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Calm Within

Calm Within

There can be No fear,
No judgment, No aggression, No hectic.

Only Love, Compassion and Understanding,

Peace, Freedom, Harmony within,
Calm Within.

Does the Fear Anger or Uncertainty
overwhelm you ?

Acknowledge the fear, the anger, the judgment, the uncertainty.
Understand, discover Why you feel it.

Then realize
“you don’t need it anymore. “

It is no longer necessary,
it no longer serves your highest good.

It will dissipate, or it Must be Resolved,
 it should no longer need
your energy, or thoughts,
but your Heart does.

Picture a warm Candle flame,
in a warm quiet darkened room of your own.
 Time stands still here,
there is no such thing as time here,
only the Now,
there is no Must,
there is only You and the Light.
You and the Calm.
Only the Calm Warm Candle Flame and You.
The Light Calls You,
this Room is Yours.
It is a Warm darkened Tranquil Room,
there is no sound, only the sound you want to hear,
only the candles Light.
You are in this Room, whenever You want Calm,
whenever you seek the Calm Within.
There is no time in your Room,
Only the Calm.

Think Calm, think Peace,
Feel the Calm, Feel the Peace.

Breathe slowly, deeply,
until you breathe calmly.
Nothing is there to upset you,
nothing can upset you.
You think and feel Love,
Compassion, Understanding.

You are Calm
You are Free
You are Harmony

May you be in freedom of all that does not
serve your highest good.


Cause and effect.
Even though we are going from reaction thinking to creation thinking,
there are always things we will react to,
as it takes a great shift in consciousness in this physical realm, to be able
to elude any form of reaction to anything.

The best way to stay in our space is to
acknowledge and contemplate, but nolonger to react.

We create the moment, instead of only reacting to an event,
as our progression in conscious awareness allows us to become
the creators of our world, in any given situation,
either in the moment or longterm.

We find the solutions, as Co-creators.
We interact more consciously to situations,
making and keeping our own “space” at all times.

Finding ones own space.
To find that moment, in time ?
How to make that “time” ?

If we for instance glance for a moment on a watch or clock,
to see the seconds tick by,
for the time it takes for those seconds to tick by, we will be taking that time
to perceive that action, and do nothing, or concentrate on nothing else, for that time.
We will for that brief moment be in a state of full preoccupation.
Everything around us simply seems to just disappear,
except for what we are focused upon.

Another example is a loud noise, like a bang for instance,
when that happens, we are for a brief moment, perhaps a few seconds,
entirely preoccupied with acknowledging the event.
We immediately look to the area where we presume the noise to originate,
attempting to contemplate rapidly, instinctively, in the rest of that moment
what might have caused it.
We are again for a brief moment, only in that space and time.
Nothing else around us is discernable for that moment.

Or we drop something.
Then we again for that brief moment in time and space,
only focus on one thing only,
that we have lost control of what we had been holding,
it's destiny and destination not entirely clear.
It could break, or bounce to who knows where.
All else around us is again, almost non-existent.

Imagine we could slow down any of these events,
to a point where we can fully value that entire moment.
We would truly be in our space.

If we could accomplish this
without any need to cause an event,
then we would create our own space
within our own personal time.
While all around us seems to just fade into the sidelines.

Whilst this is a moment of pure oneness with the nonmaterial self,
where we are not distracted by our surroundings,
there is the process of learning to be in
ones own space at any given time,
whilst interacting with our surroundings.
And that begins with finding that pure moment
of ones own space and time.


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