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A Tiny Bit of Wisdom


( This is an old Article, the very first I had written after my awakening, since then I have
gained a great deal of additional wisdom, just as everyone else who is on the Ascension Path )

( An Updated version of this Article can be found in the Chapter:-
"The Fabric of Life" )

I have left most of this Article as it was, and this is how it goes:

I Greet you,

I would like to contribute some of what I have learned and what I know to the people visiting this Site,

I will explain as good as possible what I have to contribute, some of the Information will be perhaps difficult to understand,

but that will not matter, as long as the wish to be informed is present, thy own consciousness will profit,

The information will Not contain indisputable evidence for the UFO or ET phenomenon, or any other phenomenon or conspiracy subject,

it will however allow you to realise better the fundamental structure of what is going on here on planet Earth, and out there in the Universe,
and what has been going on until now,  and why things are like they are,

Although the information may not all be exact or indisputable, but it will make you think,
dont just believe everything, but learn to understand rather than to believe, for believing is not knowing,
question it, think about it, realize it,  "Open Your Mind"

Allow for possibilities that the average world will not tolerate,

some of the info you may undoubtedly have encountered before,

And since I dont want this Message to become too long, I will attempt to cram the Info at a tight pace, even though it is still a long explanation,
because the full explanation would take up over 1 billion words (just a rough estimate)

I will be very Radical with my explanations, so an Open Mind is inevitable,
at times I may jump from one subject to another, as I derive my Information direct from my memory,

Please Excuse my Spelling, I am not Native to English,

There are today quite a few people who spread information of all aspects regarding the material this focuses upon,  many will have the correct information, many will not,

some will merely broadcast their egos, others will deliberately annunciate disinformation,  again others will feel the urge to forward information in the commendable attempt to bring the puplic to awaken, not realising that their information may be fals, or exorbitant,  which could logically be complied to what I have written here,
and I am not providing this website to spread disinformation, thats not my job, and not my way of thinking, I’ll leave that to others,
my job it is to Inform, and Not to Dis-inform,

but you should decide for yourself,  without explicitly believing
or disbelieving everything,

First an explanation concerning the reason you have found this website,
you have been brought here by your own intuition, and by your wish to find some information of why you are nolonger “like everyone else”, perhaps your family and friends have decided to distance themselves from you, since you nolonger fit into “their little world” which they regard as “normal”, and consider you to be out of bounds,
perhaps you’ve also lost your job because of the change in your thinking, and you’re unable to continue the type of profession you’d been busy with before,
your suddenly regarded as a Rebel within the society, perhaps some of your family, friends or co-workers or your ex-boss have given you the advice to seek some good psychiatric help, if that is the case, congratulations, you are nolonger a member of the Norm Society,
 you have decided to venture out of the box, out of the norm society, the norm that inhibits you from knowing the truth of what goes on around you,
and why you have the distinct feeling that you’ve been
taken for a ride by the people in power, and most of what you have been taught was based on Lies and deception,

because if thats so, then your assumptions are very correct,
you are in the process of becoming or being “Awakened”
you feel the need to find the Answers, to questions the norm society will not tolerate, because questions about the true nature of the world and the universe,
and like where “all the money has gone”, why the powers that be, simply cannot and especially “will not” decide in your best interests or the interests of anyone on earth other than themselves, are questions “they”, those in power simply do not tolerate,

But the Awakening you are experiencing is a process noone but yourself has the power to control, those in power of the society, who control the masses with Lies, deceit and disinformation have no authority or position of power to determine whether or not you awaken your spiritual awareness and enhance your consciousness potential,
because the reason for your awakening is your conscience being triggered by your soul to react to the subtle hints that will enable you to enhance your understanding,
by remembering deep inside who you really are, and why you are here on earth, and thats something the society powers otherwise known as “the dark elite or the new world order-illuminati” are attempting to hinder with every means they have, because if the people of earth advance their consciousness potential, and evolve to a higher state of being, then those who control the world will lose their control, and as such will lose their imperium of disgusting Lies and Insanity,

and they knew this would happen, many generations ago this had been known by the elite of the past who paved the way for the society powers of today,
and as such, they had ample time to concoct a plan of world dominance, enough time to perfect a system to control the masses,
but their time is now OVER, and their time is running out quickly, their window of opportunity is closing rapidly, and now they react like wounded animals,
their insanity has developed its full potential, their walls are closing in on them, and they know it, but like panic-stricken retards they grasp at every straw they can to vaguely attempt to re-establish their imperium of insanity,

Normaly one should feel sorry for them, those who decided to be part of the insane system of life despising world dominance,
for they will never understand the true nature of the universe, and will never understand the meaning of the true nature of Love,
only when they themselves hear the inner call for awakening, will they also decide to seek the answers, to the same questions you may have now,
and others like you, who seek the way out of the box, into a world that was waiting for you the whole time, ready to received you, and welcome you Home !

“Welcome To Your Evolution”

The Awakening is a process that comes in a number of stages, some people are born awakened, depending if that is part of their life plan, most are born as part of the norm society, with the job to find the way out of the box, as this is part of the process of soul experience evolution, as such will those who had been born awakened, had since their childhood been regarded as “unstable, uncooperative, unaccommodating, backward or even mentally retarded”, problem children, otherwise often also known as
but Indigos had existed throughout humanity, and not merely tody since the 70s, I myself am an Indigo Adult, and like many others, I was born as never a real member of the Norm Society, but my full awakening was many many years later,
If you feel somewhat alone with your experiences, you are not,
you are one of many, many who will eventually be the majority, and as such become the new Norm,
a Norm of Free Thinking, of Freely available Information, without restraint of knowledge, without being hindered to Live !
Within this website there is more information on this subject specifically, with more elaborated explanations of the different aspects of  the subject,

but now, to the subject of UFOs,

Entirely against the general opinions of the masses, The Phenomenon is more than Real,  UFOs are Physical Vehicles, their Origins are widespread,

some UFOs are Products of the Dark Governments of Earth, some from the remnants of the once Nazi German Scientific Capacity,
of which some now still reside in South-America,
there had been explanations of some German built UFOs that left either intentionally or unintentionally to other Time-zones, or Planetary Bodies,
the US Government UFOs are built mainly without the knowledge or consent of the Public Office or Presidency,
these where built partly with German Technological Knowhow, and partly with Access to UFO Technology of Non-terrestrial Origin,

