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The Crime Thriller Syndrome

Instead of drooling over a concept of “what*s the best way to get rid of somebody “permanently“ whilst the motive for the forced removal is in most cases a monetary one (i.e. plain greed), but regardless which motive, in every case flows directly into the aspect of negatively powered thinking, enforcing only one option of existence, mainly that of life despising.
Treating the concept of life with utmost disrespect, not even giving life a chance, due to the concept being considered “humdrum“ in respect to a good story, as the concept of death had since the beginning of the ages been the easiest of subjects to write about, as its the easiest to understand, the individual is simply dead, so he or she cant complain about the rest of the storyline, but amazingly still remain to be the key character of the story.
This type of thinking had always managed to captivate the readers, since almost everybody had always at least one person in their lives they would liked to have “ put away“ or “done in“ or “disposed of “ at one point, but this type of thinking, however understandable, is the way of the past, it is a concept derived from a world we must leave behind us, to keep in memory alone, and never in substance.

“When the thought of “doing someone else in” becomes painful, that’s when we know
we are getting better.”

As such it is necessary to concentrate on subjects and concepts more in unison with a new and more “life inviting and affirming“ thinking.
Giving Life A Chance !
Straining ones mind to create a story concept solely on the basis of Life,
bringing ideas into the world that help manifest the advancement of society instead of its downfall.
In full antithesis to what had otherwise always been the case with the excessive use of the concept of death. What we think and feel is what we manifest, collectively it works best !

Take for instance the concept of a “ utopian society“,
as we still live in a society barely able to keep itself from committing Armageddon,
or global “Hara-kiri“, based on the pretense of not knowing what to do else, as humanity is so accustomed to reacting with primitive instincts. But instincts are something we should leave to the animal kingdom, as we humans have the ability to change from a reaction based society to one of Creation.
Thus we can create our society as it is optimal for us to live in,
and not to die or suffer in.

We are way past the point of needing to suffer to the will of another, or to die due to someone else’s want for us to stop existing, and of the society not functioning because of it’s members inability to live with each other in harmony, due to the unrelenting animalic thought pattern that “only the strong will survive“, or in other case, “only who can instigate others to do their dirty deeds for them will survive“ !

Which is in reality a misconception, as such behaviour will inevitably lead to the collapse of any society, as they are based principally on aspects without “life sustaining foundation“.
Equal distribution of all aspects of a healthy functioning society will insure its stability!
There can be no defraudation or discrimination, as any behaviour of purely self-gratifying nature will cause a rupture in the harmony, and only when the negative behaviour patterns desist, will a society be able to flourish into one we would be pleased to be part of.

It’s not all that difficult to picture a concept for a society one would regard as Utopian.
If all would simultaneously Endeavour to take part in creating a concept for a utopian society, then we need collectively merely to take what we all have to offer, and unify those parts of all concepts that are mostly acceptable to all, and the most plausible to be put into action, thus having collectively created a fully functioning basis for a stable and life affirming society.

And to start with, we can nolonger leave the concerns of our society and our world in the hands of people we do not even know, or don’t know if they are to be trusted. And even if so, we cannot dump our problems onto the back of any president, washing our hands of it in artlessness, and expect the presented showpiece figure of the state/country to fix all our problems for us. Even if there were no “backstage Puppeteers“ controlling the politics and the economy solely for their own gain.
Problems and issues that concern us must be collectively considered by us, and rectified by us, and Not given to someone else to sort out.
Leave everything to someone else take care of, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you get the carpet pulled from under your feet ! 

And we don’t need to wait another 50 or 100 years to create the world we want.
In fact we cannot even wait very long to decide to make a positive change to the best of all, as the world society seems to be systematically falling apart right now.
So there’s no time like the present, to do away with those aspects of society that cannot and will not function, the negative aspects of a past and primitive time we should leave behind us, and replace with the foundation for a Human society.

But being Human and Evolved means to “no longer” act like Primeval primates with a thirst for blood and an ego complex to boot.

We are way past the point of shooting first and asking questions later, the wildwest strategy is totally outdated and only keeps the people in a doom loop of failed strategy, as we need to think with our Hearts and minds simultaneously in order to accomplish a lasting truly beneficial outcome. Any decisions based on negative thought forms and emotions will reap more of the same and ricochet back to it's origin. What we send out will come back, it's one of the universal laws of physics.

What's most important about an Evolution is not so much the physique, but more so the Consciousness. As that will allow for the understanding to excel in our entirety, and that is in the most profound sense our Soul Being. As long as we are still in the process of experiencing physicality, we will include that into our Evolution, and not visa versa.

So we ultimately understand that it takes more to be Human and Evolved than merely to improve the sum of our molecular selves.

However, human kind does have an almost built-in attribute in attempting to become more than its some of molecules and forcefully ingrained manner of behaviour, at least to a large extent this has been the case throughout history, proven by the simple fact that despite all indications to the opposite, humanity has come a long way.

But what’s keeping humanity from achieving a positive change into a utopian stage?
Why humanity just cannot seem to live in harmony with itself and its world ?

Partly out of fear, and partly out of pure laziness, the disinterest and fear of change.
Which is the ego in control.

It’s far more easy to stick with something ones use to, even if it doesn’t accommodate our advancement as a society. So we lie to ourselves and those we know, about how we feel about the situation, pretending to be content with the false façade of society we take part in upholding.
But lying means fabricating an untruth, whereas truth is already in existence, and has no need to be invented.

The Logic lies in the effort of creation. Creating untruths resonates negatively, just as stealing does, and will result in inevitable ruin, decay of the consciousness, benefiting the ego. Creating positive outcomes resonates positively, just like Truth does, which will result in the advancement of the consciousness, Lasting Harmony, Freedom, Love, Bliss, Friendship, Happiness, inner as well as outer all round Wellbeing.

What's more, lying in itself is already like playing with fire, but what’s even more preposterous and especially unproductive is the act of “self-deception“.
Lying to oneself is in respect to humanities social background admittedly understandable, but invariably the dumbest thing anyone could ever do.
And because its a behavioural disposition of a past dysfunctional social history,
the time has come to change from dysfunctional to functional, and in that respect must be taken into allowance that functional does not mean simply Logical and without emotional consideration, quite the contrary, a perfect society always combines Logic and Emotions, when this is done, then emotions will be present but under better control due to an unflawed logic.
Without Emotions, humanity would become like cardboard figures, and without an ample amount of Logic, humanity would become, well, like what we still have now !

But we don’t want that anymore, atleast the majority of humanity doesn’t want to stick to the old dysfunctional ways, nor replace them with new dysfunctional ways.

Utopia is not a fictitious concept, it is in reality a truly plausible option and an opportunity, one humanity should deeply seriously consider, instead of dismissing the idea as just a fantasy. You see, it already exists, it lays dormant within the consciousness of collective humanity, who are merely unable to realize their own true potential to pull themselves out of the mess, but as had already been mentioned,
collectively it works best !

28 August 2009 (updated July 2012)


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