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Ego be gone
How to lose your ego and Evolve

Firstly, what the “ego” is:
The “ego” is, that part of ones own Consciousness, that has been polluted with destructive, dysfunctional, false information, “convenient” information, which may have been convenient at that particular time perhaps, but far from, or even entirely devoid of truth and fact. Once the ego consciousness is profound enough, it will have the strength to overrule all incoming truth and wisdom. The ego has become independent, a consciousness of it's own, acting solely to it's own advantage, entirely without concern for it's Host, often undermining or even devastating, destroying the wellbeing of the Host. The Host is the person, the ego in this relation is the negative, destructive, irrational, dysfunctional self. As “ego” is a Latin and Greek word referring to the Self, it is however the “non-self ego” to which is generally referred to, as the Self part of ones own consciousness that has been alienated, corrupted. A jumbled mess of false beliefs, wrong information, from where all the other dysfunctional thoughts and emotions originate. The True Self, which is without ego, is the Self that is in unity with God and the Divine Will, the free will that is without ego.

And now, for a more detailed explanation:

Whether you believe it or not, the ego is one of the Main problems for the people of Earth.
It's the one thing that keeps most people from wanting to Understand, from changing their ways from a life of ignorance and self-righteousness, to a life of Integrity, Harmony Freedom, of higher consciousness, to understand the principles of the “higher perspectives”, and thus Christ-consciousness. To comprehend and acknowledge that we are all Divine Souls of a universal Family.

It has been my observation for some years now since I've begun studying the ego phenomenon, and working to find the correct ways to Resolve the problem, that whenever the subject of the ego comes to surface, with whom ever I have spoken to about the ego problem, that either many or even most people immediately go into “defensive” mode,
and instantly coming up with a plethora of arguments and excuses for the ego being a vital part of their life, and other examples for why they insist on keeping and protecting their ego. “Let yourself be guided by your Inner-Truth and not by your conviction”
Empathically it's like we feel and see them putting up a “firewall” or a “massive brick wall” in front of themselves, almost in panic. This behaviour is a typical example of how the ego controls the thinking and behavior of a person, attempting with what ever means possible to protect itself and stay in control.
The ego has become a “problem”, an even greater problem than I had at first assumed.

“Don’t allow the ego to dictate your life!”
“You Must be willing to Let Go of the ego!” 

Many people are so afraid to let go of their ego, they cling to it in fear of falling, as if the ego would hinder their fall. Unbeknown to them that the ego has as in many cases literally contributed to the downfall of the person in question.
The person feels a sense of false security with the ego, due to the ego having been created from all the false beliefs from false information, an illusionary situation within a society that only accomplished to confuse people instead of truly informing them. Some of these false beliefs are deliberate, and some are simply the product of not understanding or not knowing otherwise. On the one side the ego makes us feel safe, on the other side the ego guides us directly into stalemate, or even worse.

In this explanation, I will give you the insight on the Ego,
how it affects your consciousness evolution, how it could hinder your evolution, and how to get rid of it. (or more subtler, how to rectify the problem)

Firstly, the Human ego is a product derived from the influence of one’s surroundings, a “mirror” quasi of the society in general, of which the Person is a part.
If the society is one of Compassionate Higher-Perspective structure with no attest to any real negative behaviour, then there will be no basis for an Ego to manifest, “a negative ego”.
For often it is explained there is a negative and a positive ego, the positive ego being the inner-child consciousness and /or the Higher-Consciousness or Soul-Consciousness.
But, if one lives in a society characterized by a substantial magnitude of negativity, then that will manifest itself as it’s reflection within the Inner Child.
(only for simplicity will I term the negative ego simply as -ego)

To get rid of the ego, it is first important to understand the structure of the ego.
As the ego is in actuality nothing more than a False Mask of the inner child, (it doesn’t even know what it does).
It is a “Farce”, a charade that your inner child has placed in front of itself as its only known means of protection against the social environment that has proven harmful to the inner child. The ego is a reaction of the “hurt child” within.
Once burnt, twice shy. The inner-child seeks a quick and simple way to find comfort, to hide from the trouble and the pain, that’s what the mask is for, it's a very temporary solution.
But the Mask itself is not the greatest problem, it is the effective negative strength and power the mask attains from the social environment around it, which gives the ego-Mask enough to increase itself, until it becomes an individual Consciousness of its own.
The “inner child” is in actuality partly our own physical body-consciousness, and is comparable to an immeasurably complex Android.
The body itself is an organic Machine, which has a central control system which is the Brain. The Brain is so complex that it is fully capable of emotions, and its entirely own consciousness structure, when the body is brought to Life by a Soul.
It contains the genetically transferred information from the parents, information that is genetically conveyed over many generations, but that is only part of the person that we are,
the other part is also the most important, it is we, the Soul.