These Earth Built UFOs from the "Secret Government" have been perfected to the point where they can be applied to Outer-Solar travel,
the Agenda of the "Secret-Government" is also to use their UFO Technology, as well as Genetically Manipulated "Home-Grown" ETs (derived from Biological Material obtained from the occupants of Downed Non-terrestrial UFOs) to implement or stage a Fake" Alien Invasion" or "first Contact", which would allow for a perfect opportunity to implement the "World Domination" scenario which the Dark-Governments (today known as the NWO “and” illuminati)  have been constructing since the late 18th Century,

up till now their Technology was not at hand to bring their Agenda into action, but now they see their Agenda in Danger, due to the substancial Raising of Earths Consciousness,even though they now have the Technology they needed to accomplish their Agendas, but you should be aware that the attempt to stage a fake first contact had already been
inhibited in the year 2006, at that time either the fake first official Alien Contact or Alien Attack on earth had been attempted to be initiated by the Dark powers of earth,
this had however been inhibited by certain people of earth and benevolant non-terrestrials, and we must all be in thankfulness for the efforts of the Benevolent Help given to us in such matters, as it is plain to estimate the outcome of such a situation without the appropriate help!

Now I will explain about the Non-terrestrials,

Firstly, its important to register, that regardless of popular mass spoofing of the subject, just like the UFO scenario had been pranked up by the mass media,
Non-terrestrials are and always have been in existence, entirely without the consent of the earth population,

They are Real, very Real in fact, and not merely the product of an overactive imagination,
the following information is a very short insight into the subject of People not of earth:

Though many may have heard or known about the Reptile influence, and how they are behind the NWO, and have substancially Manipulated the Earths People for many thousands of years, and how they are the driving force behind the Grey-Alien Scenario,

the Fact is, firstly, the Greys are a Race of People who had "over-evolved" themselves through a very long time, and the Reptiles, in this case the Draconian Empire, had taken hold of a certain Fraction of these Greys, and manipulated them into assisting the Draconian Agenda,

These Greys are separated into perhaps 11 Fractions, this was an effect of their crippled society, but their Technology allowed them to survive the catastrophe that led them to become what they are now, hence their "over-evolved" appearance, this is a typical problem for Beings that evolve on a more Technological Basis rather than a Spiritual,  Zeta Reticuli is the known name of their Origin,

Some of these Greys Fraction could keep from the Influence of the Draconian Reptiles,  these also have been here on Earth, the differences in their appearance derive from the diverse Technological and Spiritual Evolutional differences throughout their time after the Catastrophe that had forced them to the level of adaptation needed to survive, each Fraction motivated by their different fundamental Opinnions and Beliefs, enhanced through Eons of time, it is always to be remembered, beings such as these Greys, that may be of such evolutionary advancement, still can die and bleed,  they are All only People, of different Origin and further Evolutionary Levels,

but now enough of that,

As would be more than Obvious in this case, there are quite a few more Non-terrestrial Races "out there" than Greys and Draconians, 
actually there are more than could ever be counted !!

To sum them up would be ridiculous, but one thing is to be understood first off,

the Sum of Benevolent Races outweighs by a great proportion the sum of malevolent Races,

(there are more Good ETs than Bad ETs)

Actually they are divided into 3 Groups :

1; Good (Benevolent)

2; Bad (Malevolent)

3; I dont give a damn (Neutrals)

Also into such groups as: Humanoid (being anything with 2 Arms, 2 Legs, 1 Head, 2Hands, 2Feet, etc),

Non-Humanoid: (anything that doesn't comply with Humanoid Description)

Reptiles although by most not regarded as Humanoid, do fit into the Description, but those are further sub-groups within the Humanoid Group,

Non-Humanoids are for instance:

*Insectoids (yes they do exist, and quite a few as well)

*Aquatics (although often they may be fitted also into the Humanoid Description, depending on certain physical attributes)

*Energy Beings (although spiritually highly evolved, they may still reside within the physical plains, this mostly being their own decision, until they feel they are ready to leave to a higher Level of Existence)

*Animalics or Semifers (as the word says, they demonstrate more Animal like features than a humanoid being with animal features,

nonetheless possessing a cultural evolutionary level to the point of cosmic relevance)

*Dimensionally Especial (Beings from Universes within the dimensions, some may have encounterd them as Shadow Beings, there are a multitude of different posibillities depending on the origin of these beings,

some other-universal dimension may possess more than the laws of physics we will encounter in our universe),

Naturally were not to forget the Multiple-Tentacled Bugeyed Blobby Beings that also inhabit the Universe,

the Fact that such a multitude of Forms, Dimensions and also Sizes are part of the uncountable sum of Life Forms which inhabit the Cosmic Realm, possessing technological and spiritual advancement far beyond the comprehension of the Earth Human, is the reason why a more Multi-dimensional Thinking is absolutely essential for the Evolution of Human kind on Earth,

Then they are devided into further Groups: Physical and Metaphysical, and anything above that!

there are a number of other groups they can be devided into, such as Spiritual / Highly Spiritual / Combativ Technologically Warmongering / Scientifically fundamented / similar to Earth Humanity only far less stupid,

there are many more groups such as these,  but the description of Earth Humanity being stupid is not really correct, earth people are in fact very capable and astonishingly intelligent,

the problem with the people of earth is, they are and have been exposed to so much disinformation for such a long period of time, it is difficult to dispose of this deeply implemented Fals thinking syndrome, it is an inflicted illness, curable through Open-mindedness !

At this time in our world, it is of great significance that the Earth People understand that there is an Organisation "out there" known as the
" Galactic-Federation",
(no, this is no prank, they are actually called The Galactic Federation of Light)

this Galactic Federation (GF) expands over a Large Quantity of Galaxies, also different Dimensions (levels of Evolution),

This (GF) is a large federation of civilizations from many different planets, galaxies and universes working together for the harmonious existence of all life. There is a galactic federation in each of the inhabited galaxies of our universe. These federations are part of the universal management structure much like field offices are part of the management structure for a large corporation.

