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The Color Light Magicians League
A short story based on a true situation

The Color Light Magicians (color flame magicians)

(Translated from German into something like English) (written before 2000)

Everywhere in the Universe where there had been or are civilizations and cultures, there had been times where the simple folk were able to be impressed with simple things, from those able to manipulate the forces of nature through simple knowledge of for instance chemistry, and the more they knew of the mysteries of nature, the easier they could impress the people with their doings,

Even with as simple task as changing the color of a flame, was enough to impress the folk,

And although it was usually a knowledge of chemistry that sufficed to change the color of a flame,

by throwing some minerals into the fire, there were also those known by legends who could perform this simple feat of magic entirely without even moving, hence without adding any substances to the flames, but alone through the power of their mind, these where the

“Real Magicians”, not the showmen charlatans with their bags of dust, but more so those who really knew the true wisdom of natures forces, often known as Druids, who to some extent knew how to achieve a raising of their consciousness, through meditation, and often also with addition of consciousness-expanding drugs such as is known to be capable with certain mushrooms, enabled

through knowledge that had been passed on within generations,


But the astounding ability to change the color of the flames was by no means the apogee of their abilitys, it only induced some of these true magicians to use this feat as a type of “visiting card”,

Since these magicians could evoke different colors within the flames, and used a certain color to be identified by other magicians, depending on their personal power and or personality,


There where but not too many true magicians with such abilities, and not many living in the same time, there where sometimes over a thousand years between such true magicians lives,

But they all had together left a profound impression within human history through legends and sagas, whereas it is known that in every legend, there is at least a small hint of truth,


Not only was the coloring of the flame an important way of showing their power and mental strength and abilities, but the color of their own Aura was also of great significance,


It is known that every “reasonably” normal Person (or what ever) has a variety of different Auras,

the most commonly known is that of the aura of physical wellbeing, of which the color may vary not only simultaneously throughout the body, but differently within many parts of the body,

also commonly known is the aura of emotional/spiritual wellbeing and state, which usually expresses simultaneously throughout the person the same varying color,

but in addition to these auras, there is a field of color representing the state of spiritual/mental strength and consciousness, this is visible to those on the same or similar level of evolution or higher, and was easily seen by other true magicians, when one of them had achieved the needed level of understanding and wisdom and spiritual strength to show it clearly to those on the same level, and others would have had more work in practicing this type of personal expression to emanate their own personal aura color, and hence their magical strength,


Many are not aware of their true inner power and abilities, and that they possess such an aura,

but those who are aware of their own power or spiritual strength, do not know how to correctly apply these powers, and some who do know how to use their powers, employ them for negative deeds, and quite a many more than most will admit,

but not only on earth is the wisdom and use of such powers defined, but naturally also throughout the entire universe,


Decisive is the color of the spiritual power aura not really, but it merely shows where within the Ring of the Color Light Magicians one such magician is,

Since there are certain colors with which a member of the Ring will be identified, and the functions and tasks such a magician will partake,

As the cultures within the universe had evolved, and some members of those cultures realized their own “magical” potential, came the event where those different cultures and the magicians within those cultures discover oneanother, and should they not have waged war on each other, hence created confederations/associations, leagues,


Within time came inevitably an official alliance between the magicians of the different cultures, including the necessary rules and regulations,

Combining and uniting their different individual inherent and learned powers, including the technologies of their respective cultures, and the character traits of each individual magician,

making the alliance eventually on of the most powerful and respected organisations within the known universe,


Luckily was it, that most of the members of this alliance/league decided to make “order” and self-control the main regulation within the system, without which the deterioration of the alliance of the collective powers would have been imminent, and any magician seeking only self-advantage from the alliance would quickly know to exploit the situation, as these magicians would know also to hide their true motives, making it dangerous to underestimate the individual members of the alliance,

Again luckily was it so that moste of the members of the alliance of universal magicians were of Positive and deeply considerate traits, making it possible to combine their powers and abilities to protect each homeworld of the corresponding members,