We are however never really machines in any real sense of the word, we are people, as we consider ourselves always as a whole, all that is part of us. And that which is not, should be considered if we want to let it remain.

When we are born, or rather shortly before, our soul is placed within the child body. Our Soul has had many lives before, perhaps more than we could actually count.
After the birth, there is a time that I refer to as the “Jet lag”,
since the effect is perhaps similar to a very bad case of Jet lag,
a period of time the Soul will need to accumulate to the New Life within a new Body.
After the Soul starts to overcome the effects of the birth, it begins normally to take over the command of the body, but without “overtaking” the body like an invader, and not without considering the right of the body consciousness to have a say, thus both the Soul and the body achieve a compromise, a symbiosis, from which a Third Consciousness is established.
This third consciousness is the one the outer world will see,
it is the personality brought forth through the symbiosis of body and Soul.
Normally this would function perfectly, the body accepts the experienced consciousness of the soul as a Mentor or Parent figure, since the Soul has many many billions of years of life experience, and the body has only just existed for a few years, this is why the body is basically known as the “inner child”.
It will always remain a child, in every sense of the word, it will always think like a child, and therefore, it will always react in just the same way a child would react.
That which hurts the child / body will be avoided at all cost,
also that which may hurt the Soul will be avoided, even at the cost of making a big mistake, since the body is a child, and cannot think like an adult, unless of course the ego has it's say, or the Soul has given the necessity or desire to experience something uncomforting, and by that many decision making participants in the same person, mistakes cannot be ruled out.
Even the life experiences of an adult body will not suffice to hinder any childlike mistakes, since the complexity of a body consciousness is never as pronounced as that of a Soul consciousness of such great age.
To give you a small insight, the probable age of an incarnated Soul on Earth lies between
10 –22 Billion Years of Life Experiences.

When children are confronted with situations they cannot understand or control, and which are of very negative nature that hurt, especially emotionally, they will tend to seek refuge behind an object or a person either real or fictitious, this is where the concept of the Mask comes in. 
As the Soul will also tend to manifest often harsh and painful life-situations that may, by great probability, be part of the “life-blueprint” which the Soul has in order to be confronted with the necessary situations for Soul learning purposes, Soul Growth, whereas the inner child may most probably not understand this aspect of the Souls needs, it will as any child, attempt to hinder these uncomforting life-scenarios, and in this process, will build the ego to attempt a compensation situation, to at least moderate the painful situation.
As the body is still in child age, and the soul is still suffering from Jet lag, there can also occur the possibility where the body consciousness has more control over the life than the Soul consciousness for a longer period than expected.
The body will remain the for-controlling consciousness, thus the body will remain in control for as long as the soul is still indisposed (the time span for this phenomenon differs from one person to the next),
thus most decisions in that state will be made by the body consciousness.
Often after the Soul has overcome the Jet lag, it might have difficulty convincing the body to give over the main command, as the body is much too use to being in control, especially when the Soul needs quite a while to rehabilitate from a traumatic birth process, the body is left with the control of the entire life situation on its own, and often this tends to exceed the coping capacity of the body consciousness/inner child.
Often also, the soul is already burdened with traumatic experiences from the previous life, which had often also led the death of the previous body, thus the new body is burdened with the task of coping with its life, and with the problems the Soul has brought with it also.

Picture for instance a small child attempting to keep the house in ship shape form, and looking for food, whilst both parents lie around depressed, perhaps alcoholised, or drug addicted,
an unfortunately not too uncommon scenario.
Could you understand how the life situations may force a child to build a proverbial Mask or a Wall in front of it, in order to keep what ever may hurt it from entering its realm?
This is what almost every single Earth born human has done throughout the eons of human history.
Fear is the greatest foundation for this Mask / Wall which the inner child builds,
it is “then” referred to as the ego!
Especially when the fear-factor grows in complexity, simple fear of physical abuse or resentment at child’s age, grows increasingly to a more complex form of fear.
Fear of losing “Status” within society, founded especially through lack of financial stability, which is one of the greatest foundations for fear in human society, since the introduction of the monetary system.
Thus a great Mask is established by the inner child, to protect it and its Soul from any harm from the outside.
And this “mask” is an ego of unfortunately greatly underestimated size potential.
As depending on the life situation of any given person, especially during their upbringing age, the ego will either be barely noticeable, or up to the greatness of Jupiter, if it’s potential may be related in size.
Here the population can be simply divided into 2 categories,
those with an ego problem, and those with a real bad ego problem.