The GF is at this moment obseving the actions on earth, waiting, for the earth people to awaken to realise they are not alone in the universe, to take their place as significant members within the GF, this may sound like Scifi,  but you must realise this is a plain unsweetened piece of Fact,  it is extremely essential that earth people ultimately realise this as being a Fact, and not merely a product of an overindulged imagination,  regardless of how Flippy, Scifi, Trekkie, unbelievable this may sound to you, it is the Truth, 
its your Future, why do so many not want it ?

because they have been conditioned not to believe such things exist, to close their minds, and trust only what the Media tells them,
and what the Governments want them to know !

Remember what I told you about not believing just everything, and Questioning everything befor ultimately deciding ?

well, in this case, you can believe it !!

There are at this moment literally over 1 Million Non-terrestrial Vehicles of vastly different origins and sizes waiting outside the periphery of the Earths System,  some I know are even as large as a small moon,  it may or will be unavoidably difficult for most to believe or understand why so many Non-terrestrial Races are so interested in the Conscious Evolution of Humanity, the reason being, that the Evolution of Humanity stands exactly befor your very Noses, at your very Feet so to speak, and at your own disposal also, since it is you the people of earth who manifest the posibility of this Evolutional Process for each and every one of yourselves, and your evolution is a fundamental part of the structure of this Galaxy, and part of the universe, through the fundamental Raising of your own Consciousness, by understanding what is going on, by wanting to know, by searching for knowledge that will help you understand, alone the wish to know more about the possibilities the Universe lays open for all to see if the interest is present, will inevitably raise ones consciousness, increasing the level of ones own consciousness frequency, this is even scientifically provable, as well as the fact that the higher frequency of one person, can or will help raise the lower frequency of another person to that higher frequency, another scientifically proven fact being also the enhacement of ones own DNA structure by the conscious upheaval of ones own consciousness frequency,

this is however only possible to accomplish with ones own DNA, to raise the Frequency of another is one thing, but to change the DNA to coinside with an evolutionary Ascension, is something else, this however goes hand-in-hand with the raising of ones own level of understanding, an understanding that is also known as
"Multi-dimensional" understanding, or
"Multi-dimensional compassion"
, this is not to be mistaken with compassion as it is usually known or felt,  it combines Logic with Emotion, most psychologists would undoubtedly regard this as impossible, as saying that logic has nothing to do with compassion or emotion in any way, 
but psychologists no nothing of Multi-dimensional Thinking,

also, the Multi-dimensional Compassion is indisputably the most important aspect in the evolutionary process of Humanity,  without it, Humanity can never evolve, It is very difficult to attempt to explain in so few words how this "Multi-dimensional Compassion" functions,  I wont even make an attempt to explain it further here, but I can say it does involve becoming spiritually enhanced, this does Not necessarily mean becoming a "Tree-hugging, Herbal-tea sipping, Bible-bashing, Mantra-shouting" Esoteric type of person, as many may at this point probably think to themselves,  the fact is, spirituality is not some form of "Fashion", that has merely swept the public domain and established itself firmly in the minds of a few modern Hippies, it is a fundamental aspect in a thinking process which allows one to understand how the universe really funktions,  freeing one from the automated thinking process of a mind-controlling society bent on absolute controll of every living being it can force its agendas upon,

it can even be scientifically explained, or combined with the understanding of a higher science,

but unfortunately my own spirituality is not notable enough to qualify for a sufficient explanation of the exact function of "Multidimensional compassion",
I have a link to a different page that enhances on this aspect called
The Integration Process ,
since it requires quite some explanation, and if the explanation should not be sufficient,

then it is however to be found elswehere in the internet, or in books,

One important aspect is also to be remembered, once a spiritual way of thinking has catapulted you out of the dense form of thinking that had held your soul captive,
you must as long as you still reside within this society, return to the earth, otherwise you will be lost, and you will lose ground, your new found spirituallity and understanding will not instantaneously protect you from hunger, you are still part of the process of an evolutionary Ascension, you are still part of earths population, and the elimination of your nagative aspects (which is a common reaction to spiritual awareness)
instead of learning to integrate them into your soul understanding, will inhibit your Ascension,  without your understanding of the negative experiences of your life, having taken them as such into your soul growth,  having learned from them as you have learned from the positive aspects of your life experiences and behaviour, you will not have the understanding needed to achieve the evolutionary Ascension,

The Danger you might be aware of on Earth, to become victims of the Agenda of the NWO, to be enslaved etc, is only possible if you allow this to happen,
the physical force they employ to induce their Agendas is only as strong as their hold on your own Mind and Thoughts, and only as strong as your Fear of them,

The Help you may be seeking in Non-terrestrial Intervention, to abolish the Evil that lurks within Humanity, manifested as the NWO and other Life-despising Organisations,
is in reality in vain,  there will be no Intervention from the GF, only in the situation that may be more than Humanity can handle, in other words “going out of hand”,
they are however at All times "out there", observing the goings on, the GF will intervene at the moment Humanity is in a danger that goes beyond its capacity,

Picture it as two Parents allowing thier Small Child to attempt to walk, they will intervene at the moment they see their child falling, if they are very caring Parents,
and the Galactic-Federation is such a Caring Parent, they observe the Children of Earth in the same way Parents observe their Child,
Or you can regard them as Mentors, allowing their Students to make their own mistakes, but the Mentors are always there to observe, and to intervene if their students are unable to cope, sometimes you have the feeling you have to learn everything on your own, that may be very correct, but that way you may learn the hard way, but thats usually the way we learn the best,
and afterwoods, we are proud of what we have leared on our own, but sometimes we cannot understand something,
thats why there are Teachers, Mentors, Helpers Lightworkers, Guides Wayshowers !

Part of the raising of ones consciousness also involves understanding what this whole business is all about,
so now comes the bit about the structure of our universe, hold on to your seat ;-)

Most people of the universe, not only here on earth, have throughout the eons of history searched for the answer to the big question, "the meaning of life",

"No, its not 42 !"