This protection naturally was not bounded to the homeworlds of the Color Light Magicians League, but extende to the entire spectrum of the then known universe, especially worlds without the ability to hinder infiltration of negative forces, but not merely the protection of worlds was a motive to uphold the alliance, but also to extend their collective knowledge and wisdom throughout the universe, and also the perpetual search for potential recruits to the alliance was enough to keep them sufficiently busy,


So came it that the Ring or League of the Color Light Magicians became known and respected throughout the known universe, and feared by most forms of sinister forces,


How the color of the Spiritual/Mental Power Aura is corresponding to the functions, assignments and character of each member of the league is explained as follows:


The “White” Light of the Spiritual Power within the members of the league depicts the greatest Wisdom and spiritual/mental connectivity to the univers,

Their place of activity is usually bound to a location best suited for the implementation of their abilities, as they will be able to function over the greatest spectrum of cosmic distance, due to their connectivity to universal source, Also at their place of action they will teach and instruct students of the league, their powerful aura is usually extremely visible to anyone, and only the most gifted of the magicians reach this level of ability, most will also achieve the ascension into a higher realm, from where they will continue their work as members of the league, until they reach a level where they will leave their connection to the league,


The “Green” Aura Light of the Color Light Magicians depicts the simpelest, humblest and nature adjunctive with under the members of the league, their assignments are bounded to usually only One world, usually the world of their origin, where they give all their wisdom and abilities to the benefit of their world, and to the function of the league, as they are the first Mentors for any potential true magician within their population, and notify the league when a student of theirs is ready to be chosen as a potential recruit to the “cosmic color light magicians league”,

They live the humble life of a Monk within the alliance of the magicians, seldom do they leave their home world, their fate is the humbleness, and as such are dependent on the charity of their own people, as such their people show their gratitude for the selfless tasks of the Monk Magicians of the Green Light,


The “Purple” (Violet or Indigo) Light of the Color Light Magicians is almost unavoidably majestic, since it shows the aura color of the most dynamic, alert, observant, cunning and incorruptible of the members of the magicians league, they are the unofficial Authority within the league of color light magicians, those not able to take the role of the White color light magicians, due to their dauntless personalities and unbending desire for field work, instead they are the driving force within the league, their powers are similar to those of the White light, but they will choose to ascend at a later stage of their existence to a metaphisical realm, their power and desire of service on the physical, makes them unable to concentrate alone on the spiritual path, their fate is their relentless vigilance, they are the responsible for all activities and operations within the league of the color light magicians, often they are like the Phantoms of the league, ever vigilant, seldom seen, always on the spot. Those of the league of color light magicians with a more lighter Violet shade, are either young recruits to becoming full Purple magicians, or Female magicians of the same power and authority who have a Red aura center with a violet haze,


The “Blue Aura Light of the Magicians League is characterized by those members of the alliance of which there are the most, they are the field workers and police of the league, and are assigned to any part of the universe, always on the go and ready for action, they are usually administrated and guided by the Purple Light Magicians, the Blue Light Magicians are also the direct journeymen scholars of the Purple Masters, many Blue light magicians will elevate to the level of Purple master,

But many again decide to stay in service as Blue light magicians, since they are as yet unsuited for the responsibility of the Field work as Purple master, decisive for their decision is their own self –assessment of their inner power, their fate is the decision of high responsibility and vigilance, or conservativeness to act only according to directives, the apprentice to the Blue Light Magicians is distinctive by the Turquoise or Cyan color,


The “Red Light of the Spiritual Aura of the League of Light Magicians is the Main color associated to the Female Light Magicians, as they will have in distinction to the Male Magicians more than one representative color, but mostly the deep Red will be in combination with a haze of violet or purple, which makes them the Female Authority and Responsibility within the league,

At the time of their first Mentoring, which will take place on their home planet by a Green Light Magician, they will show the Pink aura of identification, and with time they will find to which direction of function they wish to take part, as such will their Pink or Red aura with time achieve a haze of either Green, Violet, Turquoise or white, depending on their internal Power and desire, including their connection with source, as such will a Female Light Magician with highest connection to the cosmic source achieve a very strong aura of Rose-Pink going lighter to the rim, and will be one with the Male White Light Magicians,


There will also be those Aprentices of the Cosmic Light Magicians League showing a “Yellow” or “Orange” aura of identification, whereas the Gender will usually be irrelevant, decisive is thereby only the personality and inner power, whereas the Yellow signifies a profounder connection to source, and the Orange a more gumptious and grounded attitude,


Those were now a lot of lovely colors, not really the most important aspect in regards to the activities and deeds of the most powerful alliance of magicians within the known universe,

although naturally unknown to the badly informed people of earth, but its not really decisive whether the people of earth know of this or not. It would by no means hinder the rest of the universe from existing nevertheless.

