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Clearing, Unblocking,

taking out the Hate, the Judgments, the Grudges, the Prejudices.

Anger is an Emotional Response to something, but Hate is a Decision, just as is judgment, prejudice or having a grudge against someone.

The judgment can quickly turn into hate energy, which is then escalated into sheer anger.

Such energies are destructive, not only to the direction in which they are sent, but also to the sender.

These Emotions are Blockages, they have the tendency to clog up certain physical and non-physical parts of the body, not only the emotional / psychological aspects, but aspects which exist, but are not taken seriously by the mainstream society, but are nevertheless still there.

These blockages are first energy signatures of destructive frequency, as every emotional and mental signal has it's own specific frequency.

Decisions become emotional directions, these directions or directives are given energy from the creator of the thought, the self.

If these emotional directions in which a person builds up a directive, a principle of behavior, is given more energy, or simply sustained within the persons principle of thinking and acting, then that energy signal derived from the decision, will continue to vibrate, and send out, like a radio wave sent out from a radio-station.

Depending what frequency that is, will determine if it is beneficial or destructive.

All mental and emotional energy signals that we send out, at all times come back to us, similar to a rebounding ball. What we send out therefore is what we will get, that is the “Law of Attraction!”

Positive emotional energy frequencies are Love, compassion, Ease or Calm, like many other pleasant healthy frequencies, and the corresponding energies.

They are good and life sustaining.

The un-beneficial destructive energies and corresponding frequencies are like silica-dirt, having the tendency as I mentioned before to clog up and hang in certain places, just as dirt does.

And as long as these destructive energy frequencies are given more emotional and mental energy, even non-consciously, they will continue to resonate where they are, and where they are sent, and possibly grow.

This will with time cause physical damage in one way or other, as these frequencies disrupt the very delicate aspects of our physical being. Ergo Health issues.
Right down to the very DNA even. Although DNA is eventually resilient to mechanical interferences, which can be understood by the fact that DNA can survive crashing to a planet riding on a meteor or comet, but is then again extremely prone to frequency signatures.

So, it is determined that hate, judgments, grudges, prejudices, jealousy, and similar decisions of non-beneficial emotional and mental energy signatures are blockages and health risks for ones own person, in a number of ways.

Now, what to do about it !

It's quite easy to understand that it would be extremely beneficial to resolve and remove all of the non-beneficial energy-frequencies from oneself.

As these energies have their origin within ones own emotional and mental standpoints, which are decisions, we should work to understand how to change that.

As many such emotional and mental standpoints (mindsets) have their origin in our past, sometimes from a very far past, we often cannot remember or determine how they came about.

Whether we do or not remember is not really so decisive, as long as we work to resolve these “issues” we have.

When we really, with all true honesty, consider exactly why we hate someone, have a grudge or judgment, prejudice or jealousy directed to someone, we often realize how nonessential such negative emotions and mental opinions really are.

For starters, such mental and emotional decisions / opinions don’t do us any good at all.

And with this clear understanding of the situation, we go to work to resolve the blocks we have, created by the negative energy-signatures adherent in our person.

Sometimes theses emotional and mental decisions even originate from blocks we may have that were already there before, from a different but similar issue.

We can begin with a simple procedure.

We make a totally honest and unbiased list, of All the people we hate, we have a grudge against, we are jealous of, whom we judge strongly, or are prejudice against.

Don’t worry if that list becomes longer than expected.

Then, one by one, we examine each person, regardless in which order, or if we can remember the name at all.

When we examine each one, without biased, we consider “why in all truth do we think and feel negative towards this / these person/s?”.

Naturally there will for some be an obvious reason, especially for those we know personally, and have done personal harm to us.

But what of those we don’t even know, or don’t know why we think and feel this towards them ?


We take that list thoroughly through, one by one, each person.

It can take a while, but it's worth the effort.

Once we start with that list, we also begin consulting specialists who can and will help us to resolve these issues.

For regardless what any of these people have done to us, it will not benefit us in the slightest, by hanging onto the past, and letting these destructive emotional and mental energies destroy us from within our from outside.

Hanging onto these mental and emotional energies, will do us no good.

Let, Go !

For some of these names on that list, letting go will be easier, but for the other members on that list, there will be help needed to resolve the issues.

Remember also this, there is no release of these destructive energies in doing harm unto those we have an issue with, regardless.

The issue will follow, regardless.

We Must learn to Forgive, also learn to forgive ourselves, however difficult we may find that, it is the only way out of the karmic circle, the only way to find peace with ourselves and the world we live in. Guilt is also a hate, prejudice or judgment against oneself.

When we ask “how do I forgive?”

We make another list, this time we make two separate lists.

On the one list we consider “what would we gain from not forgiving, not letting go?”

On the other list we consider the opposite ”What would we gain from forgiving, letting go ?”

When we do that totally honestly unbiasedly, we will soon realize that hanging on to these destructive unbeneficial mental and emotional decisions, opinions and mindsets, will not benefit us in any way at all.

Many such issues are often Family related, and span often many generations back into the far past.
As these issues are energy-frequency signature related, the physical hereditary aspect is therefore entirely irrelevant. Which means the issue is not transferable by genetic physical means alone, but karmically.

Often these issues are connecting people who live entirely unbeknown to each other,
but who may share common recent ancestry, or other historic connections.

This also correlates to issues we may have with situations, not just persons.

Another quick way to ease-down anger can be to take the anger mentally in ones hands, and throwing it into a corner we don’t particularly like, or a peace of asphalt or road outside. Even without having to leave the house, you can just dump it into a place or space that can take the energies we want to dump, like we would with a gesture of throwing something far away from us, with a short but emphasizing vocal acknowledgement, perhaps like a controlled karate yell if you like. Just give the anger-energy away, and it's gone. Often it has helped me in such times, especially when I didn’t know what to do else. Or instead of a yell, you could puff the bad energy out into the direction where it can do no harm, with a very strong and meaningful breath out of the system.
Of course this is only a momentary solution, and doesn’t Heal or resolve the issue that is there which causes the anger to manifest in the first place, but it's a Help.

If this does however turn into an erratic breathing syndrome, the bad energy is vented out, so it's ok to calm the breathing, slowing down the breathing, until you breathe calm and relaxed.

Those who we ask for help to resolve the issues we have, should be aware and responsive to such situations and issues.

We should rely on our discernment as well as on our intuition, our Heart feeling, when we choose someone to help us.
If we combine both, then our Endeavour to find the help we will need, will be of greater success.

In this matter, it is of utmost importance to be completely un-biased when resolving ones issues and finding the help we will need for that.

We know we have work to do to resolve our problems, we must not do that alone.

Part of the resolution is changing our mindset to a more constructive, life affirming and beneficial standpoint, one that allows us to be free from all that does not serve our highest good, but let's us find true lasting peace within “no strings attached!”

Once we start with resolving our issues, we will feel the difference, the Positive Change in us, and that Change is Good !

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