But its actually more simple than most people think, thats why many have given up searching for the answer, because they were usually looking for a much more
complicated answer, something far more scientifically provable,  "no!" they say, it cannot be so simple",  yet it really is,

The answer to the "meaning of life" is : Nothing,  there is no actual meaning,

thats why most will fail at the attempt to find an answer, there is no real answer,  at least not in scientific terms, you must understand, this is again where the spirituallity is important, without a higher form of thinking, and subsequently higher understanding, the attempt to understand anything
else, other than what you are as humans on earth acquainted with, is futile !

Now I can absolutely understand your point of view if you feel this explanation is against what you believe,  you may perhaps regard it as nothing more
than "a load of old bollocks",
and you probably might think Im just someone attempting to inflate my ego through this composition, summing up a lot of trash, just to let people think "I know it all" !!


  I dont know it all, nowhere near it, not even a chance!!

Fact is, I couldnt care a dingoes-kidneys if you believed me or not,  but I do “care” if you are interested to raise your consciousness, and you wish to Evolve,
because if you believe it or not, the Portal for the Evolution of Humanity is in greater reach than you think,
In fact, its going to happen on the 21of December 2012, 
oh, cmon now, you dont want to tell me you didnt know that?!
really, its only pasted just about everywhere in the Internet,  books about it are flooding the markets, people are talking about it all over the place!!

Oh, and the NWO is still trying desperately to prevent it, with all kinds of chicanery methods, they have realised the people of earth aren't really as stupid as they may look,
that earths population is actually capable of Ascending to a higher realm, a higher dimension,  imagine that!

"But how do we do that" asks humanity, quite simply just do it,  just raise your consciousness, beginn to understand,
and if you have any questions whatsoever about the Ascension,

Just Ask,  there are enough people all around the world just waiting for people to ask about the Ascension, and whats it all about!!

Think about it, its your Evolution !!

Now lets get back to the meaning of life,

Scientifically speaking there is no meaning, but to understand where the universe came from, how it got here in the first place, what its all about,
might shed some light into the subject,

As most may think, God, the Divine Creator of Absolutely All that is, is an old man with a long white beard, looking down upon earth, engulfed in his own immeasurably wise and illuminated self,  well thats pretty much a load of old bollocks isnt it?!
In actual fact, the Divine Creator, lets just call him God for short, is not physical, not in the way most would think he is, he is in reallity a form of consciousness,
only that his consciousness is so much greater than ours, that its almost impossible to determine just how much greater his consciousness is to ours, but I’ll make an attempt,  it would be like comparing a single grain of sand with 10 Andromeda size Galaxies,  makes one feel a bit inconsiderable dosnt it,
but heres something that may cheer you up, every single soul / consciousness in the entire universe, regardless where,
is initially connected to and derived from the consciousness of God,

yes, exactly at this very moment, you are connected with the divine creator, didnt you know that?

You may if you want, regard God as the Father of all Souls,  but,  he may not be the direct father of your soul,  since the universe is much older than is in any reliable way imaginable, and this universe we are living in now was not the first universe to be constructed, there had been a multitude of other former universes, mostly of far less complexity as this one, that’s why this universe is so complex, its the “latest model” so to speak, trial and error had been the architect,

It is to understand that since the beginning of the universe as we would know it to be physical, there have been souls that lived either on planets or elswhere, and had evolved, some of these souls evolved earlyer than others, and as the evolution will be as it is, the understanding of God, his way, his universe had ever more manifested within these evolved souls, to the extent that they were in the position to create their own "Soul-Children",
this process had within eons of experienced lifetimes been achieved quite a few times, initially the average time elapse from the beginning of a souls existance to the point of highest evolution is about 40 billion years,
this in consideration, there have been many such evolved souls, who consequently wished to bring their own soul-children into existance, giving parts of their
soul-consciousness to the universe, to allow them as individual souls to live and evolve, just like they had,
for they had reached the level of understanding that their soul father possesses,

this would mean, that any of us may be the soul children or granchildren, or even great granchildren of the divine creator,
When you search for God, dont look up in the sky, look into yourself, for God is withing each and every one of us and all that lives, at All time !
At one certain point in life you may at last realize who God really is, and that he/she/it actually does exist, and yes, God does exist in our minds,
since our minds are where we relate to consciousness, but God is not a figment of any imagination, without the Divine Creator we would not exist!

Ok, now why did God decide to do this in the firste place?
“How should I know?!,
Ok, I do know, but, I only know partly why God did this,
some of my information I get as an Intuition from my higher self, some is the result of combined logic,

but the general answer is again not so complicated, even if you might think Im “off my rocker or something”, and you expect a more complicated answer,

If you would imagine a consciousness of immeasurable greatness within a realm where there is noone else, only this soul, noone to talk to, absolutely noone,
this is an aspect of God that is very significant, and it means, there is no soul in the universe that has more experience with loneliness than God,
and anyones beliefe that God was quite satisfied with himself, at one with himself, and needed noone else to talk to, noone else with an individual consciousness,
who would initiate a conversation, bringing questions to which his father God would have an answer, or maybe not,
anyone who would expect God to not need the company of an individual consciousness, someone other than himself to talk to, has never been lonely befor!!

You may not understand this, but some answers are more simple than most will want to believe!

Also the Aspect that God knew everything about himself, made him quite Boring, he wanted something and someone to show him that he didnt really know everything,
he wanted the possibility of finding something that might even surprise him,  even God can get bored,  never forget that !

( and incidentally, to set things straight, Its not in any way my intention to show disrespect for the Divine Father/Creator in my explanations )

We are All extensions of the Divine Creators Consciousness, literally swimming within the “universal consciousness matrix”,
its through us that God lives,
to know absolutely everything is like watching the same movie every single day for eternety,
God presumably does know the future of his own consciousness universe,
therefore God can only live through the experiences of all his children,
and to allow all his children to experience all possibilities, he has created a universe within his consciousness,

Thats where the existance of the universe comes in,

has anyone ever wondered where the universe came from, how it got here, how it functions, or why it functions ?


