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Dancing with the Dark:

The Dark, the negative aspects, are the Contrast to the Light, it is a necessary “inconvenience” that had been created, or rather “discovered” a very long time ago, to be used to see the Light from a different perspective than from within. Although this sounds strange, it is so, that consciousness which knows only the Light, without having learned to understand “that” from afar, from a “distance”, is unilaterally conscious, or in other words, Polarized to the Light. Now, although many would believe this to be no problem, and would rather keep any form of negativity from themselves, which is quite frankly very understandable indeed, there is however the issue of “information deficit”!
This “information” is essential for understanding, and thus moving forward, without the balance of knowledge/wisdom, there would be stagnation. We should realize this is in no way meant to be a “balancing act”, of keeping good and evil light and dark well in balance, that’s not the point. The real point of this situation is, as long as it's a balancing act, there has been no Integration of the information, and therefore no real understanding. For when it's a balancing act, that means one tries to keep both sides from gaining the upper half. But it's all about Understanding. That means, when we acknowledge the dark side of ourselves, as well as in general, we stop Hating it, we stop Fighting it, we begin to see from Both perspectives, instead of from only one. Hating the dark/negative, is like slapping a ferocious Lion in the face to get him to stop biting !
The dark side of ourselves, is a part that we learn to integrate as information into our Soul-being, so that we understand what we could not have fathomed otherwise. It's extremely annoying and uncomfortable the dark and negative, in it's unfiltered pure form, that’s because it's disharmonic and chaotic without guidance from the Light. The Light does not condemn the dark, for the Light knows it has worth, and cannot be left on it's own, otherwise it would be like turning on a massive bulldozer and letting it run by itself, as it likes, that’s a “no-go”. We realize, when we use our Unconditional Love to interact with what we learn from the Contrast to that Light, that we can understand much more, fathom greater processes of wisdom, perceive far greater the workings of all that is, including our own self. It is at that point, that we truly understand what Unconditional Love really means.