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* Taking the “airy fairy” out of the Astrological explanations:

After years of attempting to fathom the Astrological intricacies that are explained by so many different people with so many different backgrounds, regardless if Spiritual, Esoteric, or otherwise, I decided to give up trying to understand “how in heavens name these people get knowledge out of this stuff”!!
What I did understand however, and quite easily, was why Astrology works.

For me that was a piece of cake.

It's quite simple really, it has to do with the Universal Matrix, quite logically as everything has to do with that. In regard to Astrology, it's with the very tightly woven Celestial Matrix and the inseparable interconnectedness of all things in the heavens, that make Astrology so infallible and reliable.

There are no coincidences.

If we were to see what else was out there in the heavens other than dark nothing, and the rest was at least to a perceivable percentage illuminated, we would probably see the meshes that connect the planetary bodies with each other. There are of course other aspects that are not perceivable visually, but rather on a different scale of conscious awareness, as the Temporal intricacies for instance, as throughout the universe there are vast differences in temporal fields from one sector of space to the next. These differences are often only just slightly, but they are part of the many aspects that make up the movements in the heavens. The more simple aspects are the many different Energy Fields around each celestial body and many different groups of celestial bodies. The Interconnectedness of the Celestial bodies and formations have a far greater energy field influence than we would at first assume, as there are far more determining influences than the magnetic or radiation emissions.

Certain Planetary alignments create certain specific Energy Signatures / Frequencies in specific strength, that like a gigantic Key or Key-element initiate a certain outcome.
As the universe is an extremely complex conscious Mental Program, designed by a vast number of highly evolved Souls together with the Prime Divine Creator, whereas the Universal-Matrix is designed to exacting standards to allow for no coincidences,
it is therefore possible to align the celestial activity in such a way through the interconnectedness, as a very reliable “ne plus ultra” Clockwork.

You can if you like call it the “celestial mechanics”, of which the slightest temporal differences may not be so influential in direct vicinity of a specific celestial body, but throughout the universal interconnectedness, it's more so the remarkable “temporal precision”, whether slightly displaced or not, have the “most” profound influence, together with all other influential aspects, which are all part of those mechanics, that make up the grandiose universal celestial clockwork, which can be read like a book by the accordingly learned and scholarly.

Staring at the stars, and seeing what's going on and what's going to happen, is therefore nothing out of the fairytale cabinet, it's just as with everything else in the entire universe, a matter of Higher Science, not to be compared however with the mainstream science.

Higher wisdom allows us to understand everything as it is, and not as we might believe it to be, or we had been told to believe, it has simply nothing to do with belief.
Most important is, to be objective at all times.

All that has, does, and will happen, isn’t carved in stone, but it's written in the stars.
So even if we can't “read” the stars, we can be sure they’re telling us something.