Oh, cmon, of course you have at least once in your life,

The answer to those questions starts off quite simple, and gets ever so complicated along the way,

The easyest and plainest way to explain this, is to compare the universe with a dream,
think about a dream, a very lively active dream, one in where you dont realise your dreaming untill about 5 seconds after you awake,
in such a dream, its very common to get really lost in the story, you tend to very often meet people youve never met in real life, and visit places that probably dont exist,
or are a combination of places youve seen in your life,  and if you can see the night sky in your dreams, and you can see the stars, or only the horizon of the Countryside,
you experience this world you dream as being real, and you can often do things you cannot do in reality, speak languages you never knew you can speak,
and all of this enormous world in wich your experiences may even surpass your actual real life, only exists within your own mind, even if you are awake,
you may be able to manifest an entire universe within your mind, but its all just your imagunation isnt it, its all merely in your mind,

Now remember what I wrote about the immeasurable greatness of Gods consciousness, now imagine how God would dream !!

He would build a universe within his consciousness, and allow the soul-children he has created to live and evolve within this universe,

OK, now comes the part where all the critics take apart everything I have written here,  fine,  if your finnished,  then read on if you like,

This is hard to fathom for people of the Nuts-and-bolts tradittional way of thinking,  they believe everything Must be physical, in some way or other,

well, to be honest, it is!!

Everything, and I mean absolutely everything is exactly as physical as you feel it to be, when you bang your head against a brick wall, it might hurt, it might even damage you,

depending on who you are,

the chair you sittapon is as physical as you think it is, really, otherwise you'd fall through it wouldnt you?

The Monitor you are reading this on, is just as real as you believe it to be, otherwise you coldnt read this now could you?

Its all as real as you think and believe it to be, nothing more, nothing less !!

Do you now understand?

You dont?!?

 ok, maybe this might help you,

The soul growth, which you as an individual soul experience within your evolution, beginns with a stage of consciousness,
which is by no means for you comparable to what you feel and understand now,
when you beginn your soul evolution, you are like a tiny tadpole within a universe so great, it outweighs your comprehension even now, 16 billion years later,
thats approximately the average soul evolution for a Human Being in the level of evolution you are at this moment,  this depends of course if you are an Earth soul,
or an Incarnated Soul from a civilization of a higher evolutionary scale, whereas your evolutionary time-lapse would be often far greater
(but thats another subject I hope to explain later),

Naturally, this also means the earth souls had existed befor the earth was life sustaining, and had therefore resided elsewhere prior to their incarnation on earth,
When you are within the first part of your soul-evolution, you know absolutely nothing, "nada", your consciousness is blank, you are a child in every sence of the word!
you are new, fresh to beginn your soul growth, as it so happens, you exist in a universe that you will regard for the next 16 billion years as real, as being as physical as you will be meant to experience it to be, in order to learn, and to grow through your experiences, you must be in a situation that will allow you to experience all that is needed for you to evolve, to understand, and to "Live" !!

Yes People, there you have it, that was the answer to the question of "the meaning of life",

the answer is "Life itself",   you never thought it was so simple did you, didnt you also think there was a far more complicated answer ?

To Live, to experience, to discover, to Feel, to Love, to Laugh, to Cry, to Anger, to have Compassion, to Hate, to feel Freedom, to be Lonely, to find Companionship, to Marvel, to Adhere, to Follow, to be thy Self, to Enjoy, to be Committed, etc, etc, aso,aso...

All this, and much more, is part of your soul-evolution taking place within a consciousness of immensurable proportion,  no wonder you may not be able to believe this is all an illusion, ts not entirely an illusion though, since your not the only soul living in this consciousness universe, you are one of an uncountable sum of souls that exist within this gigantic consciousness, and since the beginning of the universe, as I had earlyer stated, many souls had already reached a level of soul evolution, where they will have contributed to the divine consciousness, increasing the size of this universe by "Plugging" their own immensurably evolved consciousness into the consciuosness of the Father, as many have contributed to the stature of the universe within the eons of history, it has become a collective universe, co-created by many other creator beings, who all, at one stage in time, had gegun as tiny tadpole souls knowing nothing of its greatness,

untill such time, as they were aware of it through evolutionary soul growth!

As all these souls live and exist and evolve at their own pace, they do this together within a universal consciousness playground illusion, and as long as these souls reside within this Consciousness universe, they will experience all that is given available to them, or co-create within, 
because this in consideration, we as souls within this universe, are all co-creators in one way or another !

We all help to co-create the situations within our part of this universe, even if its only a small village somewhere on a small IsIand,  we are actively taking part in the scenario of this universe, in one way or another, and as we evolve, and grow in consciousness, our participation in this scenario will also grow and evolve with us, to the point where we will eventually contribute also to the universe as our soul-forfathers had done befor us!

This again brings me to the subject I was willing to expand on, the subject of the evolutionary Ascension on earth,
Having explained a little about the overall situation that is literally creeping up on us now,

I’ll continue by firstly attempting to eplain in scientific terms what the Ascension is,


(the Ascension being in essence scientifically speaking, the Process of Dimensional Existential Fields overlapping one another, within a period of 3 days, to allow the Evolution of the Conscious Lifeforms within the Dimension of the Lower Frequency to "Ascend" into the Dimension of the Higher Frequency, this being achieved through the systematic raising of the Conscious Frequency Level of the Planet Population to that of the Higher Frequency Dimension, the Physical Aspect being achieved through the precise positioning of certain Cosmic Bodies and Energies, the Ascension Process in all is not a coincidental situation, it is initiated, observed and controlled by Consciousness of the Highest Level of Evolution)
(my link to the page
Integration Processexplains this subject further)

In adittion, its to understand, that the evolution itself is not a process exclusively for “high spirrited,  jesus-loving, buddhistic tantra-mantra swinging, esoterical spiritualists”,
its not a “Club-Exclisiv” !!

The evolutionary Ascension is to allow “Anyone” to jump over to a dimension that exists on a level of thinking and feeling that overrides the low-frequency thinking of the world from where that anyone resides now, when that anyone is finnished with this world of chaos, pain, trouble, disharmony,
and wishes to change to a way of being, that brings harmony to oneself,

It sounds a bit like an Advert doesnt it,

Finding in oneself the wish for harmony in not only oneself, but for everything around oneself is the first sign of needing to ascend, yes it’s a Need, not merely a want,

You can feel it within yourself, saying “im fed up with this rubbish, I hate the war and the chaos, the killing, the agony, how every time you think it will get better, it only gets worse”,

That’s the point where you beginn to search for a “Better World” scenario, and its right in fron of your Noses!


