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* Indigos and Indigo Adults:

The term Indigo refers to those who have an Indigo or Blue-Indigo Aura, and mostly to those who were born during the Indigo wave between 1970’s and 1990’s.
Although everyone has more than one specific Aura, and thus more than one Aura colour, the Indigo is the overall identification consciousness Aura which certain people have either since birth, or attain that Aura colour after a process of conscious change.
The Indigo is, as with all Aura colours of the conscious spiritual embodiment, attained by the specific spiritual-mentality which a person portrays. The Indigo person is usually a Soul who has accepted the assignment to be incarnated as a “non-mainstream person”.
Indigos usually demonstrate already as children, a profound enhancement to their sensitivity to their surroundings, as such will be especially sensitive to the behaviour and demeanour of other people. Indigos will react with great to extreme repulsion to any manner of deceptive behaviour or lies. The Indigos sensitivity is also cohering to the inborn “extra-sensory-perception”, which is very common to Indigos. This sensitivity and higher perceptibility in child’s age, makes it very difficult for the child who’s parents are of a mainstream-mentality, as they will not posses the needed objectivity and compassion to accommodate a child with these finer conscious empathic abilities, and has often resulted in the children going through a devastating cycle of tormenting, extra psychological-conditioning, Pharmaceutical coercion, 
amongst other attempts to suppress the child’s “difference” to the norm. This uncompassionate behaviour of the parents toward their Indigo children, is usually founded on simple fear of ridicule and ostracism from the general public. Often the parents of Indigo children have even been strongly urged by the “socalled” authorities to undermine any Indigo related behaviour of their children, to the point where the Indigo children had even been publicly attacked by the mainstream media machine through the endorsement of the child psychology boards. Indigo Children are here to make a difference, they are here to help raise the consciousness of humanity, by demonstrating attributes that go above the old paradigm, above the primitive mentality. They are the vanguard to the Crystal-Children and Rainbow-Children, who are a level higher in advanced consciousness and psychic healing abilities, as Indigo Children also are innate Healers. This higher sensitive consciousness and perceptibility is part of being on the next level of Human Evolution, and also allows a better understanding of the fundamentals of Love, Christ-consciousness.
Indigo Adults are very similar, only that they had been born before the 1970’s, and not in large groups. Indigo Adults also sometimes do not possess the scale of psychic empathic proficiency as those who were born during the Indigo wave, and were therefore not as salient. During the course of history however, there had always been Indigos. Indigos who advance their consciousness further during the course of the Ascension process, will achieve a Golden Aura similar to the Crystal Children.
This is also what most people of Earth are supposed to be doing as well, Now.