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Crop-Formation Theory
(an educated guess)

I had been asked to express my theories and thoughts about the Crop-formation
phenomenon by a fellow “free-thinker.

As I’m not in any way an expert in such matters, I’ll merely express what I
have learned about the situation so far, giving my 2 Cents, my thoughts, an educated guess.

I have observed the research of these Formations for a while now.

Many seem to know exactly what the issue is of this circumstance is.

The basic knowledge of the Crop-formations origin, their scientifically
founded explanations and studies as to the authenticity of the Formations,
and the meanings of the individual images formed, all together are of
phenomenal achievement in granting the people an answer to a question of
such significance.

Excluded of course are the Fake Formations made by Earthly Human Hand, of
which some are astonishingly well made, but nevertheless fake!
Evidence gathered by leading crop-formation researchers throughout the years, showed that many fresh formations had proven a considerable energy streaming from the formations laid in the crop fields, slightly comparable to a non lethal radiation. Some researchers had testified that when freshly laid formations in the crop fields were visited only shortly after they had been created, the energy was so intense, that it could be gaugeable over 100 meters directly above the formation. A great deal of heat had been felt emanating directly from the laid crops, even burning the hairs on the legs of the researchers, also to a depth of up to 100 meters, the groundwater directly below the cropformation had been evaporated. The strong energies also causing a feeling of dizziness and nausea, but after an hour or so having changed to a more pleasant energy, with a very beneficial effect, inspiring people who visited the fresh formations to then lay themselves centrally in the crop-formations. Some of those who had done so even testified to a positive change in their health afterwards. Samples of the laid crops from formations had also shown evidence of a slight to massive DNA alteration, with some of the crops having been spirally bent directly within the plant, or having reacted as if they had been in a microwave oven, or spiderwebs having crystallized directly within the formation.
There are a many more examples of phenomena examined from “authentic” cropformations.
  The more questions are asked about it, the more answers or theories are formed,
and the more the consciousness of humanity will endeavour to an upheaval into
the realm of a higher and Multidimensional thinking.

As such are the basic principles of the Formations Images.

As many are not aware of the origins of the Crop-formations or their exact
meanings, I’ll merely state what may be for others more than self evident,
or “an old hat”.

But some would like a more “down to earth” explanation, in accordance to the
general public, many of whom will stay as sceptical as they are merely due
to them not being as spiritually or scientifically conscious as others, who
may have far lesser difficulty understanding the complexity
within the Crop-formation scenario.

The point is, these formations are not merely the geometrically perfect
constructions of only “one” Non-terrestrial race, but of many, how many I don’t
know, it has already been stated that a certain race may be responsible, and
yet another race came into the Limelight, in actuality there is an entire
Federation of such “people” of most diverse origin responsible for the
symbolic imagery created within the crop on earth, for not only the past decades,
but also for hundreds of years.

This Federation being a conglomerate of most benevolent races, adhering to
the fundamental protocols on which their Federation is built.

It is to understand that as many on earth will at this time have the knowledge
and understanding to decipher the Formations meanings, they will in turn
bring their understanding to the people, assisting the systematic raising of
the consciousness of humanity. Sometimes this happens unknowingly, since
subconsciously some will understand their meaning.

This is due to a programming within the very DNA of many people.

Similar results had been accomplished by the CIA on the subconscious
level, but with questionable results, so as to demonstrate the plausibility
of such programming. Nevertheless, the DNA programming within the earth people
in respect to the Crop-formations had been induced by far greater
”intelligences”, of non-terrestrial origin.

This Activation Program is part of the Ascension Process in realization at
this very moment.
The Ascension into a higher dimensional realm, of a higher frequency of
or an Evolution if you wish, of humanity, of which these Crop-formations are
part of the assistance to this process, bringing both conscious and
subconscious awareness and activation.

Not only do the geometric patterns and symbolisms activate the subconscious
within the population,
but also an enhancement of the Earth Energies and Matrixes.

All very complicated thematics, to which I have not enough knowledge to

But that’s what many others have been doing with their Research on

And entirely without realising it, many people have awakened
after merely looking at the Crop-formation Symbols within the
Internet, in Books or anywhere else.

I had for some years also pondered as to the construction methods used to create
such wondrous geometrically perfect formations,
as the “Plank and Rope” theory had cemented the critics firmly to their “non
belief” scenario,
I had come up with my own conception to the phenomenon, and just made a keen

An artificial intelligence system within a number of collectively
functioning Probes, flying over and simultaneously laying the Crop.
The system is controlled from a centre Computer that is programmed with the
image to be formed within the Crop.

As it is quite apparent that this Technology is far beyond what we have on earth, it’s
most logical that the system needs not to be directly over the Crop to lay it in formation,
if the "Tool” used for this task is for instance a Probe,
then it extends (widens) it’s energy transmission over an effective angle.

These Objects, which have been observed from a distance while they were flying over the fields,
are known to construct the Formations within Seconds, geometrically Perfect and Precise.
There have also been events mostly during cloudy evenings or nights where a visible stream of widened white light was witnessed emanating from the sky into an area in a crop field where only moments afterwards a fresh cropformation was found.

It’s plain to understand how most people cannot fathom the intricacy of such
technology, and therefore are unable to believe it!
This naturally also includes most people who share the bigotry of the mass media. 

Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, and not be deprived of their own right to judge a situation or their capability of coping with any form of knowledge or information, that may be of importance to them personally or as a people.
Rather than the Govern-mental bodies telling everyone what they should believe or disbelieve.
Many cropformations have been debunked as “hoaxes”, having been created by people using the plank and rope method, but most of those had not the preciseness and magnificence that “authentic” cropformations demonstrate, nor any out of the norm phenomenal energies of physical changes in the crops.
Whereas many authentic formations had also the phenomenon, where in the area of the formation the next year crop did not grow as the rest of the crop in that field, also often with still evidence of genetic alteration.

Even though there have always been a lot of “fake” cropformations, it is logically considered not possible for all of them to be a hoax.
But as I had explained, everyone should make their own conclusions.

September 2007

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