You cant see it??

But its there, you need to go to it, but its not at a different place as you are right now, not in the geographical sense,  its practically right next to you, in front of you, that’s what is meant with “Multi-dimensional” thinking,

As Im going on about multi-dimensions, you might find the next explanation interesting, befor I continue with what I was explaining befor,

 it might also be interesting to know more or less how the universe is built up,

As I had attempted to explain befor, the universe being a Playground illusion, it is however a bit more complicated,

It is in fact extremely complex, more to be compared with an inconceivably complex Computer Program, but entirely within a consciousness structure,  since there are always geometric structures within the universal system which play an exceedingly important role in the function of the universe, and due to the complexity of the system,
its imperative to keep it in a form of partly automated processes (not to be mistaken with the automated thinking here on earth)

Although most universal processes are initially observed and controlled by a diverse variety of highly evolved souls,

Its not possible to control every single aspect within the system, some processes must unavoidably be automated,

Such complexity has the universal consciousness, especially since so many evolved souls have contributed to the enhancement of the universal structure,
its impossible to overlook everything!

Now this in mind, I’ll explain the geometric structure of the universe, some may have also read this somewhere befor, but I’ll attempt to explain,

There are in actuality 12 seperat universes within the cosmic structure, each universe having a Twin universe,

Meaning there are 6 twin universes, making 12 together, geometrically connected to form 1 cosmic system,
(below at the bottom of this explanation is an illustration depicting the approximate formation)

The universes that are twins, are connected on a more direct way than with the other universes, there is a complex mathematic geometric formula that allows for the structure of the universe to exist as it does, the exact reason for this Im not sure, but basically its due to the geometric stability of a 12 point cosmic system (thats all I know about that),

each twin universe is only in substance quantity the opposite to its twin, not every planet, galaxy or person will have a direct opposite to itself like a mirror,
but basically it’s the substancial structure which is comparable to a scale weight,

the sum of consciousness substance of one universe is equal to that of the twin universe, only in opposite polarity, such as is known of Anti-material,

there is however against general belief no Ant-universe within this structure as is often demonstrated in movies and tv shows, No Mirror universe like in Startrek,
No Bad Kirk from the mirror universe against a Good Kirk from this universe, it doesn’t work that way,

The general geometric structure of these 12 universes together is a
Tetrahedron (a 4 point pyramid),
pyramid structures are a very common geometric form within the entire universe,

As I had earlyer explained, there are also other universes within the 12 universe structure, they are either within or outside of the 12 universe structure, not directly connected as are the 12, but also of different attributes to the basic physic laws of the main 12 universes,

There is also the possibility of a universal dimension within the “main-frame” universe that accommodates the souls of a Negativ thinking matrix, in which reside those that are generally known as Demons, that is the real Negative Universe, or the 13th of the 12 main universes,
The souls of this universe are normally not compatible to such an existential structure and vice versa, since such a universe is one of those with slight differences in the laws of physics, but also in the soul matrix structure, the Negativity aspects are not to be underestimated, many of those souls have made their way into our universe because they are also capable of a soul evolution that enables them to manifest themselves into our universe, even if they may not entirely be present in this universe, to some extent at least they have shown and proven their existence and ability to infiltrate other realms,
although their level of soul evolution is initially restricted to their capability of understanding, thus keeping them Stuck within their own realm!
Only when allowed by the universal hierarchy, can negative souls actually incarnate in our universal structure,
as such it will be possible for negatives to be born as people on earth,
this is why many of those of the negativ, have taken part in the process of integration on earth,
to achieve the level of understanding needed to evolve out of their realm from which they otherwise could not escape!
(I will enhance on this a bit later on) 

Also not to be forgotten are the almost boundless number of Quantum-difference universes within the cosmic consciousness structure,
and in contrary to popular beliefe, Parallel
universes are not endless in sum, there are exactly 1271, but the big difference is, that parallel universes are entirely different to every other universe in regards to the evolutionary structure, as will each not in any way be directly infuenced by our Quantum Reality, as each parallel universe will have its very own Reality, but those universes which are almost endless in number and explained as being a Branching off from our universe, such universes are difined as

this is where the situation becomes ever more complex, and Im sure theres really no need to enhance on these possibilities,
as far as Im concerned, I have enough effort coping with this reality let alone with a multitude of other “me’s” with other problems (jeesch, what a schlepp)!

Each universe in itself, is as many would expect it “not” to be, a Finite structure,  it is in other words, not infinite in size or capacity, there is a limit or boundary to every universe, this limit is to be understood as the limit of the consciousness capacity of the collective universal creators,

You may if you like also compare the boundarys of the universe with the “holodeck” technology from Startrek TNG,

The lifeforms and materials within the holodeck program can only exist within that program,

Nevertheless, its size is not to be underestimated,  to give you an idea of the size of a universe as the one we are living in now, (in consideration that recently an image
was made of the furthest point visible to the Hubble Telescope that shows Galaxies at a distance of about 47 billion lightyears from earths position)

but the age of this universe is about “46 trillion years”, and after it was created by a big-bang, but of far greater proportion than had been estimated,
and considering the movement of the material that makes up the universe expanded for the most part at lightspeed, before beginning to
slow down slightly after a 3rd of that time, one could imagine the universe to be possibly a fair bit larger than 47 billion lightyears,

But flying at the speed of light through the universe is about as absurd as riding a tricycle over the atlantic-ocean,

Because, It doesn’t work!!

Not if you want to be home in time for supper!