Its to be understood that the individual Aura Color Identification within the League merely depicts the decisive and individual actions and responsibilities of every member of the league, and their connection to the cosmic orientation,


Magician would for modern earth standards be a rather kitschy description for an alliance of people of somany differen origins and capabilities, who moreover use their powers and abilities to help less privileged worlds, but for the rest of the universe, the description is appropriate,
since their emergence and actions resemble that of highly capable magicians.

Not the type of magicians that are or have been commonly known on earth, but those fare less known to the general public, mostly since they themselves had decided it so.

Most of them had even kept themselves and their abilities concealed from public view,

Especially because most people were afraid of these true magicians, and of their powers,

A situation which was barely to be found within the rest of the universe,

Thereby these true magicians were anything else but a danger to other people, they had even offered their help in general, which was usually taken by kings or other high nobility,

however but mainly for dishonourable purposes, as those of high nobility were the only ones who recognized the potential of these true magicians,

Usually but, these Magicians or Druids restricted themselves to the mixing of herbs and concoctions for either Healing functions or the causing of death, sometimes but, these concoctions where mixed for reasons of far greater purposes, with truly astounding effect,


Lesser known were the skills of some very few True Magicians, who had the ability to manipulate or rather use the laws nature on a grander scale, some of which had found their way through history in legends. One such example as told in legends was the ability of a Druid or Magician to split a large Rock in half, without the help of mechanical means or trickery.

Also known though legends was the ability of Druids or Magicians to learn and practice the changing or manipulation of existential fields, such as would in the modern times be regarded as “quantum-displacement” or producing a dimentional portal, or teleportation,

As such they were able to wander into other dimentions/realities, parallel universes, other timelines, or just plain to another part of the world, or another world alltogether, some of these Magicians/Druids managed this through the power of their consciousness alone, others again needed for this feat the help of certain minerals/elements and technological devises/systems, of which some are still today present on earth, and of which some again are even plainly for all to see, or at least somewhere where it is visible, without anyone having even the slightest clue of the real function of the object, as it may be regarded as merely a stone arch, or an artefact of no visible relevance to any technological pertinence. 


Some of these Druids/Magicians althogh never returned from their excursions through the portals, of which for some this had been by their own decision.

Some of the devices that were used by the Druids/Magicians in the past were not of terrestrial origin, or at least not from a time before 100 years or more from now,

Astonishing was not only the fact that these Druids/Magicians were able to create a portal by means of Technological help at a time as the sword was the voice of survival, but also and more the fact that these Druids/Magicians could to such a time actually understand and employ such devices that are for the most talented scientists of today still an exceeding challenge to even understand let alone set into action. Which plainly depicts with which grandeur of intellect these Druids/Magicians had gone about their busyness during the epoch of the sword. Alone today they would still be at least 1000 years ahead of their time. Also Nicola Tesla was one who was many years ahead of his time, a modern True Magician, due to his great level of understanding of the true principles of universal nature. There had within socalled modern times been many such True Magicians, whos feats to draw amazement and wonder from the people with their abilities to manipulate the laws of physics and nature, was also nonetheless greeted and penalized with much primitive hostility, making it barely surprising that they usually favoured solitude from public awareness. But there had been times in history where such True Magicians were respected and admired by the people, instead of reaping hostility, but these times were pitifully short.


There are unfortunatel not many such capable and gifted people nowadays, if any, and if so, their abilities are usually misused by the powers that be, a doom loop of history.

And wenn or if these League of Cosmic Light Magicians might coincidentally just happen to wander into our galaxy, then we could call ourselves lucky, for possibly at last then may a state of order and harmony overcome this galaxy,

who knows, it might happen any time now, let us just not lose hope.



Martin Rosenberger


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