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* Adam Kadmon :

refers to the Universal typification of the primordial incarnate depiction of God in the most basic form, maintaining within that form the highest state of divinity as given by God, within the boundaries of the given state of incarnation. For the purpose of experiencing as individual Souls life within that most God related state.

The term is in Earthly origin known from the kabbalistic teachings, generally describing the Primordial Man.

In the Universal knowledge this term is used to describe the “Primordial Human”.
A Basis Form of Universal Species, of the highest form of Humanoid. 

The Adam Kadmon is not merely the description of the physical, but also that of the conscious decision to think, feel and behave as that defining typification.

In relation to our Genetic Galactic Heritage, that which we are as part of the Adam Kadmon Family, is originated from the Lyrians. One of the oldest, if not the oldest origin race of Adam Kadmon Humanoid within this Galaxy.