Now some may have heard about the Hyperspace in another respect than in scifi relevance,

This aspect of the universe is quite usefull when attempting to travel a vast distance, and considering that everything further than a trip to the moon is in reallity a vast distance, it would be logical to apply the use of hyperspace to ones ventures,

First off, its safer to fly faster than lightspeed within the hyperspace, and yes, you can go faster than light, even very much faster,
regardless of what anyone may have said to the opposite,

But, there is still a safety speed limit within the hyperspace, you must consider there are an uncountable amount of customers using the hyperspace for their travels, the onboard safety systems in consideration, the potential danger of a collision would increase proportionally to the increased speed, this posibillity is even greater in normal space,
Just like the traffic safety precautions on earth,
(I’ll attempt to enhance on this subject on the additional link
ヤOur Origins & Multidimensional Technologiesヤ)

Now Im going from traffic safety back to a different subject,

I meant to explain something about the earth incarnated, an aspect that’s really very important to realise,

Firstly, as you have probably presumed since I had hinted on it befor, the earth souls are not native to earth,

They are known as earth souls, since they had been placed here, on earth, to fulfil their destiny of an evolutionary process, which they were unable to fulfil befor being incarnated on earth,

Now Im not sure about the hard facts on this subject, and Im not going to speculate, others know this better than I,

But the reason for these souls being placed here on earth was due to them not having achieved their evolution as they should have done long ago, and instead of re-integrating these souls back into the collective consciousness of the universe, they were given a second chance to evolve, and ascend to a higher plain,

(There are generally 3 4th Dimensional civilizations incarnated on earth at this moment, that make up the greatest sum of souls,
all 3 are originally from 4D, since they were unable to Ascend to 5D, and now should be making themselves ready to Evolve (at long last),
this earth plain we live in now is in the 3rd level of evolution, the lowest on the physical evolutionary scale, the densest,
this is the level where learning to integrate all emotional scenarios is most possible)

This all happened quite some time ago, again I wont bore you with numbers if I don’t know the entire facts, that would be fibbing, and Im not into that,
As you might also have guessed, there are a number of other souls incarnated on earth at this time, who are also not native to earth, but who are from other parts of the galaxy, universe or dimensions,

These souls are incarnated here for a number of reasons,

Some are here because they crash-landed their space vehicle on earth, and died here, but weren’t reincarnated on their home planet,

Some are here because they find it nice and cosy here, or have trouble with the galactic fuzz and are hiding,

This is also relevant to non incarnated aliens on earth, some look like humans, some don’t so much,

And then there are those incarnated on earth because they have a certain assignment to fulfil,

These incarnated are also of a vast sum, they have been incarnated on this earth for many generations, depending on from which race they belong to, some have been here for many thousands of years, living amongs the earth souls, as one of all others, living the same or similar experiences, all had been born as humans, lived as humans, with earth human parents,

The reason being, the assignments they are here to fulfil include something for which the earth had been chosen for very long ago, it is the complex assignment of Integration, normaly known as the “Game of Integration”,

Long ago, befor the earth was life sustaining, this “game” had been attepted to be brought to completion twice befor,  unfortunately without success,
both previous times ended in a catastrophe,

This 3rd time, the “game” is being played here on this 3rd earth, and it is being brought to completion at this very moment!

In the year of 2005, it was realised that the “game” of Integration had this 3rd time round been a success,

And it was at last achieved the end of what had caused so much chaos before,

The principle of the “integration game” or process was to integrate the differences between the Positive and Negative aspects within the universe, all of these emotional and behavioural patterns within each person and society,

It is to be understood that a great number of races and societys “out there” are dependant on the outcome of this integration process,

also many different races are not alone here for the integration process, many have difficulties within their own societys, that can be resolved by finding the answer here on eart, since earth is a world of learning, it was chosen for the purpose of free learning possibilities,

Many races have in eons since their last evolutionary Ascension become “Polarized” to a certain form of thinking,

They have either become polarized to the light (positives) or to the dark (negatives), or they have lost their individuality and become polarized to a collective thinking form, much like the binarys or the borg from Startrek,

This is also the problem which is associated to the grey aliens,

the way their problems on their home worlds are resolved, is by living certain aspects of those problems here on earth, and attempting to find the solution within the possibilities found in earths societys, hence the extreme differences and diversitys in cultures and behaviour,

It is to be realised that these many nonterestrial races exist in diferent planes of evolution,

and those souls here on earth that are not amongst the 3 main civilizations that originated from 4D in order to learn to ascend to 5D,
are from civilisations above 4D, and are genarally known as
“Star Seeds”,

And at this time here on earth there are approximately or exactly 144,000 “different” Starseed races incarnated,

For the purpose of the “integration game, resolving society problems back home, and to help earth humanity in the process of evolutionary Ascension, this is part of obligations these races have for using the earth for their integration process, and because higher dimensional races have also obligatory functions toward a student race they are in a certain way connected to, in this case its more than obvious,

This is by no means to be regarded as a saviour act, since the earth people are still entitled to their own free will and decision if they wish to ascend, and for this,
to decide for themselves if they wish to advance their own consciousness to accomplish this,

The incarnated Starseed races that assist the earth people for their Ascension process, are only entitled to assist in such a way that will not deprive the earth souls of their own
soul growth or decisions,

But they are here to assist as much as possible, “and they are doing a damn good job” !!

Even though the souls of earth are a”tough nut to crack” !!
( Starseeds have a Metaphisical Wake-up system, other earth incarnated do not)

To give you an estimate of how many Starseed souls are at this time attempting to help earth souls to ascend,

Its important to realise that these incarnated Starseed souls, although from 144,000 different races, they are in different numbers here depending on their origin race,

They have also been devided into 3 groups, these are known as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wavers,

the principle of this entire process of assistance to the Ascension, being, that at the time the earth population was ready to be prepaired for the Ascension, the incarnated Starseeds would awaken from the slumber of being part of the earth society, of which they have been part for many incarnations,  and in order for the processes of integration and resolvement to function while being incarnated on earth, these incarnated Starseeds had their memories blocked, otherwise they could never have become part of a society far below their own soul evolution,

The exact sum of Starseed souls on earth at this time I dont know, but the number of 3rd wavers that awoke and are still to awaken to their assignments and to the realisation that they are infact of nonterestrial origin, is aproximately “1 billion”, no, I didnt misspell that !!
that would estimate the number of Starseed souls at about at least 1/6th of earths population,
hard to believe? I can imagine !!

But lets face it people, in reality, all earth souls are of nonterestrial origin !  So wheres the Big-deal??