As the Inner Child has put a Mask in front of itself in an attempt to block off any uncomforting situations, the environment bombards that Mask (or Wall) with Negativity, as the social environment on Earth has proven to be “very demanding”(an understatement?). There have always been many hostile and uncomforting situations on Earth that are way too much to handle for a grown adult, much less then for a child. Thus, the Consciousness of the body will react in the only way it can. But, when the ego-mask of the body grows in size and strength with time, and attains (independently to the inner child) its very own consciousness, it will begin to take over part of the brains Storage, nesting itself firmly within the structure of the brain, just in the same way a computer program gets installed on the Hard drive.
This means, the ego will, when effectively fed, result in becoming an actual independently functioning consciousness program, but without any form of real self,
just a program that runs independently, that wasn’t intended.
This is where the ego has become a real problem!
It eventually takes over more control, constantly interfering, and should be “cleaned out”.

But the ego is the “construct reaction” of a Child, it is in no way really as technically complex as a computer program can be, but far more emotionally / psychologically complex.
Which means, there are the possibilities of overcoming the problem with “positive” psychological and emotional input.
Remember that the ego will react and think as a child, but possessing only the lower instinctive comprehensions and reactions, and no higher virtues such as Love, compassion, understanding, afflicted with the negative attributes of the outside social environment.
A normal Child, that has not yet been “influenced” by the negativity of the outside world, will be entirely true, and in need of much love and affection.
But once the outside world has been introduced to the child, it will react as any child will, with “Shock-horror” !!
Most of the outside world shows no want or need of Love and affection, if this is the case, then the outside world had over countless generations been created by people who were mostly or entirely driven by their ego.

Love, Affection, Attachment, etc, finds no place in such a harsh world of ego-driven people.
The ego will imitate and react exactly as a mirror of the social environment, that had characterised its form.
But remember that the ego is also only a child creation,
but it will react with much hostility to anything it will not understand. This behaviour is that of a Child of a hostile world!

How this ego will prevent you from achieving your Soul-Evolution, for which you came to Earth in the first place so many eons ago, is very simple to determine,
it will for instance prevent you from understanding your own “spirituality”, your own Real Self, by controlling you, without you even realizing it.

“The ego is not really a thing, but a predicament, that worsens through negative input.”

“The ego arises through the systematic influx of false information and false beliefs thereof. “
That’s why Love and Light polarized people can also have an ego problem, because false information must not necessarily be negative in nature, but can simply be false.
The more false information, the greater the ego will become. Fear in this situation can also be a determining factor.

The ego is a thing that “happens”.
It's not something we want, but just turns up as the result of what we experience.
Transforming negative into positive is the key to resolving the problem.
Toxins of any kind will just help to feed the ego.
So a detoxification on all levels is necessary, as anything we carry in any of our bodies and our Soul that is not in attune with our “highest good”, will be a hindrance in our positive development, and thus our evolution.

As I mentioned earlier, the ego is a charade, it is not even a real consciousness, (even if it interferes in the thought processes) it is simply the mask that the inner child has held up most of its life to find a form of protection behind it.
It prevents us from speaking the truth.
The inner child like all children, has realized that lying will often prevent punishment, a child knows nothing of the necessity of Integrity, it will not speak the truth if it results in punishment, even if it will not result in any real or serious form of physical or emotional pain to speak the truth, the fear of eventual punishment or rejection is enough to keep the child from speaking the truth.
There we have again the fear-factor!
Truth is inevitable in the process of attaining the consciousness needed for a Soul evolution.
This universe is a 3rd density universe, it is the place where lies are possible, deceit and any other primitive form of thinking also. Any realm / universe beyond the 3rd Dimension is mostly without this possibility, which quite simply means that anyone wishing to evolve themselves into a higher state of awareness and being, must in order to accomplish this, achieve absolute Integrity, starting with being absolute true to oneself !

