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Fear Anger Judgement & other things to Resolve

 That do not serve your Highest Good


Most of us have within our life encountered times we would rather forget,
but often enough these times come “creeping” up on us when we dont expect it,

we believe we had left those “events” of the past behind us,
but it every so often occurs that we become blocked very badly because of something out of our past.

It doesnt even have to be something out of a distant past life,
but just something we experienced perhaps 5 years ago, or even less.

It could be something we dismissed as just a triviality,
or something that knocked us so hard off our stand, that we would go out of our minds if we
had not stuffed it away somewhere in our minds fast enough.

Then, when the time comes where we want something,
be it a Situation, a Relationship, or something else,
and it just wont come into our lives, then there is a Block,
and that Block must be Resolved, perhaps something to “let go of”,
in order for that what we want to come to us,

This is only a very short explanation, but it happens far too often
that we simply are unaware what we are doing,
and why we are blocking something we want,

then when we dont get it, we start wanting it even harder,
and that will block its arrival even more,

and it all started with something that happened some time in our past.

Sometimes we get blocked when we start wantiing something too hard
right from the beginning,

and then in years time we still dont have it,

but its the hardest thing sometimes
just to “let go” of something we want so desperately.

If we cannot “let go” or Un-block on our own,
because its too hard or painfull,
then we need Help,

Its the task of asking for help that beginns with our Fulfillment,


May you find and receive what it is that you want and need
for your Life Fulfillment !

Blessings Love Joy Fulfillment Happyness Prosperity Abundance Freedom Peace Harmony


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