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* Caretaking:

In the conscious sense of the Individual, as known within the Higher-Perspectives, this means “service to others without service to self”. Purely service to others is polarized behavior to give only without considering ones own needs, therefore undermining ones own health and wellbeing. Service to self is maintaining ones own needs and wellbeing. Combining both aspects is just like combining Unadulterated Logic with Love and Compassion, which again is the Basis for True Wisdom.
Purely service to self is also polarized behavior, which is undermining ones true God-Self, which is to acknowledge and accept ones Soul-given ability to Feel and Give Love, to learn to Understand Love and Compassion. The True God-Self is to “Care” for oneself and others. As Children of God, we have the God-given Right and Ability to do both, which is also an imperative for Soul Growth.