If you cannot be true to yourself, you cannot accomplish any form of higher consciousness. 
The ego must vanish like a puff of smoke, because that’s all it really is !
A whole lot of noise and smoke!

In order to really get rid of the ego, besides being true to ourself and others, and understanding the real structure of what Integrity actually is, it’s at first important to accept the fact that we actually do have an ego!
Since most people who have an ego problem, start with the assumption that they don’t.
This is the same like any Addict not accepting the problem of the addiction.
Acceptance is the first stage to the cure,
denial will just pull you in deeper, no if’s or but’s!

Once you have accepted your egos existence, you will realize “quickly” how it has controlled you most of your life, and you will be looking for ways to get rid of it, and start taking control of your life yourself.
The ego makes us do things we don’t really want to do,
and most often we’re not even aware of it.

Your ego will attempt with any means it has to keep you from doing anything to get rid of it !

The ego takes whatever it has on you, whatever skeletons you might have in your closet, and uses that against you, it makes you feel guilty, tries to control you.
It is that part of ourselves we dislike, we would rather ignore and pretend it's not there.
It's a part of our own consciousness that had achieved a form of independence through the continuous influences of social-toxins, false beliefs and ideals.
Our endeavour it is to “reclaim” that part of our consciousness, in it's original pristine state, purified and cleansed from negative influences.
“Do not let your ego retake control, no matter how hard it tries”.
“It is important to recognize the typical characteristics of the ego, when it attempts to gain or hold control”.
Your ego is the product of a negative society,
and as such, it will be vulnerable to any Non-negative action that will dissipate its structure. It will literally, crumble through the forthbringing of positive understanding, characteristics and qualities such as “Truth”, “Love”, and the higher understanding of the universal compassion, also known as “Christ-Consciousness”, and Divine Humbleness, which is to be humble without subjugating oneself.

Forgiveness is extremely important in attaining the mindset needed to evolve consciously, as any form of judgemental mindset such as vindictiveness will feed the ego.
True Forgiveness for others and oneself is founded on compassionate understanding and Love. Hanging on to a blame or grudge is instant stagnation.
Forgiveness is Healing.

Objectivity is also an important aspect that allows one to stay both rational and open-minded, it is necessary to be objective, as with Humbleness, it also reduces the power of the ego.

You must be unconditionally uncompromising in your actions and thought to transform the ego consciousness into the positive. Your decisions must henceforth be in unison with the want to evolve.
Pay great attention to your thoughts, actions and emotions, without over-thinking, as we should always combine thought / prudence with emotion / feeling.
The more Love and prudence we let into ourselves and give out, the lesser the ego will become.
As we use Christ-consciousness to transform the negative thought forms, that is the new mind-set, your Heart guides you in unison with that.

“It's now time to go from ego consciousness to Divine Consciousness!”

Self-responsibility is the essential condition for resolving the ego problem.
To insist that we blame all of our misbehaviour and misconduct on our ego as an excuse for everything, will just be playing in the hands of the ego.

“We need to take responsibility for the actions of our ego’s, we cannot leave our fate in the hands of ego”

We have the power to decide, if we want to give in to it or not, so lets take that responsibility and use it to improve ourselves, and upgrade ourselves for a better life and society, individually and collectively.

Important is to remember not to act with aggression toward your ego.

As the ego is part of our own mind-consciousness, a part of that consciousness which has gathered the false beliefs and information over the years, and stored that as memory-data, like on a computer hard drive. The intent is to transform the false information and false beliefs into the opposite, and re-gain the “data-storage” on your minds “hard drive” so to speak. So avoid attacking or feeling resentment to your own ego, it won't help anyway.

Start off with being absolutely true to yourself.
But remember “The True Self is found in the Heart, and not in the mind ”.

Love yourself, and your inner child will respect you absolutely !
And will then allow “you” the Main-Soul to take control of your life.

Because the Inner Child is not really a separate part of who we are, as the physical Body has no own self Consciousness without the Soul (as I had mentioned earlier, the body consciousness activates as soon as a Soul enters the body), the Soul creates the Inner-Child body-consciousness to interact with the Body. That part of the Soul will then have the task to act independently from the rest of the Soul, to secure the needs of the body, so is the Inner-Child a direct part of ones own Soul.
So when we Love ourselves, we Love our Inner-Child.