Of the 1st and 2nd wavers I dont know how many they are, but their not as large in sum as the 3rd wavers, since the 1st and 2nd wavers are the teachers and way-givers for the 3rd wavers, and also for the general public,

the 3rd wavers are more the infantry one might say, hence the large number,
(not to be mistaken for an invasion, since the real threat for the humanity of earth is within earth society itself)

The general time of awakening for the 1st wavers was in 1995,

Some of these awakening souls are not directly incarnated souls, there is a term used, known as “walk-in”,

This refers to these souls, they take over a body in place of a soul that has made the way and experiences for the time of the awakening, the reason being that the soul taking the place of this original soul will be better capable of conducting the assignment to be passed on,

The other soul returns to the world from where it originated, or to the “beyond”, and awaits the time of the Ascension,

The “walk-in” soul after taking the body, will however be vested with the entire life experience memory of that former soul, from all lifes throughout all incarnations on earth, including the illnesses, afflictions, vices, etc..

Only after a certain span of adaption time has passed, will the “walkin” soul be awakened to realise it’s situation,

This is necessary due to the impossibility of a higher evolved soul maintaining it’s entire memory of it’s origin and life, and existing simultaneously in a dimensionally low-frequency world with low-frequency thinking, and actually living here with all that characterises an earth life,

It would be like someone from today, equiped with all the knowledge and life thinking of today, to be catapulted to the “stoneage”,  just doesnt work out !

I don’t know how many of the awakened are “walkins”, but they are not very many compaired to the “Star-seeds”,

The Star-seeds is the description given to the fully incarnated non-terestrials, their change in behaviour is in most part identical to that of the walkins, except for certain inconsiderable differences, that are only noticable at the beginning of the soul changing of the body, otherwise both will demonstrate the same aspects of change in behaviour and character after the awakening, this is due to the original consciousness aspects of that soul emerging from the imposed slumber which has held that soul in the earth thinking in order to manifest the life experiences throughout the many incarnations,

Thats why so many people all over the world have often changed in such ways, that their families and friends and work colleagues dont recognize them,  which some would identify as a potential shape-shifting reptile draconian,

Funny enough, many of the Starseed souls on earth who assist the earth population in the Ascension process are in fact of Reptile origin, as far as I know even Draconians,

Yes the galactic Humans and the Draconians have been at war for 3 million years, and they are incarnated together on earth to resolve their differences,

This is all very difficult to explain, it gets even more complex, but the general understanding should be enough to give a glimps into the whole shemozzle situation !!


Theres an incredible amount of information about what I have written here to be found all over the internet and in books,

Just look, and you will find !

There was something else I wanted to tell you, oh yea, now I remember,

Its about the evolutionary levels,

At this moment, the earth population is in a dimension known as the 3rd dimension, that is this entire universe that we can see with our vision, with telescopes etc,

The 3rd dimension is the highest evolutionary form within the lowest evolutionary level,

All animal and cultural lifeforms below the Multidimensional level of evolution reside in the 3rd dimension,

The 4th level of evolution is a universal Frequency above this universe, its structure is very similar to this universe, but it is lesser dence in Material and Emotional feeling,

The actual evolutionary Ascension for the Earth people should be into the 5th dimensional level,
which is still a physical level of existance, (as physical existance had been described)

But with the difference, that in the 5th dimensional level, everything is Better, the Harmony within the 5th dimension goes far beyond the comprehension of most people, everything is better than here, just like in the 4th density universe, only even better,

Thats why the NWO dont want the earth people to ascend, theyd be stuck here on their own, without anyone to enslave,

Above the 5th dimension, I have no real usefull knowledge, appart from the fact that there are in all 13 Dimensions,
The 13th being that of God, the 12th being the highest evolution one can ever accomplish,

But lets not forget, ist not a race, we must not forget to live, and let live,

without life, the evolution is not possible, since life experiences bring the wisdom needed for an Ascension, you cannot go to Ascension school, and learn from books,
sit on the floor meditating for a few months or years,
and then ascending into a higher dimension of nonphysical existance thinking “that was it”, “you are now as high as God”,

thats the biggest load of baloney!!

There are always ascended beings observing you at any given time, yes even when you shower, or sit on the toilet, or have sex,

No they are not voyeuristic, they are so much ascended, they see everything in a different way as you,

Its hard to fathom I know, but they are here, some are known as Archangels, and the entire universe is full of them, there are a very many Michael, RaphaelGabriel, Uriel and so forth,

In different societys throughout the universes they are known by different names, there are many others like them, all with slightly different “jobs”, or assignments if you like,

And some of them are also known as God, they may not be the Divine Creator of all that exists, but they have evolved to the stage where they are, exist and function in the Divine Creators image!

And often you can ask them for assistance, if you truly mean to seek assistance for your life and soul evolution,
if you are at a loss to cope in your life, you don’t know who to ask, seek guidance from those ascended beings that will be in your vicinity, if you are integer, they will know, sometimes they help in a way that looks as if you helped yourself, or someone else turns up to assist you, like an answer to your call,

In all, it means we are never alone, we have never been, and we will never be alone, only God knows what that is really like!

I’ll leave you with this now, and if you find any of this information to be indisputably fals, then Im glad you were openminded enough to search until you discovered the truth for yourself,  don’t believe everything first hand, attempt to compare what you learn with other information sources,

And Never stay by the teachings of One Guru/Teacher/Mentor alone, always seek different perspectives of the same explanation,

That way you might find even more and better explanations for things you may have questions about,

I will attempt to enhance on some info here, taking it step by step, all in due time, 


14 Sep.2007


The Image below is a graphic likeness of the universe,it may not be very accurate, but it merely demonstrates more or less the cosmic configuration,
The universe in which we reside is basically known as the “D e r n” universe, and our Sister universe is known as the “D a l ” universe,
the names of the other universes I do not know at this time. 
The black Pipes connected to the cosmic blobs that conjunct in the center of the formation demonstrate the dimensional passages between the universes, its very difficult to graphically demonstrate this, seeing as the universe is in actual fact the product of a Consciousness Creation, a Matrix of immeasurable Thought Power, it really doesnt matter how one pictures the cosmic construction,
as long as we understand how it functions, and why it functions,
To insist it be not important to know this, is anyones personal judgement, and not to be mistaken for “everyones” point of view,
since the understanding of the functioning of the universe is directly in parallel to the need to understand Existence itself, due to everything inevitably being connected in one way or another, and this again having for every individual person or soul a different state of importance depending on that particular souls evolution or evolutionary need for understanding.



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