officially to the population of earth,
Naturally there are those who “believe” that

they have the power to hinder

the federation and the hierarchy,
which is mildly said completely absurd !

It is not important to believe anything,

It is only important to Understand !

Remember this always:

What we think, we manifest,
collectively it works Best !!

As Such there is the possibility to Manifest

what we normally refer to as
Utopia !

This Concept or Idea of Utopia is

in reality,

Not Fiction at all !!

It is as much reality as any other aspect of our world,

Only because it has as yet not been manifest

on our earth at this time, does not imply

that it is not possible,
It is in fact very possible,

more than most are willing to believe,
and that might be one possibility why

it has as yet not been manifest,
If the majority of earths population understood

how much they could achieve by collectively

manifesting, just by thinking, asking collectively,

Think about this:
what is it that You individually Honestly Truly Want ?

Forget your hate and anger for a while,
don’t think of what makes this world for you imperfect, 
think of How would You picture the

Perfect World that You want ,
regardless what others may think, 

It doesn’t matter,
just picture your World that You would want,

That You would want to live in,
that You would want to be part of,

Think about it honestly, picture it in your mind,
you don’t need to tell anyone about it,

write it out, and or speak it out if you want,

Post it as a Video concept if you want,

The more take part in this process of Manifesting Utopia,
the more possible it will become,

What have any of you got to lose ?

People have been posting

so many videos on the internet,
why not post Your personal Idea

of how you would want the world to be !

Do you want a paradise ?

Then want it, and think it to be possible

Without interference from others,

Don’t think of what’s missing, or what’s wrong in this world,
or how the world should be fixed, 

But rather think of what the world should

in Your personal inner Feeling and inner wish be like,
think ”that’s how I want the world to be !”

Oh, and its important also to have

No fear for “Change”

As simple as that,
don’t bother at all if noone is attune

with your Idea, your concept,
who cares if others may not like your idea,
everyone is entitled to their own opinion,
But its Your Concept, Keep to Your inner Truth,

Everyone will have their own Ideas,

their own inner feelings of

How they want the world to be,

but it is to be realized,
that collectively

everyone has a piece of Utopia within them,
within their consciousness,
together, everyone can manifest

the entire world as it would suit everyone,
as in every idea / concept of a utopian society 

there will be some parts that will
appeal to most others, and as such,
all will be manifesting collectively
their own Real Utopia !

My own concept can be found in my Website under
( Articles & Inspirations )

The “Social Harmonics Society” System Concept 

Now its your turn….

For those who may have the Question of 

“how the manifestation works”
the Answer is as follows:

The Art of Manifesting

is not a fictional idea or concept,
it is in fact

“wishful thinking” that can be made reality,

Normally when we wish for something,

we are unaware that our
thoughts are actually physically projected

into what is often referred to
as the “ether / or telepathic ether”,
it is an actual metaphysical Grid of Telepathic

energy surrounding the earth,

There are many different metaphysical

energy grids around the earth,

Many are known as “templates”,

and as templates they function as initiators
for change and / or occurrences,
picture the universe functioning and being

controlled as an immeasurable gigantic computer program,

but instead of an electronic system,

the entire universe is a “consciousness matrix”,

which is run, monitored, altered,

maintained by the hierarchy,
The “telepathic matrix” that surrounds the earth

is filled with “thought-patterns” from every person

who projects thought in any way,

and not only thought, but also emotions,
so will an influential amount of Positive

or negative thoughts and emotions like

fear or Happiness, which are

instantaneously projected into the “ether”,

trigger a “snowball effect” like change in the world,
But globally “influential”

would be a sum of “at least” 144,000 people
thinking / wanting the same thing at the same time,

This has already been achieved on earth at least 5 times
within the past 20 years,
events of which most of earths population has been oblivious,

the sum of 144,000 concurs with the

universal matrix mathematical structure,

As just like the “universal-geometry”

which is again structured upon a mathematical basis,
all universal system administration

is maintained by a complex structure

of mathematical imperatives,

deeply interconnected with the
Consciousness of the hierarchy,

And if anyone wishes anything,

then that thought-pattern and the

emotional field accompanying those thoughts

will be perceived
by those monitoring the telepathic ether,

If one person wishes for themselves only a particular

thing or situation of actual decisive value,

for instance a particular sum of money,

car, job, home, relationship etc..

which would be in-line with that persons life-plan,

And again it is important to be

boundlessly Integer with oneself,

for then that manifestation wish would be granted,
and that wish should be addressed to the Universe

in All honesty and with Love in ones Heart,
as only a “hate-Free, anger-Free and fear-Free”

positive thinking and emotion would be

considered by the universe, since wishes made

with negative thoughts and emotions

would manifest a negative outcome !

And Collectively, this method works best !

So think about what you project into the “ether”,
and if you believe that your

thoughts and emotions alone would not

suffice to change anything on earth,
consider that you are never alone with your thoughts,
there are over 6 billion people on this earth,
all those thought-patterns put together make for an 
”Enormous Catalyst !“












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