We are our inner-child, it would be logical to assume we are also the ego, but not so.
The ego is not originated from us, even if some of the ego may originate from Soul, or partly genetically from the parents, it is still to the majority a behavioural disposition that found it's way into our minds by negative influences, over the course of our lives, so it's a process to alleviate it.

It should also be realized that as we become adult and gain experience, so does the inner-child gain experience. Therefore a child with a lot of life experiences, but still a child.

(It may be complicated to understand for some, but the Soul is not simply a single energy entity made up of a ball or pillar of light, but much more than that, there are many parts to an entire Soul-Matrix, including a profound state of Divinity)

It is the respect for oneself in the highest order, that in combination with the love for all that is, including ones own life, and all who may or will inevitably be connected with ones life in one way or another.
In which case, your inner child will realize that you have no intent to allow it to be hurt in any way, and thus your inner child will see you as the parent figure it had all along hoped you would be, you are then at long last the compassionate Mentor of great accumulated wisdom, which you actually are.
Considering how many lives your Soul has lived, and the experiences derived from those lives, which are not lost, they are kept in safekeeping, until it is time to allow for the information to be re-gained, and that time is Now !

Also very important, is the aspect of “emotional clearing”,
which is “getting out” all those dysfunctional thought processes from the mind-set, which are both emotional and psychological.
Releasing of “judgement” is a main part of “clearing”, whether it be self-judgement or judgement of others, and extremely important is: “we stop beating ourselves”, our inner-child will be very grateful!

Judgement keeps us from feeling and understanding that everyone and everything has worth. And once we relieve ourselves of judgement, “Christ-consciousness” will replace that. It is the understanding of a “higher perspective”, of life, of all our surroundings, and ourselves.

Resolving of any problems requires effort, responsibility and help, we need not do everything alone, but we must in such situations also do our part to heal and emend.

Important also is to identify the typical characteristics of an ego problem.

Here is a very small list of definitions of ego related behaviour:

* Fear based behaviour, Angst,
* persistence to be someone else other than oneself,-   pretending, running away from the Truth, etc..,
* argumentativeness,
* quarrelsomeness,
* compulsory behaviour i.e. compulsion to : - correcting-others, - finding faults in others, seeking to dispute, etc..,
* ranting or raving, rambling on, (shuts down the mind and the heart, also a sign of not being grounded),
* prejudice,
* jealousy,
* ignorance,
* touchiness,
* arrogance,
* self-absorption, Self-centredness,
* accusatory behaviour/thinking or self-accusation,
* pretentious behaviour,
* complacency,
* condescending,
* opinionatedness,
* contemptuousness,
* duress, coercion,
* rapacity,
* vindictiveness, retribution, revenge,
* stubbornness, illiberal, narrow-mindedness,
* self-righteousness,
* pharisaical behaviour,
* refusal to admit ones own mistakes,
* refusal to listen to or acknowledge the information or opinions of others, bigotry,
* refusal of reason, lack of common sense,
* refusal to embrace wisdom, or newer wisdom,
* lack of objectivity,
* unacceptance of other possibilities,
* lack of cautiousness,
* victimhood, blame,
* guilt consciousness,
* inferiority complex or superiority complex,
* condescending or patronizing,
* bossing around, authoritarianism, subjugation,
* sexual or other excesses, lechery or similar, debauchery, profligacy, etc..,
* vulgarity,
* constantly finding or fabricating excuses to defend the ego (the ego has you right where it wants you)
* Fear and or aggressive behaviour toward anything, that would help to resolve the ego problem,
* profuse refusal and dismissal to admitting to having an ego problem,
* care-taking, continuously risking ones own health to help others whilst ignoring ones own needs,
* necessitating the justification of ones existence, needing to exert oneself for the purpose of expecting and receiving acceptance, “ also Caretaking”,
* willing to help only in the expectations of self-gain, under pretense,
* unwillingness to embrace Love, from others, for others, or for oneself,
* self-subjugation,
* self abasement, self humiliation, Self abuse,
* self-destructive behaviour,
* etc, etc, etc…

Important to consider is also the possibility, that any of these dysfunctional behaviour patterns could originate from a karmic issue from past or present life/incarnation, or being compromised by a foreign consciousness-energy, or similar issues, but that such issues will undeniably result in feeding the ego consciousness. Therefore, to resolve Karma and similar problems is also one of the major priorities in resolving the whole problem, ego or otherwise. Anything that will stagnate one from moving forward to acknowledge and embrace Love and Christ-Consciousness.

The “hurt child” is also a very sensitive topic by which the very beginning of a persons Life (Incarnation) determines how the rest of the Life will proceed, as the first years, the child years, are those that characterize/imprint themselves the most into a persons Incarnate-Consciousness.
That Imprint is quasi like a “Stamp”, and the ego is only part of the result of a “bad stamp”.
It's therefore important to determine if ego related behaviour is a result of a simple issue, or a much more profound subject that really needs a great deal of work, even hard work to resolve.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the ego :

Q: If I drink alcohol, smoke weed / pot, take drugs, does that make the ego stronger?

A: The ego (or negative ego, as some call it) is the product of all things negative, that influence ones life, having taken to any form of intoxicants will have often been the influence of the ego. The ego does that as a form of survival,
so yes indeed, that can very much make the ego stronger. The ego has also the tendency to make one "stay dependent" on anything that will keep its hold on one,
and as such, the ego holds one in denial of being influenced by it,
the ego can be very devious.

But make no mistake, an average ego can be "eliminated" by enough influx of positive things which it does not understand, and which it fears, such as "Love" and "Integrity",
and Integrity is a Heart based virtue, the ego will attempt with aggression to influence your embracing of positive things, as the ego fears its demise.

These are proven facts. Important is also always to remember,
that Love means to always also "Love oneself", which means to do what your Heart tells you to do, and not what the ego tells you to do.

"f your Heart tells you one thing, and your mind tells you something else, then it's best to listen to your Heart"

Q: If I watch TV all day, will that make the ego stronger ?

A: That depends on why you watch TV all day, if it's for no particular reason, then it might, depending what programs you watch, just think about it, the answer might come to mind.

Q: If I ignore the ego, will that make the ego go away?

A: That depends, but usually not. If someone ignores the fact that they might have an ego or an ego problem, that will mostly not suffice to make the ego disappear. If someone is fully conscious of their ego, and consciously aims to resolve the problem by doing nothing that may strengthen the ego (giving in to it), whilst ignoring any attempt of the egos retaliations, that will help indeed. As that will take any energy from the ego, and using that energy for far better reasons.

Q: If my life is ok, will I still have an ego ?

A: An “ok” life is relative, what is an “ok” life?
If you feel really “comfy” with your life, have no problems, and everything just seems to fall in place like a dream, and you could dance all day in bliss, that will not hinder one from having an ego problem.
It all depends on a quantity of life experiences, ones upbringing, as well as how far ones consciousness is evolved.
If for instance, a child is never confronted with any necessity to show any form of “humbleness”, in other words “ has been spoilt,
then that person will demonstrate a profound lack of objectiveness in their adulthood.
Such people will simply not understand or want to understand why others don’t feel as they do, why others aren’t as blissful, or have so many problems, that’s ignorance, another characteristic of the ego.

Q: If I am deeply depressed, will that make the ego stronger or weaker ?

A: Any negative emotions will help to feed the ego, any negativity in general.
But, important to remember is, that by understanding negativity, and integrating that understanding of contrast between Light and dark, will help one to be less vulnerable to any negative energies or situations, and not fall into “victimhood”,
no longer to be influenced by negativity,
and therefore will help to dissipate the ego into the nothingness it is.

Ego based behaviour is also a magnet for potential occupation/possession by foreign entities or Souls (Souls who have not journeyed to the afterlife). Sometimes ego based behaviour is an indicator for such a corruption of our own being, when our person has been violated, possessed.
But only sometimes. This possibility should never be used as an excuse for ego related behaviour, but if we realize, or others who know us realize, our behaviour to be ego based, it can be determined where that behaviour originates, either from years of social environmental influence, or a “Sudden” Profound and negative change in our behaviour, irrational and “uncommonly” self-centred, aggressive, immoral, apathetic, energy drained, a possession is therefore not to be ridiculed nor to be disregarded or ruled out.

Life is complicated, make it easier by accepting that there is exceedingly more than the mainstream has allowed us to know, much more. Now we have that information.

If you are reading this, because you have searched for information that will help you understand, then you are already on the correct path to your evolution.

This information is only one very small piece of all the answers.
You will find more answers to your question in many other sources, and the integrity and Love within yourself makes it easier to understand such information,
and you’ll know easier where to find more information that you “will” be searching for. 

Peace be with you on your Life Journey,
Welcome to your Evolution!

22 April 2008 (updated 24th June 2012 to January/May 2014)


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